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Artspace Sydney

Public Institution
Artspace Sydney
43 - 51 Cowper Wharf Road -
2011 Sydney, NSW
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +61 2 9368 1899
fax +61 2 9368 1705
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  11:00-17:00

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Alex Davies  35829 8
Sean Cordeiro & Claire Healy  5964 7

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 225 55
  Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Australia 213 55
  Gertrude Contemporary, Australia 201 166
  Sarah Cottier Gallery, Australia 129 44

Foundation year: 1983
 Previous Exhibitions   304
Description Group showSuperposition of three types

  Group showThe Public Body .01
  Group showMontages: The Full Cut, 1999 – 2015
  Group showDämmerschlaf

  Group show2015 Nsw Visual Arts Fellowship
  Solo showNicholas Mangan - Other Currents
  Group showArt as a Verb
Description Group showAn Imprecise Science

  Group show2014 Nsw Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging)
Description Group showOn Return and What Remains
  Solo showJustene Williams - The Curtain Breathed Deeply
  Solo showYou Imagine What You Desire
  Group showSituated Cinema
Description Solo showAlex Davies - The Very Near Future

Description Solo showIan Milliss - Notes on the Works
  Group show2013 Nsw Visual Arts Fellowship For Emerging Artists Exhibition
  Group showThe Financial Report
  Solo showRichard Bell - Imagining Victory
  Group showThis is Video
  Group showAccomplice
  Solo showMari Velonaki - The Woman and the Snowman
  Solo showSimon Ingram - Smoking Bolts
  Solo showChicks on Speed - Scream
  Solo showDaniel Boyd - History is Made at Night
  Solo showPat Hoffie - you gotta love it
  Solo showMathieu Gallois - Wellington

  Solo showThe Color of the Sky Has Melted
  Group showGap Year
  Group showEverything Falls Apart, Part II
  Group showEverything Falls Apart, Part I
  Group showThe Other's Other
  Solo showBeautiful Cities
  Solo showMush
  Solo showAlex Gawronski - The Invisible Man
  Solo showKate Mitchell - Fall Stack
  Solo showAlex Martinis Roe: non-writing histories

  Group showNothing Like Performance
  Solo showFiona McGregor: Water Series
Description Group show2011 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition
Description Solo showPlaton's Mirror
Description Solo showbe some other material
Description Solo showToward a New World Order
  Solo show18 lives in Paradise
  Solo showMake More Monsters
  Solo showPraneet Soi
  Solo showContinuous Moment: Anxiety Villa
  Solo showBroken Heroes, Beautiful Afternoons
  Solo showHot Air Hillbilly Weekend Workshop
  Group showTalking Pictures
  Solo showEarth
  Solo showAlex Martinis Roe - non-writing histories

  Solo showSlab
Description Solo showSpeculative Social Fantasies
  Solo showEmeraldtown: Gary, Indiana
  Solo showa vacant bazaar (provisional legend)
  Group show2010 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Solo showAMYGDALA - Fear Conditioning
  Solo show808.838 / grandfather paradox
  Solo showPermutation Set
  Solo showWindows impersonating other windows
  Solo showSimon Denny: Introductory logic video tutorial
  Solo showA Man Called Love
Description Solo showall is not lost but some things...
  Group showCamp Pell Lecture: Tony Birch And Tom Nicholson

  Solo showaugment_me
  Solo showThe Known World
  Solo showTradeAir
  Solo showShe went that way
  Group showTRACE: Displaced (Post-Colonial-Cluster-Fuck)
  Solo showSolace in Black Sun
  Group show2009 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Solo showNews & Poetry for Chainsaws
  Group showImprint
  Solo showPeter Robinson
  Solo showMutual Obligation
  Solo showuntitled [heads or tails]
  Solo showSuper Segue
  Solo showSensible World
  Solo showSympathy for the Devil
  Group showBetween Site & Space
  Group showEVENT: New Moving Image Works

  Solo showReading and Writing Rooms
  Group showArtspace 24/25
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Group showDiorama of the City at Tokyo Wonder Site
  Group showPoint of Origin
  Solo showWhy Do We Do The Things We Do
  Solo showPaul Winstanley: Paintings 1989 – 2007
  Solo showBED/SIT
  Solo showBlowback
  Solo showrainwob ii
  Solo showDay to Day
  Solo showStrong language Some violence Adult themes
  Solo showBordertown
  Solo showBelief Suspension

  Solo showClemens Krauss - Nursery
  Solo showMimi Tong: Unfolding Ground
  Solo showTacky Tango Julia Gorman
  Solo showWilliam Seeto: Error of Closure - Part 2
  Solo showFlicker
  Solo showBeetlejuice
  Group showSTILL HERE: humour in post-communist performative video
  Solo showIn a Station of the Metro
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Solo showFont
  Solo showMalignant Mother
  Solo showMake-Up or Break-Up
  Solo showRise
  Solo showforever young
  Solo showIn Between Space
  Solo showMaximum Commune (Ugly Business... on the basis of disbelief.)
  Solo showVivarium
  Group showPublicity
  Group showMistral Acoustic Sound
  Group showA Comedy Of Errors
  Solo showAutonomous improvisation v1
  Solo showNight Crawlers & Shape-shifters: 100 Days and Nights in Search of the Ramones
  Solo showBlood on the Streets 2006 / 2007
  Solo showHiroharu Mori is Detached from the Outside World
  Solo showSeeker
  Solo showOUR DAY OUT yourspace
  Solo showStates Of Mind
  Group showSearching for rue Simon Crubellier: Maria Miranda & Norie Neumark

  Group showIt´s a new day
  Group showTomorrow, Again
  Group showA Lake Without Water
  Solo showMichele Theunissen: Elastic Boundaries
  Solo showLooking At Works Of Art In The Light Of Other Works Of Art
  Solo showMaria Cruz: One Million Dollars
  Solo showPhilip Brophy - Evaporated Music 2: At The Mouth Of Metal
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship 2006
  Solo showDingo: A treatment towards a new communionsim
  Solo showFlutter
  Group showMistral Acoustic Sound
  Solo showHeimo Zobernig
  Solo showPolychromatic (Not An Unproductive Fiction)
  Solo showMaking Mirrors
  Solo showSightlessness
  Solo showRyan Moore
  Solo showFighting Song
  Solo showAlone / Reading Capital
  Group showOnly One Wall
  Solo showApproach

  Group showNothing
  Solo showInside The Parasite
  Group showVinculum
  Group showGift
  Group showAvalon
  Solo showLevel
  Solo showHuseyin Sami: Floatatious
  Solo showResplendent: (Contemporary Art / Terra Nullius)
  Solo showThe Making of Utopia
  Solo showThere Are No Words
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship 2005
  Group showProject of a Boundary: Portable Affairs
  Solo showMartin Sastre - Hola Australia
  Solo showSweet Barrier Reef
  Group showA Million Suns
  Group showInverted Topology
  Solo showCurtains: The Excavation Process
  Solo showSettling Old Scores
  Solo showHola Australia! The Iberoamerican Trilogy
  Solo showSystem of Coordinates: Actions & Performances (1994 - 1999)
  Solo showUniversal Cloaking Device
  Solo showPurple Rain
  Solo showThe Kingpins
  Solo showThe Shadowers
  Solo showMilk Tree Society
  Solo showKingdom Come and/or Punch Holes In The Body Politic
  Group showIntersecting Geometries
  Solo showDio Rama
  Solo showShadowzone
  Solo showNirvana Office
  Solo showThe Universe As Mirror
  Solo showCrying Man 4 (from the series Tears for What Was Done)

  Group showBig Noise
  Group showThe Dead Travel Slow
  Solo showLike to Like
  Solo showAura
  Group showConstructed Colour
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Solo showSong Dong: Floating City
  Solo showOwen Leong: Second Skin
  Solo showShen Shaomin: Unknown Creature
  Solo showLag
  Solo showLauren Berkowitz: Tide
  Solo showChanging Light And Waterfall
  Solo showEva Rothschild
  Solo showTv Moore: The Neddy Project
  Solo showMark Titmarsh: The Thing
  Solo showAdam Donovan: Sound-Room Modulator
  Group showWork Rest Play (Escape)

  Group showLove Ya Work
  Solo showBrad Buckley: Etiquette
  Solo showVia Lewandowsky: Fear Of Joy
  Solo showRené Boutin: Emergency Landing-Ground
  Group showIslands in the Stream
  Solo showRobert Nery: Black Nazarene
  Group showEmpathy: Beyond the Horizon
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Group showPoints Of Entry
  Solo showSwarm
  Solo showLindy Lee: Birth and Death
  Solo showEmil Goh: Remake
  Group showDavid Noonan & Simon Trevaks: Sowa
  Solo showGermaine Koh: Homemaking
  Solo showMiguel Angel Rios: Ni Me Busques… No Me Encuentras
  Group showThe Shangri-La Collective
  Group showDavid Burrows & Dj Simpson: Sample Scatter Synthesis (Amplified)
  Solo showStephen Birch: Westfield
  Group showSomething Something Video Something
  Solo showThe Cordial Home Project
  Solo showMaria Fernanda Cardoso: Sheep
  Solo showJulian Dashper

  Group showsoftharddanger
  Group showThe All Star Data Mappers
  Solo showDesert Rain
  Solo showDistributive Justice
  Solo show10km NW of Woomera
  Solo showHalfeti - only fish shall visit
  Solo showKinetoscape
  Group showNightshift
  Solo showTesting Ground
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Group show"Hard Times" a Series of Performances- a satellite event of the Sydney Biennale 2002
  Solo showTerra Incognita
  Solo showDetritical Vibration
  Group showDead Flow
  Solo showSabra et Chatila
  Solo showFilmed Portrait (14 Memories) + The Defeat Of The Red Robin
  Solo showTerra Incognita
  Solo showNo Smoking Gun
  Solo showMargaret Roberts: Mirror Room
  Solo showSandra Selig: Frequency
  Solo showStella Brennan: Another Green World
  Solo showInhwan Oh: Where A Man Meets Men In Sydney
  Solo showSeismonitor
  Group showBit Radio (bureau For Inverse Technology)

  Group showMorphologies (Part 1)
  Group showWARP
  Group showNecessary Invention
  Group showModel Citizens
  Solo showMy Sun
  Solo showUntitled (2001)
  Solo showToday I looked down from on top of a hill and saw that everything that was fucked was also good
  Solo showKurt Schranzer: The Poetics Of Descent
  Solo showUntitle (2001)
  Group showConstructed Colour 3 (Part 1)
  Group showConstructed Colour 3 (Part 2)
  Group showThe Wonder Inn
  Solo showSydney Coal Loader
  Solo showBrook Andrew: (Of Creation)
  Group showBreak Dance
  Solo showLustgarten
  Group showVolcano
  Solo showThe Nymph & The Adult
  Solo showOn Contemporary $ilence
  Solo showSwap Meet
  Solo showThe Placebo Effect
  Solo showWorld Media: Patho Logo
  Solo showWater From The Mouth
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Group showTemporary Fixtures
  Solo showMirror Room
  Solo showFrequency
  Solo showAnother Green World
  Group showGlow
  Solo showStacker
  Group showText + Sub-Text: International Contemporary Asian Women Artists
  Group showBIT Radio

  Solo showBill Seaman: Red Dice
  Solo showSusan Schuppli: Frequent Fliers
  Solo showTV Moore: Urban Army Man
  Group showMncbm
  Solo showLife Spacies II
  Solo show+-/+-/+-/+-
  Solo showKickflipping Flaneur
  Solo showIma Traveller/ Breed
  Group showAutonomousaudio
  Group showFugitive Landscape: Experimental Accoustic Environments
  Solo showSwell
  Solo showAnthem
  Solo showExtension
  Solo showAlmost There
  Group showHelen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship
  Solo showThe Levitation Grounds
  Group showFirst
  Solo showPersonal Eugenics
  Solo showThin Wall Pb/I-S
  Solo showReading Matter
  Solo showEcce Homo: there are our bodies, this is our blood
  Solo showStay Calm
  Solo showTurn on the tongue
  Group showUntitled 2000
  Solo showWhat a difference a day makes
  Solo showTonglen: 7 conversazioni with les estrellas

  Solo showNo Other Symptoms - Time Travelling with Rosalind Brodsky
  Group showGerold Miller / Bronwyn Clark-Coolee

  Solo showDeej Fabyc - "White Room - Strawberry Girl"

Description Group showTrue Stories

  Solo showLand-Scope ( The Machine in the Garden)

  Solo showFragmnets of
Last update: 9 April 2017
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