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Galerie van Gelder

Galerie van Gelder

Private Gallery
François Dey
"Wall on floor", 2014

Galerie van Gelder
Planciusstraat 9 / A
1013 MD Amsterdam
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tel +31 20 62 77 419
fax +31 20 62 77 419
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Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa  13:00-17:30
and by appointment
Galerie van Gelder

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
John M Armleder  90
Sylvie Fleury  252
Olivier Mosset  304
Steven Parrino  1216
Marijke van Warmerdam  1303

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Klaas Kloosterboer  7793 43
John M Armleder  90 38
Marijke van Warmerdam  1303 30
Sigurdur Gudmundsson  3252 29
Kristján Gudmundsson  2457 28

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Mehdi Chouakri, Germany 39 5
  Mamco - musée d´art moderne et contemporain, Switzerland 32 8
Galerie Susanna Kulli Galerie Susanna Kulli, Switzerland 32 5
  Le Consortium, France 25 6

 Public exhibitions   1
27.11. - 06.01. (still more than 1 month)
  Solo showThe Rotating Painting Show- Elvire Bonduelle
Galerie van Gelder exhibits and works closely together with national and international artists. The exhibitions are preferably programmed with concept based art in the broadest sense.  [...]
Foundation year: 1985
Director(s): Kees van Gelder
 Art Fairs
Amsterdam Drawing (13, 14)
ARCOmadrid ARCOmadrid (00)
The Armory Show (13)
Art Basel Art Basel (98, 99, 00)
ART FORUM Berlin (05)
Art Rotterdam Art Rotterdam (10, 11, 14, 15)
Artissima Artissima (07, 08)
KunstRAI (03, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10)
MiArt (07)
Stockholm Smart Show (97)
John M Armleder  1948, CH
Ansuya Blom  1956, NL
Franck Bragigand  1971, FR
Nicolas Chardon  1974, FR
François Dey  1981, CH
Sylvie Fleury  1961, CH
Hreinn Fridfinnsson  1943, IS
Voebe de Gruyter  1960, NL
Kristján Gudmundsson  1941, IS
Sigurdur Gudmundsson  1942, IS
Klaas Kloosterboer  1959, NL
Wjm Kok  1959, NL
Jaap Kroneman  1968, NL
Laboratorio Saccardi  IT
Olivier Mosset  1944, CH
Suzan Noesen  , LU
Ruchama Noorda  1979, NL
Steven Parrino  1958-2005, US
Henk Peeters  1925-2013, NL
Steel Stillman  1955, US
Lily van der Stokker  1954, NL
KissPál Szabolcz  1967, HU
Myne Sĝe-Pedersen  1972, DK
Helgi Thorsson  1975, IS
John Tremblay  1966, US
JCJ Vanderheyden  1928-2012, NL
Ola Vasiljeva  1981, LV
Marijke van Warmerdam  1959, NL
Louwrien Wijers  1941, NL
 Previous Exhibitions   257
Description and image Solo showFoundations and Flowers - Jaap Kroneman
  Solo showJasper Coppens - The Lion's Gaze
  Group showAgain
Description and image Group showSilence
  Group showHands & Fabrics
Description and image Solo showSylvie Fleury - C´est la vie!
Description Group showPostcards are to be looked at
  Solo showSome Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
  Solo showMonochromes
  Solo showZenwacky

Description and image Solo showSteel Stillman - On The Stairs
Description and image Solo showÉric Giraudet De Boudemange - Klucht van de jacht
Description and image Group showFrom recto to verso
Description and image Solo showMyne Sĝe-Pedersen - Gliding
Description and image Solo showAditya Mandayam - Sukuranburu Kousaten by Indigenous Genitalman
Description Solo showRuchama Noorda - ℞
Description Solo showFrançois Dey - I can´t ask you to Hike one Mountain While I Hike the Other
Description Solo showCarlos Irijalba - Amalgam
Description and image Solo showAnsuya Blom - Through Shutters
  Solo showNicolas Chardon - Frames

  Solo showSigurdur Gudmundsson
  Solo showJoey Verberkt
  Solo showJonas Lund
  Group showDit en Dat en Dat / This and That and That
  Solo showMatthew Lutz-Kinoy - Matthew´s Secret
Description and image Solo showElvire Bonduelle - 'Race and Rest'
  Solo showJaap Kroneman - Naakt

Description and image Solo showJohn M Armleder - 24 Years Ahead
  Group showTo make a show it takes a thought and more than one word / Part II
  Solo showGijs van Lenthe- Starend naar Gods lichtbak / Staring at God's light box
  Group showTo make a show it takes a thought... / Part I
  Solo showOla Vasiljeva - OAOA Vestibule - installation: ceramics, video, posters
  Solo showWjm Kok - More than One of Each
  Solo showRúna Thorkelsdóttir - Changing Still Lives
  Group showA for artists / E for Exhibitions / Part I and II

  Solo showClose by in the distance
  Solo showRúna Thorkelsdóttir
  Solo showJacques André
  Solo showLouwrien Wijers - Words to be framed
  Solo showNicolas Chardon
  Solo showFrançois Dey
  Group showHow Not To Become An Artist
  Group showgroup show in summer time
Description and image Group showgroupshow: In Between
Description and image Solo showKristján Gudmundsson: Drawings I - XV
Description and image Solo showRaphael Langmair - One represented by the other

  Solo showOla Vasiljeva - Petit-Maître
  Solo showNicolas Chardon - new paintings

Description and image Solo showMarijke van Warmerdam - Past the blow
  Solo showSigurdur Gudmundsson - Charles and the Mutes
  Group showAbstract, almost abstract 1
  Solo showHelgi Thorsson - The Male Model

  Solo showHelgi Thorsson
Description and image Solo showAnsuya Blom - "The Fall"
  Solo showSteel Stillman
Description and image Solo showOlivier Mosset - Paintings and dots
Description Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer

Description Solo showJaap Kroneman - Jaap Kroneman is not going to stop
Description and image Group showColour First
  Group showSummer Show
  Solo showMyne Sĝe-Pedersen
  Solo showNicolas Chardon - Focus
Description Solo showMonica Tormell - When hell freezes over

Description and image Solo showLaboratorio Saccardi - OK, computer!
  Solo showSzabolcs KissPál
Description and image Group showRegarding facts
  Solo showOrpheu de Jong - new video works
  Solo showLaboratorio Saccardi
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer
Description Solo showW.J.M. KOK
Description Solo showJaap Kroneman - grote stappen
  Group showMinder Koud / Less Cold

Description and image Group showWinterkou / Winterly cold
Description Solo showSzabolcs KissPál - backlit gaps - video- en fotoinstallaties
  Group showThe story begins - group exhibition: video-installations, fotos
  Group showde Gruyter, Gudmundsson, Kloosterboer, van Warmerdam, Weiner
Description and image Solo showVoebe de Gruyter - Transport of images
  Group showDustin Larson, Szabolcs KissPál, Lawrence Weiner, Marijke van Warmerdam
Description and image Solo showMarijke van Warmerdam - Miracle of miracles
Description and image Group showFields for Propositions
  Group showMaura Biava, Helgi Thorsson, Henk Peeters

  Solo showMaura Biava - Doride, Gwen and Poly
  Group showFreedom Borders
  Group showWurst Eigenhaut special Nr. 3
  Group showTwan Jannsen, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Jill Magid, Lily van der Stokker
  Solo showWurst Eigenhaut special Nr. 1
  Group showSocial Minimalism
  Solo showBibberend Glas Melk
  Solo showAnsuya Blom - Tintinnabulation
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer - Sandwichman
  Group showWhat is, is now

  Solo showMyne Soe-Pedersen - Inside Wide Eyes
  Solo showSteel Stillman - Echo
  Solo showKathy Temin - Audition for a pair of Koalas
  Solo showVoebe de Gruyter - Roddels en restjes die blijven plakken en zich verstoppen
  Solo showMaura Biava - Dorible Tangible Speech
  Solo showTwan Janssen - New Work
  Solo showKristján Gudmunsson - Etchings
  Solo showJaap Kroneman - Over het vastbinden van meisjes
  Solo showJill Magid - Tall Tale Small Scale
  Solo showHelgi Thorsson - Portable Train in MInibar
  Solo showW.J.M. Kok
  Solo showFranck Bragigand - The Art Gallery

  Solo showHester Oerlemans
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer
  Solo showAnsuya Blom
  Solo showSigurdur Gudmundsson
  Solo showSteel Stillman

  Solo showSean Bluechel
  Group showJohn Armleder, Maura Biava, Klaas Kloosterboer & Myne Sĝe-Pedersen
  Group showJohn Armleder, Maura Biava, Klaas Kloosterboer en Myne Sĝe-Pedersen
  Group showChristine Alberts & Jaap Kroneman
  Solo showLily van der Stokker
  Solo showMarijke van Warmerdam
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer

  Solo showSigurdur Gudmundsson - Statements, Secrets, Scultures
  Solo showTwan Janssen - Next
  Solo showJaap Kroneman - Kwaliteit wekt altijd aversie
  Solo showAnnelies Slaats
  Solo showHenk Peeters - alle edities 1960 - 2000
  Solo showJohn M Armleder

  Group show00
  Solo showDavid Powell
  Solo showFranck Bragigand - GARBAGE, in order to...
  Solo showKathy Temin - Model Homes
  Solo showMaura Biava - Horaes
  Group showGroepstentoonstelling
  Solo showVoebe de Gruyter
  Solo showW.J.M. Kok
  Solo showJ.C. Ruggirello

  Group showLook me in the Eyes
  Solo showHreinn Fridfinnson - Collection
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer - King Size
  Solo showTwan Janssen - Big Boy Now
  Solo showAnsuya Blom
  Group showLosse Werken Rake Klappen
  Solo showJaap Kroneman
  Solo showEric Sandillon - Pully Dolly
  Solo showVoebe de Gruyter - Sproeien
  Solo showDavid Powell - Riddle with it

  Solo showSigurdur Gudmundsson - nieuwe tekeningen
  Solo showJCJ Vanderheyden / Marijke van Warmerdam
  Group showSingle answers for no questions
  Group showHet staartje van de verhuizing
  Solo showSigurdur Gudmundsson - nieuw werk
  Group showDe Verbouwing, De Verhuizing & De Verandering
  Solo showHeléne Renard

  Solo showVoebe de Gruyter
  Group showSylvie Fleury, W.J.M. Kok, Lily Van Der Stokker
  Solo showin Associated Publishers: Jaap Kroneman meisjes
  Solo showTwan Janssen - I Don't Dance
  Solo showin Associated Publishers: muse [mju:z] I vi Annelies Slaats
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer - Schilderijen
  Group showJohn M Armleder, Sylvie Fleury, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Hreinn Fridfinnsson
  Solo showOlivier Mosset
  Solo showVoebe de Gruyter

  Solo showKathy Temin
  Solo showMarijke van Warmerdam
  Solo showAnsuya Blom
  Group showNegen Kanten
  Group showIn Associated Publishers: Carina Ellemers, Vinh Phúóng, Roberto Ruggiu, Annelies Slaats, Kathy Temin
  Solo showSteven Parrino
  Solo showSigurdur Gudmundsson
  Group showRepetition-which-is-a-repetition
  Solo showJaap Kroneman

  Group showTekeningen & tekeningen
  Solo showW.J.M. Kok
  Solo showLily van der Stokker
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer
  Group showIn Associated Publishers: Mechanical Reproduction
  Group showTwan Janssen / Jaap Kroneman
  Solo showIn Associated Publishers: Een tafel voor werk Otto Egberts tekeningen
  Group showAMF
  Group showDe Logé's
  Solo showTwan Janssen
  Solo showVinh Phuong

  Solo showKristjan Gudmundsson
  Solo showSteven Parrino
  Solo showin Associated Publishers: Ansuya Blom
  Group showReconsidered images
  Group showin Associated Publishers: Good
  Solo showR.W. van de Wint
  Solo showSigurdur Gudmundsson
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer
  Solo showJan Andriesse
  Group showin Associated Publishers: 'Uitnodiging!'
  Group showEdities & Unica
  Solo showVlaggen 1
  Solo showin Associated Publishers: 'Creatio amicorum'
  Solo showOtto Egberts

  Group showIn Associated Publishers: Sylvie Fleury, Alix Lambert & Lily van der Stokker
  Solo showBen Sleeuwenhoek
  Solo showHulya Yilmaz
  Group showPaintings & paintings
  Solo showSylvie Fleury
  Solo showR.W. van de Wint
  Solo showAnsuya Blom
  Group showStones of Power

  Solo showHreinn Fridfinnsson
  Solo showJohn M Armleder
  Solo showGerard Kodde
  Group showThey see the Light
  Group showOtto Egberts, Sigurdur Gudmundsson & Ben Sleeuwenhoek
  Group showHet Klimaat
  Group showEcart
  Group showSix Logos around a Carpet
  Solo showJan Andriesse
  Solo showR. W. van de Wint
  Solo showOtto Egberts

  Solo showRoos Theuws
  Solo showOlivier Mosset
  Group showThe Eye & The Ear
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer
  Group showOtto Egberts, Sigurdur Gudmundsson & Ben Sleeuwenhoek
  Solo showBen Sleeuwenhoek
  Solo showVinh Phúóng
  Solo showHulya Yilmaz
  Group showRolf Hanson, Arvid Pettersen & Vincent Francois
  Solo showYvonne Strang

  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Solo showR.W. van de Wint
  Group showVele Parels Voor een Lijn
  Solo showKristján Gudmundsson
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer
  Solo showBjĝrn Nĝrgaard

  Solo showHulya Yilmaz
  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Solo showOtto Egberts
  Solo showAnsuya Blom
  Solo showR.W. van de Wint
  Solo showJ.C.J. van der Heyden
  Solo showRoos Theuws
  Solo showJohn M Armleder
  Solo showKlaas Kloosterboer

  Solo showGerard Kodde
  Solo showHannes van Es
  Solo showKristján Gudmundsson
  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Solo showOtto Egberts
  Group showRené Roeten & Loes van der Putte
  Solo showArno van der Mark
  Solo showRolf Hanson
  Group showJohn Armleder, Kristján Gudmundsson & Arno van der Mark

  Solo showServie Janssen
  Solo showYvonne Strang
  Solo showBjĝrn Nĝrgaard
  Solo showHannes van Es
  Group showDe Helling
  Solo showJ.C.J. van der Heyden
  Solo showArno van der Mark
  Solo showKristján Gudmundsson
  Solo showOtto Egberts

  Solo showMatjaz Stuk
  Solo showArvid Pettersen
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