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Contemporary Art Centre (CAC)

Public Institution
Contemporary Art Centre (CAC)
Vokieciu 2
01130 Vilnius
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +37052608960
fax +370 2623954
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  11:00-19:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Deimantas Narkevicius  397
George Maciunas  723
Nomeda & Gediminas (Urbonas Studio)  2638
Darius Miksys  4711
Dainius Liskevicius  5820

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Arturas Raila  9601 15
Gintaras Makarevicius  12735 14
Evaldas Jansas  13221 13
Egle Rakauskaite  15348 13
Deimantas Narkevicius  397 13

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  gb agency, France 10 1
  Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK), Germany 9 8
  Kumu Art Museum, Estonia 8 8
  Koenig & Clinton, USA 8 1

 Public exhibitions   2
16.06. - 13.08. (still more than 3 weeks)
  Group showUnanimous Night

16.06. - 13.08. (still more than 3 weeks)
  Solo showElena Narbutaitė - Prosperity
Foundation year: 1968
Employees: Kestutis Kuizinas, Renata Dubinskaite
 Art Fairs
Viennafair (05, 06)
Kestutis Andrasiunas  
Aidas Bareikis  1967, LT
Aida Ceponyte  
Arunas Gudaitis  1973, LT
Kristina Inciuraite  1974, LT
Linas Jablonskis  1959, LT
Donatas Jankauskas  1968, LT
Evaldas Jansas  1969, LT
Patricija Jurksaityte  1968, LT
Giedrius Kumetaitis  
Algis Lankelis  1964, LT
Dainius Liskevicius  1970, LT
George Maciunas  1931-1978, LT
Gintaras Makarevicius  1965, LT
Darius Miksys  1969, LT
Deimantas Narkevicius  1964, LT
Mindaugas Navakas  1952, LT
Nomeda & Gediminas (Urbonas Studio)  US, LT
Audrius Novickas  1968, LT
Valdas Ozarinskas  1961, LT
Egle Pukyte  
Marius Puskunigis  
Arturas Raila  1962, LT
Egle Rakauskaite  1967, LT
Mindaugas Ratavicius  1970
Vilma Sileikiene  
Mindaugas Simkus  
Alma Skersyte  
Laura Stasíulytë  1977, LT
Simonas Tarvydas  
Darius Ziura  1968, LT
 Previous Exhibitions   369
  Solo showAlgirdas Šeškus - TV
  Group showFutures
  Solo showRobertas Narkus - Träger
  Solo showPatricija Jurkšaitytė - National Portrait Gallery
  Solo showIndrė Šerpytytė - Absence of Experience
  Solo showMaria Loboda - I am radiant, I am radiant, I am radiant in my defeat

Description Solo showGabriel Lester. The Nine Day Week
  Group showPost Ars. The Score
  Solo showNetwork Architecture Lab. Detachment
  Solo showAntanas Gerlikas. Dunes
  Solo showEglė Budvytytė - Skateboard Prayer, or Head Below the Heart
  Solo showJos de Gruyter & Harald Thys. White Suprematism
  Solo showDaniel Gustav Cramer - Devyniolika
Description and image Solo showThe Tactic of Dispassionate Viewing in a Space of Unbridled Perception or How to Fix Teeth
Description Group showC.T. Jasper & Joanna Malinowska: Halka/Haiti: Return to Vilnius
Description Group showThe Painting Show. Recent Painting from the United Kingdom

Description and image Solo showStuck on the Train
Description Group showWords aren’t the thing
  Solo showNina Beier
Description Solo show//////////fur//// - no pain no game
  Group showGrazed Images
Description and image Solo showErwin Wurm. Narrow House
  Solo showLiudvikas Buklys. Tongues Alike
  Solo showŽilvinas Landzbergas. Crown Off
Description Group showt:h:e: r:e:a:l: after psychedelia
  Solo showAujik. There Is A River Running Through Me
Description and image Solo showMatthew Shannon. barricade for 2 weeks
Description and image Group showMeel. Vahtra. Farkas_Idealist Function

Description and image Group showThe Other Sight
  Solo showDainius Liškevičius. Labyrinthus
Description Group showThe Unanswered Q
  Group showThe Metaphysics of the Runner
  Solo showSteinar Haga Kristensen - Balastas
  Solo showDexter Sinister - Nebaigto kūrinio
  Solo showRosa Barba - A Fictional Library - Live
  Solo showDarius Žiūra. Swim
  Solo showVladas Urbanavičius. Standard Reservoirs
  Solo showArūnas Gudaitis. Pieces and Parts
  Solo showSebastian Diaz Morales. Ficcionario
  Solo showMelvin Moti. Hyperspace

  Solo showDavid Maljkovič. New Reproductions
Description Group showAnne
  Group showSummertime readings
  Group showIn Deed
  Group showPainting and Its Contexts
  Group showRitual Room
  Solo showColor and Device
Description and image Group showPart of a Larger Whole. Lithuanian Contemporary Art
  Group showA Sort of Homecoming. Anna Jermolaewa and Audronė Vaupšienė
  Group showFootnotes

  Group showAudit
  Group showThe lunatics are on the loose: European Fluxus Festivals 1962-1977
  Group showPanorama 14: Selected Works From Le Fresnoy Art Centre Annual Exhibition
  Solo showŠejla Kamerić
  Solo showKrišs Salmanis. Light
  Group show(How did I get here)* Painting in Lithuania
  Group showAnnie Vigier and Franck Apertet (les gens d'Uterpan). Geography
  Solo showExhibition
  Solo showChance Number Six / Red Herring
  Solo showMessengers
  Group showNow More Than Ever
  Group showSculpture Exhibition
  Solo showSix Hundred Thirty Five Steps
  Group showLietuvos dailė 2012: 18 parodų
  Solo showThe Auction
  Solo showLevel B
  Group showDešimtas dešimtmetis
  Solo showPhonography for the Exhibition
  Group showCollector
  Group showSparrows
  Group showMediations
  Group showProteus
  Solo showRomas Ubartas
  Group showGeneration of the Place
  Group showEvening with Doctor Sheppard
  Solo showComposition for Two Wings
  Solo showComrades of Fear and Wonder
  Solo showTitle One: The tasks of the Community
  Solo showWall Piece with 200 Letters

  Group showGeneration in Transition. New Art from India
  Solo showPhoto Finish
  Group showTonis Saadoja & Flo Kasearu. "21.05.09" / "14.06.09"
  Group showSleeper
  Solo showGoldin+Senneby. Standard Length of a Miracle
  Solo showAlgimantas Kunčius. Film Notes: 1979-1984
  Group showIn Between. Austria Contemporary
  Solo showJason Dodge
  Solo showPierre Leguillon features Diane Arbus: A printed retrospective 1960-1971
  Solo showMakoto Aida. Day & Night
  Solo showCarsten Nicolai. Pionier
  Group showIf It’s Part Broke, Half Fix It

  Group showMenas nereikalingas, bet tik menininkai to nežino
  Group showThe Planet
  Group showOpening the Door? Belarusian Art Today
  Group showLithuanian Art 2000–2010: Ten Years
  Solo showGintaras Makarevičius. Drawings
  Solo showKęstutis Grigaliūnas. Diaries of Death
  Group showKęstutis Šapoka & Benigna Kasparavičiūtė. Art Wings
  Group showVocabulary Lesson
  Group showSwedbank Art Award 2009 exhibition

  Solo showKristina Inciuraite. Survival
  Group showBuilding Memories: four films about architecture, monuments, and community
  Group showTwilight Zone Ruhr
  Group showEuropean Eyes on Japan / Japan Today vol.11
  Group showShifting Identities. (Swiss) Art Now
  Group showCode Share: 5 continents, 10 biennales, 20 artists

  Group showArs Viva 07/08. Sound
  Solo showArturas Raila. Power of the Earth 2005-2007
  Solo showŽilvinas Landsbergas
  Solo showGerhard Richter - Survey
  Group showDecoder

  Solo showGintaras Didziapetris
  Solo showTRANSVERSE - Hansabank Art Award
  Group showFluxus East
  Solo showGerard Byrne - 1984 and Beyond
  Group showAmong Us
  Group showPoetry Dance Club
  Solo showShoe Fuck!
  Group showAn Exhibition in Five Chapters
  Solo showZilvinas Kempinas
  Solo showDeimantas Narkevicius - Revisiting Solaris
  Group show2420 Ciurlionis - Young Lithuanian artists
  Group showExtreme Crafts
  Group showUs, Them and Some Out-takes
  Group showPearl River City - Contemporary Art from South China

Description Solo showMark Raidpere - 5 Works
  Group showQuobo - Art in Berlin 1989 – 1999
Description Group showTales from the Travel Journal vol. I
  Solo showNorbert Bisky - Total Care
  Solo showJérôme Chazeix - Crystals (Your Eyes Sparkle Desire)
  Group showHoliday in
  Group show101.3 KM - competition and cooperation
  Solo showEmission 2006 - Paulina Eglė Pukytė
  Group showEmission 2006
  Group showHigh Tide - new currents in contemporary art from Australia and New Zealand
  Group showOn Mobility
  Solo showRoy Finer
  Solo showJonas Mekas - Celebration of the Small and Personal in the Time of Bigness
  Solo showDavid Mabb: art into everyday life

  Group showEnthusiasts - Young Lithuanian artists show
  Group showSupernova
  Solo showInvisible
  Solo showDarius Ziura
  Solo showJonas Mekas
  Group showBMW
  Group showPopulism
  Solo showPassworks
  Solo showTeacher
  Group showSpaces of conflict
  Group showScape
  Group showOver & Over, Again & Again - Contemporary art scene from Wales

  Solo showEmisija (Emission) 2004 - Deimantas Narkevicius
  Solo showEmisija (Emission) 2004 - Egle Rakauskaite
  Solo showA K Dolven moving mountain
Description and image Group showOlandu biuras - Contemporary Art Projects from The Netherlands
  Group showExpat-art Centre / EA C
  Group showSlow Rushes - Takes on the documentary sensibility
  Solo showBridget Riley - A Print Retrospective 1962 – 2003
  Solo showRR: Ruta Remake. EMISIJA (EMISSION)
  Solo showEvaldas Jansas - Repudiated Realities
  Group showSwiss Art Videolobby
  Solo showEMISSION 2004: Dainius Liskevicius
  Solo showGintaras Makarevicius
Description Group showUnder the white-and-red flag. New Art from Poland
  Solo showArtūras Raila - Roll over Museum
  Solo showJonas Gasiūnas - Drawing With Smoke

  Group show2 Show - Young Art from Latvia and Lithuania
  Group show24/7: Wilno - Nueva York (visa para)
  Group showGintaras Kuginys and Linas Rimsa - Lifting Down
  Group showContemporary German Photography
  Solo showRosemarie Trockel - Retrospective
  Group showIKI and Thanks for All the IKA - Contemporary art of New Zealand artists with Pa
  Group showHereafter: A Time for Transition - Tel Aviv Video
  Group showHurts so good
  Group showLE PARC constructions inside out
  Solo showMarija Terese Rozanskaite - Retrospective
  Group showRustam Khalfin and Julia Tikhonova - Nordic Nomads
  Solo showHenri Cartier-Breson - Photography

  Solo showAernout Mik - Videoinstallations
  Solo showAidas Bareikis - Glad to Hear from You
  Group showJosef Dabernig - Featuring G.R.A.M. ir Markus Scherer
  Solo showEmmanuelle Antille - As deep as our sleep, as fast as our hear
  Solo showTom Hunter
  Group showBlack Box Recorder
  Solo showTommi Gronlund & Petteri Nisunen - Sound Installation
  Group showPlatform of Encounters
  Solo showVita Zaman
  Group showArt Pause
  Group showMoscow Time

  Solo showMatt Marello - The Artist Trilogy - Three Tales of Gothic Horror
  Solo showPaulina Egle Pukyte
  Solo showVytautas Serys
  Group showIntentional Communities
  Group showTailsliding
  Group showSelf-esteem - Lithuanian Art 01
  Group showHaraldur Jónsson, Annika Ström, Francesco Vezzoli
  Solo showSeppo Renvall - FILM 1999
  Group showNothing
  Group showVideo Vibe
  Group showMagic & Loss - Video by young Italian artists
  Group showWalls for NATO
  Group showEgzotika
  Group showPierre Bismuth & Jonathan Monk - Our Trip Out West
  Solo showSvajone and Paulius Stanikas
  Solo showRemigijus Pacesa

  Solo showVytautas Balcytis - 100 Photographs
  Group showInnocent Life
  Solo showVladimir Tarasov - New York - New York
  Group showParallel progressions
  Solo showJohn Batho - Existing and Non - Existing
  Group showRoom 01-14
  Group showArchive of Pain - Testimonies from the Red Terror of Romania
  Solo showUlrich Ruckriem - A special project for CAC
  Solo showEglė Rakauskaite
  Solo showAlgimantas Kuras - Drawings, Objects, Half - Art
  Solo showEvaldas Jansas - New video works
  Solo showJonas Gasiunas - The Whistle
  Solo showAndy Warhol - Paintings and graphics
  Solo showPovilas R. Vaitekunas - Retrospective
  Group showProper (Vilnius date)
  Solo showDeimantas Narkevicius - 8x16x35
  Solo showJoao Penalva - Videoinstallations
  Group showDesiring Eye - Retrospective of photography from Moderna Museet

  Solo showLuisa Lambri - Closed Space
  Solo showVincas Kisarauskas - Retrospect
  Solo showCount Benediktas Tiskevicius - Ghost of the Red Estate
  Solo showKyzyl Traktor
  Solo showAntanas Martinaitis - Paintings
  Solo showElke Krystufek - I am dreaming my dreams with you
  Solo showAugustinas Savickas - Anniversary painting exhibition
  Solo showKatarzyna Kozyra - Bath. Video installation
  Group showDimensions Variable - Contemporary British Art
  Solo showArturas Raila - Girl is Innocent
  Solo showAlvar Aalto - Architecture, design
  Group show80/90 - Mirror of our times - Works from the collection of the Oslo National Mus
  Solo showDonatas Jankauskas - Retrospective

  Solo showDarius Ziura - Another Space
  Solo showFanni Niemi-Junkola
  Solo showKestutis Paliokas - Paintings, drawings
  Solo showVytautas Kalinauskas - An Attempt at Clearing Up
  Solo showMax Ernst - Books and graphics
  Solo showFrancisco de Goya - Critical Look
  Group showFlags of Tolerance
  Group showDivided Territories
  Solo showDalia Kasciunaite - Paintings
  Solo showGediminas Akstinas - Virus
  Solo showSarunas Sauka - Retrospect
  Solo showE. A. Cukermanas - Flying Dutschman
  Group showAfter Painting
  Solo showTony Cragg - Sculpture
  Group showTwilight

  Group showImages, Objects, Scenes
  Solo showVladimiras Tarasovas - Music of the Spirits
  Solo showIsabelle Azais
  Solo showMusee Khombol
  Solo showJonas Mekas - Frozen Frames
  Group showAida Ceponyte - Valdas Ozarinskas
  Solo showAlgimantas Svegzda - Retrospect
  Solo showVytautas Kalinauskas - Play with Hampelmänner
  Solo showElena Urbaitis - Constructs of Light
  Group showFunny versus Bizzare
  Group show80 %
  Solo showRam Katzir - Colour It Yourself
  Solo showEgle Vertelkaite - Graphics
  Solo showJohanna Kandl - Closed Society
  Group showEgle Rakauskaite - Gintaras Makarevicius

  Group showMultinlingual Landscapes
  Group showBoris Cvjetanovic, Goran Trbuljak - Photographs
  Solo showMindaugas Navakas
  Solo showStasys Eidrigevicius
  Solo showVladimir Tarasov
  Solo showToshihiro Kuno - Untitled. IX. 1996. Installations
  Solo showRudolf Baranik
  Solo showDainis Pundurs - XXL. Ceramics
  Solo showMartin Szekely
  Solo showKazys Morkunas
  Solo showValentinas Antanavicius
  Solo showLinas Jablonskis
  Solo showLeonas Strioga
  Solo showAlfonsas Budvytis
  Solo showGeorge Maciunas - Fluxus Art As Joke
  Group showBlisses. Photographs

  Solo showVytautas Valius
  Solo showAntony Gormley - Field
  Solo showAlgimantas Stankevicius-Stankus
  Solo showNam June Paik - Monsters of Looks - Direction North-South 1980-1995. Video installation
  Solo showRimtautas Gibavicius
  Group showRamune Kmieliauskaite, Dalia Matulaite, Jolanta Teiserskyte
  Group showFor Beauty
  Solo showAntanas Sutkus - Nostalgia for Bare Feet
  Solo showBarbara Kasten 1982-1994
  Solo showJonas Svazas
  Group showJoan of Arc: Eight Commentaries
  Solo showMikalojus Vilutis
  Solo showJonas Maldziunas
  Solo showMan Ray - Photographs and objects
  Solo showAlgirdas Petrulis
  Group showGintaras Makarevicius, Egle Rakauskaite - New works
  Solo showGeorg Baselitz - Graphics 1965-1992

  Group showAudrius Novickas, Siri Austeen - So Close, So Far
  Solo showPetras Mazuras - Sculpture, drawings
  Solo showRimvidas Jankauskas-Kampas
  Group showBread and Salt
  Solo showBronius Rudys - Drawings, graphics, objects
  Solo showAdomas Jacovskis
  Solo showHenrikas Cerapas - Transformers
  Solo showDalia Mataitiene - Ornamental Structures
Description Group showPrejudice
  Group showNon-Recurring
  Solo showGintautas Gavenavicius - Flax sculptures
  Solo showVytenis Jankunas - Bricks Paintings-installations
  Solo showOle Lindquist - Paintings
  Solo showTea Tammelaan - A Walk With the Line
  Solo showIvar Tonsberg - Paintings
  Solo showZilvinas Kempinas - Painting From Nature
  Solo showStashu Kybartas - King Anthracite. Video installation
  Solo showAntanas Kucas - Graphics
  Solo showGediminas Savickas - Paintings 1989-1994
  Solo showDanuta Jazgeviciute - Ceramics

  Solo showJonas Gasiunas - Ash Garden. Installation
  Solo showThomas Eller - The People of Europe - Selbst
  Solo showLeonards Laganovskis - One Hundred and One Tribunes
  Solo showAnnibel Cunoldi - Sculpture, drawings
  Solo showLauri Laine - Paintings
  Group showIn Situ
  Group showBonk & Co - Alvar Gullichsen, Magnus Weckstrom
  Solo showBoleslovas Ruseckas - Natura ut Ars
  Group showPainting on Paper
  Solo showMindaugas Navakas - Sculpture
  Solo showStasys Eidrigevicius - Drawings, posters, masks, paintings, installations, photographs
  Solo showMarius Jonutis - Sculpture, paintings, graphics
  Group showWays of Burying
  Solo showRimantas Sulskis - Sculpture, drawings
  Solo showPovilas Ricardas Vaitekunas- Paintings, drawings
  Solo showAiste Ramunaite - Graphics for Gertruda
  Solo showVytas Sakalas - Peace of Mushrooms
  Solo showKazimieras Zoromskis
  Solo showRamunas Ceponis - Quiet Words
  Solo showRomas Viesulas - Graphics
  Solo showVladislovas Zilius - Paintings, works on paper
  Solo showTerese Rozanskaite - In the Memory of Father
  Solo showEdmundas Saladzius - Graphics

  Solo showIlja Kabakov - Tables
  Solo showPetras Repsys - Sculpture, graphics
  Solo showRaimundas Slizys - Paintings 1979-1992
  Solo showValentinas Antanavicius
  Solo showYngve Zakarias
  Solo showArunas Vaitkunas
  Group showJonas Gasiunas / Ricardas Nemeiksis - Paintings
  Solo showMarius Jonutis - Paintings, sculpture, graphics
  Solo showDalia Matulaite - Legends. 91 VIII. Meditations
  Solo showAlgirdas Seskus - Paintings
  Solo showJuri Ojaver - Sculpture
  Solo showAntanas Moncys - Sculpture
  Solo showRomanas Sirotskis - Graphics
  Solo showRuta Katiliute
  Solo showPaulius Normantas - From Butan to Baltistan
  Solo showBirute Stulgaite - Metal plasticity
  Solo showAloyzas Stasiulevicius - Paintings, drawings
  Group showAldona Visockiene, Antanas Visockis
  Solo showGalina Bugajeva - Graphics
  Solo showJurate Stauskaite - Adventus
  Solo showSaule Kisarauskiene
  Solo showVincas Norkus
  Solo showVioleta Gaidamaviciene - Kisieliene
  Solo showSaulius Paukstys - Portraits
  Solo showVaidilute Gruseckaite
  Solo showLisa Schmitz - Installations
  Solo showKristina Gudonyte - Paintings
Last update: 30 June 2017
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