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Galerie Carzaniga

Private Gallery
Galerie Carzaniga
Gemsberg 8
4051 Basel
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +41 61 264 30 30
fax +41 61 264 30 31
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr  10:00-18:00
Sa  10:00-16:00
and by appointment

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Sam Francis  478
Meret Oppenheim  605
William S. Burroughs  1292
Mark Tobey  1566
Julius Bissier  3254

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Irène Zurkinden  94333 9
Mark Tobey  1566 9

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 81 9
  Jeanne Bucher Jaeger Gallery, France 57 5
  Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland 32 26
  Galerie Jean Fournier, France 31 2

Foundation year: 2004
Director(s): Arnaldo Carzaniga
Employees: Philipp Hediger / Markus Rück
 Art Fairs
Art Basel Art Basel (06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Arte Fiera - BolognaFiere (04, 05, 12, 13)
KIAF - Korea International Art Fair KIAF - Korea International Art Fair (08)
Kunst Zürich Kunst Zürich (04, 05, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
MiArt (06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11)
Wopart (16)
Otto Abt  1903-1982, CH
Marguerite Ammann  1911-1962, CH
Paolo Bellini  1941, CH
René Beuret  1936, CH
Julius Bissier  1892-1965, DE
Walter Bodmer  1903-1973, CH
Serge Brignoni  1903-2002, CH
Samuel Buri  1935, CH
William S. Burroughs  1914-1997, US
Luca Caccioni  1962, IT
Paul Camenisch  1893-1970, CH
Frédéric Clot  1973, CH
Coghuf  1905-1976, CH
Giuliano Collina  1938, IT
Franco Corradini  1945, IT
Yves Dana  1959, EG
Gaspard Delachaux  1947, CH
Kurt Fahrner  
René Fendt  1948-1995, CH
Gabriele Fettolini  1955, CH
Sam Francis  1923-1994, US
Till Freiwald  1963, DE
Catherine Gfeller  1966, CH
Christoph Gloor  1936, CH
Andrea Gotti  1967, IT
Michael Günzburger  1974, CH
Hermann Hesse  1877-1962, DE
Karl Hindenlang  1894-1960, CH
Andreas His  1928, CH
Rolf Iseli  1934, CH
Lenz Klotz  1925, CH
Susi Kramer  1947, CH
Max Kämpf  1912-1982, CH
Carlo König  1900-1970, CH
Christopher Lehmpfuhl  1972, DE
Christian Lichtenberg  
Rudolf Maeglin  1892-1971, CH
Alex Maier  1917, CH
Paolo Mazzuchelli  1954, CH
Mickry3  CH
Ernst Morgenthaler  1887-1962, CH
Wilfrid Moser  1914-1997, CH
Ernst Max Musfeld  1900-1964, CH
Albert Müller  1897-1926, CH
Manuel Müller  1955, FR
Robert Müller  1920-2003, CH
Rene Myrha  1939, CH
Meret Oppenheim  1913-1985, DE
Riccardo Pagni  1936, IT
Flavio Paolucci  1934, CH
Roman Peter  1952, CH
Gianriccardo Piccoli  1941, IT
Paolo Pola  1942, CH
Lukas Rapold  1966, CH
Hans Reichel  1892-1958, DE
Bénédict Remund  1904-1993, CH
Tobias Sauter  1955, CH
Marcel Schaffner  1931, CH
Hermann Scherer  1893-1927, DE
Ernesto Schiess  1872-1919, CH
Hans Rudolf Schiess  1904-1978, CH
Jakob Schärer  1908, CH
Luca Serra  1962, IT
Alessandro Spadari  1969, IT
Giuseppe Spagnulo  1936-2016, IT
Lorenz Spring  1964, CH
Otto Staiger  1894-1967, CH
Albert Steiner  1877-1965, CH
Ludwig Stocker  1932, CH
Niklaus Stoecklin  1896-1982, CH
Max Sulzbachner  1904-1985, CH
Paul Suter  1926, CH
Mark Tobey  1890-1976, US
Alessandro Twombly  1959, IT
Varlin  1900-1977, CH
Jean Villard  1944, CH
Peter Vogel  1937, DE
Hugo Weber  1918-1971, CH
Walter Kurt Wiemken  1907-1940, CH
Alberto Zamboni  1971, IT
Zaccheo Zilioli  1980, CH
Irène Zurkinden  1909-1987, CH
 Previous Exhibitions   125
  Group showPeter Vogel / Alberto Zamboni

  Group showCityscapes
  Group showGianriccardo Piccoli / Gaspard Delachaux
  Group showNiklaus Stoecklin /Julius Bissier / Flavio Paolucci
  Group showJulius Bissier / Flavio Paolucci
  Group showMax Kämpf / Robert Müller / Andreas Mattle
  Group showGruppe 33 - Hommage an Charles Hindenlang

  Group showRene Myrha and Paolo Bellini - Large Scale
  Group showLuca Serra and Paolo Bellini
  Solo showChristopher Lehmpfuhl - Coghuf
  Solo showSamuel Buri - Hommage zum 80. Geburtstag
  Group showLenz Klotz, Mark Tobey, & Ludwig Stocker
  Group showPaolo Pola & Ernesto Schiess
  Group showGroup Exhibiion

  Group showCatherine Gfeller, Andreas His , Wilfrid Moser
  Group showSchweizer Künstlerinnen
  Solo showLorenz Spring - Ausstellung zum 50. Geburtstag
  Group showRolf Iseli, Mark Tobey, Julius Bissier, Yves Dana
  Group showMark Tobey, Julius Bissier, Yves Dana

  Solo showMarcel Schaffner - Informelle Malerei
  Solo showLorenz Spring
  Solo showVarlin
  Solo showNiklaus Stoecklin
  Solo showPaolo Mazzuchelli - Giardini
  Solo showGianriccardo Piccoli - Libro di Spese Diverse di Lorenzo Lotto
  Solo showPaolo Bellini
  Solo showPaolo Bellini
  Solo showNiklaus Stoecklin
  Solo showSamuel Buri
  Solo showPaolo Bellini
  Solo showChristian Lichtenberg
  Solo showChristopher Lehmpfuhl
  Solo showHermann Hesse
  Solo showFrédéric Clot
  Group showGruppe 33 – Hommage an Otto Abt

  Solo showAlberto Zamboni
  Solo showLuca Serra
  Solo showManuel Müller
  Group showFirst Choice - From Private Collections V
  Solo showFlavio Paolucci
  Solo showSerge Brignoni
  Solo showLenz Klotz
  Solo showPaolo Bellini
  Solo showLenz Klotz
  Solo showPaolo Pola
  Solo showAndreas His - Retrospektive
  Solo showLuca Caccioni - Lotophagie
  Solo showLudwig Stocker - Idea
  Solo showWilfrid Moser - Werk
  Solo showLukas Rapold
  Solo showLudwig Stocker - Idea
  Solo showMax Kämpf - Hommage zum 100. Geburtstag
  Solo showJean Villard
  Solo showErnesto Schiess

  Solo showRolf Iseli
  Solo showAlbert Steiner
  Solo showChristopher Lehmpfuhl - Bilder der Schweiz
  Solo showMark Tobey
  Solo showLorenz Spring
  Solo showWalter Kurt Wiemken
  Group showWomen's Power
  Group showDialoge
  Group showAus privaten Sammlungen Yves Dana

  Solo showRené Beure
  Solo showCoghuf
  Solo showPaolo Mazzuchelli
  Solo showYves Dana
  Solo showSamuel Buri: Hommage zum 75. Geburtstag
  Solo showPeter Vogel - Werke auf Papier
  Solo showGiuseppe Spagnulo
  Solo showLenz Klotz - Hommage zum 85. Geburtstag
  Solo showGiuseppe Spagnulo
  Solo showVarlin
  Solo showJulius Bissier - Werke 1947-1965
  Solo showMark Tobey
  Solo showGiuseppe Spagnulo
  Solo showGianriccardo Piccoli
  Solo showLuca Serra
  Solo showMarcel Schaffner
  Solo showAndreas His - Hinterglasbilder
  Solo showMichael Günzburger
  Solo showAlberto Zamboni - Fuori orario

  Solo showLuca Caccioni - Lotophagie
  Solo showGiuliano Collina
  Solo showFranco Corradini
  Group showGruppe 33
  Solo showSerge Brignoni als Bildhauer
  Solo showCatherine Gfeller - A une Passante
  Solo showPaolo Pola
  Solo showWilfrid Moser
  Group showSpezialangebote
  Solo showSamuel Buri
  Solo showRobert Müller
  Solo showPaolo Bellini
  Solo showFrédéric Clot
  Solo showRobert Müller
  Solo showJakob Schärer
  Solo showPaolo Bellin
  Solo showChristopher Lehmpfuhl
  Solo showAlbert Steiner
  Solo showLukas Rapold
  Solo showLudwig Stocker
  Solo showAlbert Müller

  Group showPaolo Iacchetti, Manuel Müller, Lorenz Spring
  Group showLorenz Spring & Flavio Paolucci
  Group showBronzeplatten
  Solo showLenz Klotz: Werke der Jahre 1953 bis 20
  Group showVarlin, Zaccheo Zilioli, René Küng
  Group showGianriccardo Piccoli & René Küng --- Im Kabinett: Max Kämpf
  Group showFirst Choice - From Private Collections IV

  Solo showTill Freiwald
  Solo showRolf Iseli
  Group showPeter Vogel / Hans Weidmann / Giuseppe Spagnulo
  Group showGiuseppe Spagnulo / Jean Willi / Alberto Zamboni

  Solo showAlberto Zamboni
Description Group showIrène Zurkinden / Gruppe 33 / Albert Steiner
  Group showErnst Morgenthaler - Giuseppe Spagnulo
Description Group showHermann Hesse / Ernst Morgenthaler / Paul Suter / Zaccheo Zilioli
  Solo showRené Beuret zu Gast bei Niki Hasler AG, Basel
Description Group showCatherine Gfeller / Paolo Pola / Paul Suter
Description Solo showLorenz Spring
Description Group showWilfrid Moser / Mark Tobey
  Group showSusi Kramer / Roman Peter
  Solo showPaolo Pola zu Gast bei Paulus-Akademie, Zürich
  Solo showFirst Choice - From Private Collections III - Jean Villard
Last update: 5 March 2017
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