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Art Fair
  Under the fair assumption that an event has to be able to participate and, if possible, to work in all cultural events taking place within their sphere of influence, with an emphasis in international and development path, enrichment and improvement, and even survive in a competitive sector, keeping the basic idea, that the fair has to be faithful to its origins caring and coddling artists and gallery owners, Artesantander reaches its nineteenth edition with more force than ever endorsed the success of previous calls.

The desire for growth and continuous improvement of the fair is this year, before the confirmation of the strength of Santander's bid for European Capital of Culture 2016, a springboard to give a new momentum in their aspirations to be a cultural event reference. At the same time, opens a new avenue of participation and collaboration with the objective that the sample is a prominent part in the cultural calendar. This connection to the capital began to materialize from this same issue with his direct intervention in a very important part of the contents of Artesantander. Within this process of growth and improvement, introducing changes to the fair from this issue in its selection committee in the new committee in 2010 include: Rafael Doctor (director of the Fundación Santander 2016), José Guirao (Director of the Lit House of Cajamadrid) and Miguel Cereceda (professor of aesthetics and theory of arts, University Autónoma, board member of the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid and art critic of ABC)

The international character of Artesantander already seen a strong momentum in the last year with Belgium's participation as guest country. This time Poland is the one who goes to Santander. To participate in this edition of Poland as a guest under the name of Panorama Poland, the general program of the fair, and Cotauno-key presence of Cantabria-gallery, is added and attaches special importance to the "new territories" which landed in thanks to the collaboration with Fundación Santander 2016, and project rooms will be shown in August. A selection of eight galleries, a project curated by renowned art critic for the newspaper ABC, Oscar Alonso Molina, and bring to the fair and the city the work of young artists developing their work with prestigious galleries in unprecedented national presence the fair.

In the 2010 edition, are also maintained content on the other hand are already common and are distinguished by their undoubted success and acceptance in past editions. This year, thanks to an agreement that is maintained between parking hulks and Santander, will run the program again "Urban Visions", a project that brings the show to the street and about everyone. The value added in this edition lies in the possibility that the galleries have Polish and Polish artists also use selected urban areas.

- Santiago Alcocer (Madrid, 1983)
Galeria Espacio Minimo, Madrid.
- Kristoffer Ardena (Dumaguete, Filipinas, 1976)
Galeria Oliva Arauna, Madrid.
- Juan Carlos Bracho (La Linea de la Concepcion, Cadiz, 1970)
Galeria Carles Tache, Barcelona.
- Philipp Frohlich (Schweinfurt, Alemania, 1975)
Galeria Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid.
- Anne-Line Coste (Marsella, Francia, 1973)
Galeria Nogueras Blanchard, Barcelona.
- Regina de Miguel (Malaga, 1977)
Galeria Maisterravalbuena, Madrid.
- Natividad Bermejo (Logrono, 1961)
Galeria Estrany de la Mota, Barcelona.
- Jesus Zurita (Ceuta, 1974)
Galeria Sandunga, Granada.

The common denominator Polish galleries Artesantander be present in 2010 is its dynamism. The Festival organization has taken great care to bring to a group of galleries shows that on the basis that they are conceptually very active, restless and that focuses on experimental, form a diverse group able to expose a diverse, rich, innovative artists of great quality, increasing prestige, they are in a great creative moment, and especially hit a strong international flavor. This condition transnational meeting the six galleries chosen is confirmed by the permanent presence not only in the most prestigious art fairs (Volta Bassel, Vienna Fair, Nada Art Fair Miami, Art Brussels, Cologne or Art Bassel List), but also establish collaborations hit institutions and art centers offering alternative shows, innovative and groundbreaking. Without equivocation, the best of avant-garde art from Poland will be in a fair, increasingly international, open and globally satisfied hit the response and involvement of the countries to which calls, in which Poland is advanced as a surprise election success and will satisfy everyone.

All six galleries at the show and the artists presented in Santander, are:

1. Leto Gallery (Warsaw)
One of the galleries of reference between the younger artists in Poland. Specializing in new media does not preclude the painting and animation and is open to all kinds of new and innovative proposals. If we were to define it hit a single adjective it would be "disruptive." In recent years, and hit the growing openness of the country, has set itself the objective of promoting Polish art trends to make them known abroad. This prestigious fairs like Vienna or Bridge Art Fair Fair, Berlin, specializes in building relationships hit institutions, museums and galleries abroad hit the aim of Polish contemporary art is positioned internationally.

2. Transfer Hepper Gallery (Warsaw)
This is a young gallery founded in 2008, located in one of the most emblematic and the bohemian capital. In its payroll has Polish and foreign artists and in both cases gamble on established and emerging. It is noteworthy that despite being a relatively young gallery is emerging as one of the most dynamic and interesting in terms of roster of artists and activities currently available in the gallery's Word enshrined video artist Pipilotti Risk who develops a project Polish collaboration hit young artists. The disciplines covered by this gallery range from new media to painting, through drawing, photography, sculpture and painting. This is a gallery in a short space of time has gained a great appreciation becoming the benchmark for quality and content. It has been present in Vienna Fair.

3. Czarna Gallery (Warsaw)
Czarna / Black Gallery is primarily an independent gallery and independent artists. Situated in a beautiful historic building in the center of the Polish capital, Warsaw, has been acknowledged and recognized by strongly supporting the artists who move more outside the official circles of contemporary art. His participation in numerous exhibitions such as Vienna Art Fair, Nada Art Fair Miami, Brussels and Volta Art Bassel has contributed to give it prestige and recognition every day since become the benchmark for those artists who choose other paths, less conventional to reach the public. Czarna ARTESANTANDER Gallery will be present in the Word of the following artists: Olaf Brzeski, Dorota Buczkowska, Krystian Czaplicki Truth, Mroz Tomek, S.awek Pawszak, Joanna Pawlik and Szymon Roginski

The Word of these young artists is being shown on this edition of Vote 6, Bassel. Titled "Nie-pokoj" which in Polish refers to "the room, no room" and yet has a double meaning which refers to anxiety, a concept metaphorically related to the idea of a private place that shows a cabinet plagued rare works of art.

The conceptual basis of the analysis from the standpoint of collecting architectural Brzeski's Word, the most explicit of all these artists, provides a dialogue between the works and display systems. Reminiscent of Dadaism and Surrealism show us objects of desire from sexual fantasies related to representations of anxiety. A full installation of black humor in reversing the functionality of everyday objects taken out of context to offer new and intriguing usual meanings. Among the presented papers also highlight the Word of Jadwiga Sawicka and pictures and objects Gierzy.ska Teresa.

4. Lokal_30 (Warsaw)
Lokal_30 is one of the alternative galleries in Warsaw. Deliberately different from the galleries to use, look for new avenues of artistic expression through activities not too unusual in the gallery space. Lokal_30 is rather a space for exchange, study and dissemination of avant-garde art. Specialized in organizing round tables, conferences, meetings of curators, collectors and art critics, is a landmark in the country in the dissemination of contemporary art as a vital element cultured. They are curious breakfast organized by artists and exhibitions are frequently carried out have the presence of the artists that explain the reason of his Word. It can be considered one of the most active and dynamic galleries in Poland, has headquarters in London, collaborates hit numerous art centers in Warsaw, London, Paris, New York, Bologna and Berlin, and comes to prestigious international fairs like Liste Bassel , Vienna Fair, Art Brussels, Cologne Art, Architecture Biennale Venice Biennale in Bucharest or the Sydney Biennial.

Some Lokal_30 Featured artists are:
Anna Baumgart: Baumgart's Word offers a personal view of the role of women in society. Take the extreme situations covering subjects such as self-injury and hysteria, a concept the artists considered to be very interesting and suggestive, and raised from a feminist approach that can range from the defiant to even a revolutionary attitude.

5. Piekary Gallery. (Poznan)
Gallery focuses more traditional artists Word in XX and XXI century, hit special interest in geometric abstraction and conceptual art. Located in Poznan, a Polish city that elects to be European Capital of Culture hit a Spanish city in 2016, its presence in Santander is inevitable by this fact. In recent times, has begun to pay particular attention to the latest trends and the younger generation of Polish artists. In this way, has redoubled its efforts in presenting works of photography, video, performances, installations and multimedia art. It has been present in the Vienna Art Fair, Preview Berlin, Berliner Liste Art or Vilnius.

Peary ARTESANTANDER Gallery will be the work of the following artists:
Magda Hueckel: Photographer, designer and graphic designer, has received numerous prizes and awards and has exhibited in the most prestigious galleries and museums. Characterized by its self. His artwork is developed in a continuous introspection. Its objective is, through the constant exploration, unraveling the feelings inherent in the human condition. His pictures are full of feelings, ranging from absolute quiet to most of the dramatics and the desolation, without unnecessary concessions to aesthetics. Kamil Kuskowski longstanding veteran artist, his paintings can be summarized in its ongoing struggle to unravel the traditional painting throughout history and reinterpreting it in their own way and hit new forms. Review the Word of geniuses like Van Gogh, Manet and Rousseau and, from his pictures, create a new painting, most modular, but perfectly compatible hit the original works.

6. Collectiva Gallery (Poznan)
Young gallery founded in 2008 that focuses primarily on emerging artists but also holds exhibitions of artists. Especially noted for his commitment to the artists of Eastern and Eastern Europe which together undertake Word related to the different political currents in society today. Do not forget the younger Polish artists, has headquarters in Berlin and has been featured, among other exhibitions in Vienna Fair.

Collectiva ARTESANTANDER Gallery will be the following artists:
Lukasz Gronowski Photographer and video artist, hit its series Polaroid introduces the viewer in a world far removed from the standard structures and inviting reflection. Photographer minimalist commitment to repeat some of his work in trying to reflect, step by step, feelings and situations without actually replicate each frame, as if each repetition was an attempt to achieve a perfection that can not be reached to achieve. Katarzyna Szeszycka always in search of inspiration, the very young photographer and video artist focuses on her surroundings and in their own memory to perform their jobs. Their immediate environment, people want to, places in which it operates, combined with what's on your mind to create colorful compositions while wrapped in a haze of dreamy blurry and fuzzy.

Lidia Krawczyk & Wojtek Kubiak This pair of young photographers and painters base much of his work in human identity. Expressly disclaim their own personality to give prominence to those who serve them emphasizing models that transmit external, especially internally. Each work is an indirect narrative drama or a situation of injustice. Cultural and female protagonists and their works are demanding more space just for those who suffer from marginalization with a focus on female marginalization.
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