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De Vleeshal

Public Institution
De Vleeshal
Zusterstraat 7
4331 KG Middelburg
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +31 (0)118 652200
fax +31 (0)118 652209
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa  13:00-17:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Mike Kelley  31
Douglas Gordon  35
Mona Hatoum  40
Paul McCarthy  67
Jimmie Durham  94

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Marinus Boezem  5034 8

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Metro Pictures Gallery, USA 49 1
  Museum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (MuHKA), Belgium 44 29
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 44 12
Galerie van Gelder Galerie van Gelder, Netherlands 33 3
  Alexander & Bonin , USA 32 2

 Public exhibitions   1
25.06. - 24.09. (still more than 2 months)
  Solo showLili Reynaud-Dewar - ‘Teeth, Gums, Machines, Future, Society
 Art Fairs
Art Rotterdam Art Rotterdam (17)
Francesco Arena  1978, IT
Martin Arnold  1959, AT
Nina Beier & Marie Lund  DK
Katinka Bock  1976, DE
Marinus Boezem  1934, NL
Nico van den Boezem  
Willem Buijs  
Piet Dieleman  1956, NL
Jimmie Durham  1940, US
Róza El-Hassan  1966, HU
Terry Fox  1943-2008, US
Douglas Gordon  1966, UK
Noel Harding  1945, UK
Mona Hatoum  1952, LB
Mike Kelley  1954-2012, US
Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven  1951, BE
Fransje Killaars  1959, NL
Suchan Kinoshita  1960, JP
Jouke Kleerebezem  
Job Koelewijn  1962, NL
Maartje Korstanje  1982, NL
Robert Maaskant  
Rita McBride  1960, US
Paul McCarthy  1945, US
Aernout Mik  1962, NL
Marlow Moss  1890-1958, UK
Paul Perry  
Liza May Post  1965, NL
Riccardo Previdi  1974, IT
Pipilotti Rist  1962, CH
Nedko Solakov  1957, BG
Ana Maria Tavares  1958, BR
Koen Theys  1963, BE
Remco Torenbosch  1982, NL
Joëlle Tuerlinckx  1958, BE
William Verstraeten  
Ian Wallace  1943, UK
Marijke van Warmerdam  1959, NL
Robert Zandvliet  1970, NL
 Previous Exhibitions   256
  Group showWhy Patterns?
  Solo showAdriano Amaral - Vleeshal Zusterstraat
  Solo showNoa Eshkol - I Look at the Moon and Think about My Daughter-in-Law

  Group showBenefit Exhibition
  Solo showAmanda Ross-Ho - Untitled Period Piece
  Group showSurvival Guides for Ballroom Dancers
  Solo showMelissa Gordon - Routine Pleasures
  Solo showSimone Forti - Here It Comes

  Solo showOla Vasiljeva - En Rachâchant
  Group showUniversity
  Solo showCally Spooner - On False Tears and Outsourcing
  Group showViolent Incident
  Solo showMarinus Boezem - Space Sculpture
  Group showMarinus & Natasja Boezem - The Stendhal Syndrome – In Search of an Archetypal Image of Beauty, 2002-
  Group showThe Registry of Promise: The Promise of Literature, Soothsaying and Speaking in Tongues
  Solo showLiesbeth Labeur - Nachthutje in de komkommerhof

Description and image Solo showPaolo Chiasera - The Gardens of Sardinia, Cyprus and Jerusalem
  Solo showCharlotte Moth - The story of a different thought
  Group showEchoes of Artificial Landscapes
  Group showZinging Tangerine
  Solo showRainer Ganahl - Manhattan Marxism
  Solo showLoek Grootjans - Storage for Distorted Matter (Case P.M.)
  Solo showPedro Cabrita Reis - lifted gaze
  Solo showMarc Nagtzaam - Not Available
  Solo showMark Manders - Acolyte Frena
  Solo showKees Goudzwaard - Between Red and a Transparent Plane

  Solo showIda Ekblad - The Root Cellar
  Solo showDario D'Aronco - (eidolon) 3 illustrations for voice
  Group showPublished By / MER. Paper Kunsthalle
  Solo showJimmie Durham - The Center of the World
  Group showThe Nomadic Muse
  Solo showKoenraad Dedobbeleer - You Export Reality to Where It Is You Get Your Money From
  Solo showAnnie Ratti - The Shroom Project
  Group showThe Moon has a Complicated Geography

  Group showGenius Loci
  Group showArchitecture without building
  Solo showNedko Solakov - A Quiz (again)
  Solo showRossella Biscotti - L'isola
  Solo showFalke Pisano - The Body in Crisis
Description and image Group showLandscape on the Move
  Group showAutumn of modernism

  Solo showMarinus van Dijke - A walk, a hundred years, a reconstruction
  Group showBeyond the Fragile Geometry of Sculpture
  Solo showPipilotti Rist
  Group showIn Deed: Certificates of Authenticity in Art
  Solo showKelly Schacht One Voice Makes Two Perspectives 2011, 9 July - 4 September
  Group showEsther Kokmeijer & Johan Nieuwenhuize - On Time, In Place
  Solo showMandla Reuter - A Plot
  Solo showThe Object of Criticism

  Solo show(Innere Stimme)
  Solo showA volo d'uccello (A bird's-eye view)
  Group showBeyond the Dust - Artists' Documents Today
  Group showPsychosculptures
  Solo showCratere
  Solo showFault
  Solo showKannon
  Solo showInvoluntary Twitch
  Solo showorbitor

  Solo showThe Object Lessons
  Solo showHeidrun Holzfeind - Mexico 68
  Solo showRob Johannesma - Uitval uit een
  Solo showDove Allouche - L'ennemi déclaré
Description Solo showKatinka Bock - The Sound of Distance
  Solo showDe einder. En dan de hoek om. - Dave Meijer
  Solo showFraktur - Riccardo Previdi
  Group showThe Unbearable Limit of the Exhibition Space

  Solo showFernando Sánchez Castillo - The unresolved tension between two forms of resistance
  Solo showFelix Schramm - Savage Salvage
  Solo showSuperflex - Burning Car
  Solo showMartine Stig - Bloos, Sisters, Men
  Solo showDias & Riedweg: FUNK STADEN

  Solo showJeffrey Vallance - Reliquary Chapel
  Solo showRyoji Ikeda - datatron [prototype]
  Group showNuuk, Yamanote Lightblast, 612.43WEISS
  Solo showTomas Saraceno - Air-Port-City
  Solo showNanda Runge - A shady place under the trees
  Solo showHisham Bharoocha - Feel the Light
  Solo showMaartje Korstanje - Sculptures

  Solo showJulia Münstermann - City Oddity
  Solo showGermaine Kruip
  Group showDylan Graham & Pier Stockholm
  Solo showAnnemiek de Beer - Aurora
  Solo showToby Paterson - Broken Arabesque
Description Solo showM.R. van der Graaff: Sec
  Solo showKrisztina de Chatel - Entree

Description Group showNew Symbols for the Netherlands
Description Solo showChiara Banfi - Fire House
  Group showa selection
  Solo showBianca Runge - Truth is in the eye of the beholder
  Group showPan Sonic - Geluidswerk
Description and image Group showAlexandra Ranner & Cameron Rudd
  Solo showAntistrot - Amateur Kaviaar

  Solo showSuperstudio - Life without Objects
  Solo showPieter Slagboom - Tekeningen 2001-2004
  Group showDe Werkelijkheid
  Solo showBregje de Heer - Werk
  Group showAlternate
  Solo showDiango Hernàndez - Amateur
  Group showFutureways - The Middelburg Triennial

  Solo showCameron Jamie - Drawings, Maps and Composite Actions
  Solo showAntoine Mes - Het Zeeuwse Landschap
  Solo showThe Royal Art Lodge - Ask the dust
  Solo showMartin Arnold - Jeanne
  Solo showJohan Kuipers

  Solo showAnne-Marie van Sprang
  Group showWe'll slide down the surface of things ...
  Solo showMartha Colburn - Inse(x)cts
  Solo showHendrik Jan Hunneman - Kiss & Go
  Solo showSara Blokland - Neutrals
  Group showSoundwork 4.0
Description Solo showCraigie Horsfield: Portraits
Description Group showHigher Truth no.5 - een project over mode
Description Solo showHigher Truth no.71 - fotografische werken van Roma Pas

  Solo showAna Maria Tavares - Middelburg Airport Lounge with Parede Niemeyer
Description Group showThe Girl Skateboard Compagny, Gyz la Rivière & Robert Rosenau: This is the Flow
  Solo showBen Sleeuwenhoek - De rivier die altijd stroomt
  Solo showChris Cunningham - flex
Description Solo show0010
  Solo showJanpeter Muilwijk - Reizigers, meisjes en een verstrikte bok

Description Solo showSusann Walder: The Very Merry Christmas Show
Description Solo showMarenne Welten
Description Group showEdwin Carels: Terug van School (Back from School)
  Solo showGeert Mul - Generating Live
  Solo showKrijn de Koning - Beeld voor De Vleeshal
Description Group showKarin van Dam: Floating,Collapsible City System and Rising Coils
Description Solo showFolkert de Jong: The Ilemauzer
Description Group showPipilotti Rist: Grossmut begatte mich
Description Solo showHellen van Meene

  Group showOne on One, de Middelburgse Salon 1 (The Middelburg Salon)
  Solo showGillian Wearing - Drunk
Description Group showPer Wizn: Reworkings; Keiko Sato: Untitled
  Solo showSean Snyder - Fast Food/Orientation
Description Solo showMaria Friberg: Blown Out
Description Group showSchildersverdriet (Painter`s Sorrow)
  Solo showMarinus Boezem - Panorama
  Group showElger Esser - Jan Koster - Gerco de Ruijter - Landschappen
Description Solo showUtrechtse Krop (Utrecht Goitre)
Description Group showHolland Kindergarten Japan Bondage
  Group showGuido Lippens - Sophie Tottie - Jaap Kroneman
Description Solo showTobias Rehberger: Nightprowler

  Solo showUri Tzaig: Tempo
  Group showAtelier van Lieshout/Fransje Killaars: Lay Down
  Solo showNedko Solakov: A Quiz
  Solo showRoza El-Hassan: Undo
  Solo showMat Collishaw: For Ever
  Solo showLara Schnitger: Space Invader

  Solo showDora Garcia: Lifetime Soundtrack
  Group showJeanne van Heeswijk, Maria-Rosa Boezem, Lex ter Braak: De Verborgen Stad
  Solo showWim Riemens: Splendid Isolation
  Solo showKendell Geers: Memento Mori
  Solo showMaria Roosen: Nieuw Werk
  Solo showRobert Zandvliet: Het Witte Doek

  Solo showBlik
  Solo showTestoo
  Solo showMiddelburg Summer 1996
  Solo showVoorstelling van een ronde vorm / Representation d'un corps rond
  Solo showAn den rand des hirns stossen
  Solo showE Eindigen met iets dappers A

  Solo showThe center of the world
  Solo showFlotsam and jetsam (the end of the game)
  Solo showOh la la
  Solo showJob Koelewijn
  Solo showStof
  Group showMommy, i'm sorry
  Solo showD˙e den nest weet d˙e weeten. D˙en roft d˙ heeten.

  Solo showHolland colonial remains
  Solo showWe is o.k.
  Solo showZomeraanbieding
  Solo showPhilip Huyghe - Installatie
  Solo showTo knit 2, purl 2
  Group showHet Avontuur
  Solo showReal: my fuckin Kangaroo is damn right! (and so is my pelican)

  Solo showMen, women, children
  Group showTemporary autonomous zoo I & II
  Solo showCarel Visser - Zonder titel
  Solo showDe toren der lanterfanters
  Solo showSurface to Surface
  Solo showDe dag/De nacht

  Solo showPieter Slagboom - Zonder Titel
  Solo showEquilibrium
  Solo showGeisterblitz
  Group showAldo van Eyck, Hannie van Eyck - Zonder titel
  Solo showMind Tools
  Solo showInstallatie nr. 19

  Solo showHet geheim
  Solo showTo become Dharma
  Solo showHenric Borsten - Zonder Titel
  Solo showL.A. Adriaans - Zonder Titel
  Solo showAmor en Psyche
  Solo showJoseph Semah - De Vleeshal II
  Solo show(L'Ombre)2

  Solo showThe Letter
  Solo showHommage a Mondriaan
  Solo showSiegfried Anzinger - Schilderijen
  Solo showTragelaph
  Solo showAjours, (Villandry)
  Solo showJan Zembsch - Schilderijen

  Solo showSound Sculpture, installation & performance: meditations solar night music
  Solo showSix integrations in one space
  Solo showJ.C.J. van der Heijden - Zonder titel
  Solo show50.000 WATT
  Solo showRien Monshouwer - Zonder titel
  Solo showDegli Uccelli

  Solo showHugo Duchateau - Zonder titel
  Solo showGin
  Solo showTom van den Boomen - Beelden
  Solo showPhysics
  Solo showTwo machines for feeling & Trough the motions between the stars
  Solo showTwo works in Middelburg
  Solo showLeo Copers - Zonder titel

  Solo showExposures
  Solo showMusic from Sculpture, experiments with electronics, acoustics and the elements
  Group showVice Versa
  Solo showSquares
  Solo showJef Geys - Zonder titel

  Solo showArt museum museum art
  Solo showGoing to the heart of the centre of the gardens of delights
  Solo showLibretto 86
  Solo showPlastieken
  Solo showabat-jour (giochi prohibiti)
  Group showZonder titel
  Solo showNieuwe beelden

  Solo showSpace Between
  Group showZonder Titel
  Solo showRTL I
  Solo showWOCXS
  Solo showDas Fluzeug, Rugzakvlucht, zwevend blad (model voor Fokker monument)
  Solo showRemnants of the Miss General Idea Pavillion in De Vleeshal

  Solo showThe dream and the line-man
  Group showSculpturen/foto's/tenten
  Solo showMagnus V. Gudlaugsson
  Solo showHerplaatsen van het stadhuis
  Solo showTony Cragg - Plastieken

  Solo showIn search of a probably non-existing oil-well in Montana
  Solo showThe Dance
  Solo showLusthof
  Group showFrank van Hemert en Piet Tuytel
  Solo showFarbraum
  Group showWerken
  Solo showDe Vleeshal

  Solo showBen d'Armagnac
  Solo showTo cut a long story short
  Solo showRemoat
  Solo showDavid van de Kop - Recent werk
  Solo showMarinus Boezem - Installatie Icarus
  Solo showArt & Language: Painted by mouth
  Solo showLanterne Magique

  Group showZwitsers Constructivisme
  Solo showSchilderijen
  Solo showEen keuze uit de Peter Stuyvesant collectie en de Peter Stuyvesant Grafiekcollectie

  Solo showTwee werken (Kunst, Muziek, Architektuur)
  Solo showPieter Engels - Installatie

  Solo showSpace sculptures
  Solo showherman de vries - 16 dm2 / het effekt van de hagelstorm van eind juli op onze appelboom
  Solo showDe Knoop

  Solo showZeichnungen von Joseph Beuys aus der Sammlung van der Grinten
Last update: 5 May 2017
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