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Gallery Hyundai

Private Gallery
Gallery Hyundai
14 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu
110-190 Seoul
South Korea
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +82-(0)2-734.61 11
fax +82-(0)2-734 16 16
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  10:00-18:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Weiwei Ai  24
Thomas Struth  51
François Morellet  66
Robert Indiana  399
Bernar Venet  493

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Lee Ufan  575 21
Kim Whanki  12160 17
Kim Tschang-Yeul  13229 14
Chung Sang-Hwa  6681 14
Seo-Bo Park  3302 12

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 56 7
  Galerie m Bochum, Germany 31 2
  Espace de l’art concret, France 28 2
  Alan Cristea Gallery, United Kingdom 23 1
  Galerie Scheffel, Germany 20 1

 Public exhibitions   1
25.05. - 08.07. (13 days remaining)
  Solo showFrançois Morellet
Foundation year: 1970
Director(s): Myung-Ja Park (Director)
 Art Fairs
abc art berlin contemporary (12)
Abu Dhabi Art Abu Dhabi Art (10)
The Armory Show The Armory Show (04, 12, 17)
Art Basel Art Basel (96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06)
Art Beijing (06, 07)
Art Central Art Central (15, 16, 17)
Art Cologne Art Cologne (96, 97)
Art Dubai (07)
Art Show Busan Art Show Busan (15, 16, 17)
Art Stage Singapore Art Stage Singapore (12, 13, 14, 15)
CIGE (04, 06)
Frieze Art Fair New York (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Frieze London (15, 16)
Frieze Masters (15, 16)
G-SEOUL (12, 14, 15)
Hong Kong International Art Fair (08, 09, 10, 11, 12)
KIAF - Korea International Art Fair KIAF - Korea International Art Fair (02, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16)
Korea Galleries Art Fair (09, 11)
Korean Art Show (10, 11)
Paris Photo Paris Photo (06)
Red Dot Art Fair (11)
BolognaFiere SH Contemporary (07, 10)
Art Taipei (13)
Weiwei Ai  1957, CN
Cheong Kwang-Ho  1959
Billy Childish  1959, UK
Choe U-Ram  1970, KR
Chung Sang-Hwa  1932, KR
Chung Zuyoung  1969, KR
Michael Craig-Martin  1941, IE
Han Mook  1914, KR
Robert Indiana  1928, US
Jeon Joonho  1969, KR
Kang Ik-Joong  1960, KR
Ki-Jong Zin  1981, KR
Kim Sung Yoon  1985, KR
Kim Whanki  1913-1974, KR
Kwon Young-woo  1926-2013, KR
Seung Taek Lee  1932, KR
Lee Myoung Ho  1975, KR
Lee Ufan  1936, KR
Lee Yoon-Jean  1972, KR
Minjoon Park  1971, KR
Moon Kyung-Won  1969, KR
François Morellet  1926-2016, FR
Oh Yong-Seok  1976, KR
John Pai  1937, KR
Seo-Bo Park  1931, KR
PARK Hyun-Ki  1942-2000, KR
Park June Bum  1976, KR
Quac Insik  1919-1989, KR
Seund Ja Rhee  1918-2009, KR
Sung-Hy Shin  1948, KR
Thomas Struth  1954, DE
Suh Se-ok  1929, KR
Yun-Hee Toh  1961, KR
Natee Utarit  1970, TH
Bernar Venet  1941, FR
Yoo Geun Taek  1965, KR
Yun Hyong-Keun  1928, KR
Fanzhi Zeng  1964, CN
 Previous Exhibitions   277
  Solo showRyan Gander - Soft Modernism

  Solo showKim Guiline
  Solo showLee Kun-Yong - Event-Logical
  Solo showShin Sung Hy - The Surface and Behind
  Group showAfter Drawing
  Solo showSuh Se Ok
  Solo showNam June Paik - When He Was In Seoul

  Solo showKim Whanki - Line • Surface • Dot
  Solo showKijong Zin - Atheism Report
  Solo showSeung-Taek Lee - Drawing
  Solo showYun-Hee Toh - Night Blossom
  Solo showRapport Circus
  Solo showJiyoung Keem - From April to March
  Solo showKwak Duck-Jun : Timeless
  Group showKorean Abstract Painting- 45th Anniversary of Gallery Hyundai

Description Solo showDongi Lee - Zero Gravity
  Solo showLee Bae
  Solo showSeung-taek Lee - Think Reform
  Solo showKim, Sung Yoon - Dead Man
  Solo showThe presentation-to the Island
  Solo showJeon Joonho - His Niche
  Solo showChung Sang-Hwa
  Solo showInsik Quac
Description Solo showDays of dust
  Solo showBernar Venet
  Solo showYoon Jean Lee - 도시 간間
  Solo showIván Navarro - 299 792 458 m/s
  Solo showSung Ho Kim - Tableland
  Group showThe Artistic Spirits of Modern Artists on Paper

  Solo showMyoung Ho Lee - Photography-Act Project: Camera Lucida, Camera Obscura...
  Group showtele-Be
  Solo showFarhad Moshiri - My Flower
  Solo showNatee Utarit - Optimism is Ridiculous
  Solo showKim Tschang-Yeul
  Solo showKim Whanki - Works on Paper
  Solo showKim Chong Hak
  Solo showZuyoung Chung - partes extra partes
  Solo showAlice Neel - People and Places
  Solo showOH Chi Gyun - Persimmon
  Solo showIn Memory's Lair
  Solo showKim Byung Jong - Song of Life
  Solo showHaYoung Kim - Virtualium

  Group showTreescape
  Solo showKim Dong Yoo
  Group showCool Britannia
  Group showKim Tchah Sup / Kim Myong Hi
  Solo showIl Lee
  Solo showStrange Bravery
  Solo showKim Jong Hak
  Solo showWord∙image∙desire
  Solo showKim Whanki

  Solo showDukki Kim - My Home
  Solo showYiwoohwan: Dialogue
  Solo showLee Ufan: Dialogue
  Solo showEun Nim Ro: Today is the Happiest Day of My Life
  Solo showGunwoo Shin
  Group showSunshine Days
  Solo showBang Haija: Résonances De Lumière
  Solo showPark Jihyun: Betwixt
  Group showEpic of Units
  Solo showOH Chi Gyun: Persimmon
  Solo showFrançois Morellet - Senile Lines
  Solo showYun-Hee Toh - Unknown Signal
  Solo showChang Ucchin

  Solo showThomas Struth - Korea 2007-2010
  Solo showYoung-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Presents: Down In Fukuoka With The Belarusian Blues
  Solo showSarah Morris - Clips, Knots, and 1972
  Group showCollector's Favorite
  Solo showGreenHouse
  Solo showCommemorating the Life and Art of Park Soo Keun
  Solo showBaram eu ro suk ee go ddang eu ro ee eur ji go
  Solo showThe Pioneer of Korean Video Art Park, Hyun-Ki: A Retrospective
  Group show2010 In the Midst of the Korean Contemporary Art

  Group showThe Imaginary Line
  Solo showLee Kang So 1989-2009
  Solo showOh Chi Gyun
  Group showThe Great Hands
  Solo showHwang Young Sung - Ox and Family

  Solo showShim Moon-Seup - The Presentation
  Solo showAi Weiwei
  Solo showJulian Schnabel
  Solo showByung Jong KIM - The Artist on The Road

  Solo showOh Chi Gyun
  Solo showEun Nim Ro
  Solo showSEO - Between Dreams
  Solo showRömer + Römer - Sense of Life
  Solo showChung Sang Hwa
  Solo showRyoo Byung Yup
  Solo showZeng Fanzhi
  Group showBehind Innocence

  Solo showRobert Rauschenberg
  Group showMy World In Your Eyes
  Solo showJohn Pai
  Solo showHwang Young-sung - Family Story
  Solo showYim Jiksoon
  Group showAmerican Funnies
  Solo showChun Kyung-ja - 82 Pages of My Beautiful Memory

  Solo showKim Byung-Jong
  Solo showShin Sung Hy
  Solo showYi In Soo
  Group showPainting in the Edge
  Solo showBang Hai Ja
  Group showPictures
  Solo showJung-Hee Hong
  Solo showLee Dae-Won
  Group showThe 35th Anniversary Exhibition - Part 2
  Group showThe 35th Anniversary Exhibition - Part 1
  Solo showLee Wal Chong
  Group showAndreas Gursky & Thomas Struth

  Solo showRobert Indiana
  Group showKwang-Ho Cheong and Soonja Han
  Solo showHwang Kyu-Baik
  Solo showKim Tschang-Yeul
  Solo showPark Saeng-kwang
  Solo showKim chong-hak
  Solo showShim Kyoung-Ja
  Solo showEun-nim Ro
  Solo showKim Won-sook
  Solo showGunther Uecker

  Group showTradition and Innovation
  Solo showThe Ceramics of Lee Young-Jae
  Solo showYoo Young-kuk
  Solo showLee Ufan
  Group showChromatic Sensation by HERA
  Group showThree German Artists
  Solo showMyong hi Kim
  Solo showShin Soohee
  Solo showRyu Hee-Young
  Solo showKim Young-hee
  Group showPrince & Princess

  Group show7 echoes
  Solo showTchine, Yu Yeung - Where is Painting?
  Solo showPark, Young-Nam - Scenes of the Origin
  Solo showLee Young-Jae
  Solo showHermes Korea Missulang
  Solo showYi Sang-Bom
  Solo showShin Sang-Ho - Dream of Africa
  Group showFootball through Art
  Solo showPark Soo-Keun
  Solo showPark Seo-Bo
  Solo showLizzy Yoo - The Form of the Beatiful Life
  Solo showKim Sang Yu

  Solo showKim Dong Woo
  Solo showYounhee Paik - The Fifth Season
  Solo showChang Young Hae
  Solo showShin Sung Hy
  Solo showSang-Kyoon Noh
  Group showLight and Movement of the Century Abstract Art
  Solo showJu Tae-Seok - Nature Image
  Solo showUcchin Chang

  Solo showKi Chang Kim

  Group showKorean Art of 50 years
  Solo showChang Ucchin '99
  Solo showKim Whanki
  Solo showLEE Jung-Seop

  Solo showKim Chong-Hak
  Solo showYoo Youngkuk
  Solo showKim Younghee
  Solo showRyu, Hee-Young
  Solo showHwang Youngsung

  Group show25 Korean Contemporary Artists
  Solo showRO Eun-Nim
  Solo showBang Hai-Ja
  Solo showKim Tschang-Yeul
  Solo showChang Ucchin
  Solo showBernar Venet
  Solo showPark Seo-Bo - Ecriture 1967-1981
  Solo showLee Ufan
  Solo showLee Ungno

  Solo showKim Tschang-Yeul
  Solo showChung Changsup
  Solo showSuh Seok
  Solo showShim Moonseup
  Solo showYun Hyong-Keun
  Group show70s Korean Monochrome

  Solo showLee Dai-Won
  Solo showNam June Paik '95: Art And Communication
  Group showKorean Contemporary 22 Artists
  Solo showNam Kwan
  Solo showYoo Youngkuk
  Solo showByun Chong-Ha

  Solo showBernar Venet
  Solo showLee Ufan
  Solo showKim Younghee
  Solo showShin Sung-Hy
  Solo showKim Whanki
  Solo showBang Hai-Ja
  Solo showHwang Kyu-Baik

  Solo showKim Tschang-Yeul
  Solo showShim Moonseup
  Solo showKim Ki Chang
  Solo showPai John
  Solo showKim Tchah-Sup
  Group showKorean Contemporary Symbols

  Solo showChung Sang-Hwa
  Solo showKwon Youngwoo
  Solo showNam June Paik '88 - '92
  Solo showRO Eun-Nim
  Solo showChristo 92'

  Solo showRhee Seung-Ja
  Group showLee Man-Ik
  Group show25 Korean Contemporary Artists
  Solo showKim Whanki: New York 1966-69 91'
  Solo show11-20 März. 1963: Nam June Paik Exposition of Music

  Solo showHan Mook
  Solo showKim Tschang-Yeul
  Solo showLee Ufan
  Solo showShim Moonseup

  Solo showLee Dai-Won
  Solo showHwang Kyu-Baik
  Solo showSuh Seok
  Solo showChung Sang-Hwa
  Solo showKim Whanki

  Solo showPark Seo-Bo
  Solo showRaphael Soto
  Solo showNam June Paik
  Solo showNam Kwan
  Solo showHwang Kyu-Baik
  Solo showBang Hai-Ja

  Solo showLee Ufan
  Solo showSang Bong TO
  Solo showKim Tschang-Yeul
  Solo showKim Ku-Lim
  Solo showTchine, Yu-yeung 87'
  Solo showLee Manik

  Solo showChung Sang-Hwa
  Solo showShim Moonseup
  Solo showLee Dai-Won
  Solo showKwon Youngwoo
  Solo showBeuys Vox 1961-1986

  Solo showPark Soo-Keun
  Solo showHwang Kyu-Baik
  Solo showHan Mook
  Solo showKim, Sou
  Solo showRhee Seung-Ja

  Solo showSung Chae-Hyu
  Solo showLee Ufan

  Solo showYoo Young-Kyo
  Solo showLee Dai-Won
  Solo showKim Tschang-Yeul
  Solo showSang Bong TO
  Solo showChung Sanghwa
  Solo showPark, Ko-Suk
  Solo showNam Kwan

  Solo showKim Whanki
  Solo showBang Hai-Ja
  Solo showKim Inseung
  Solo showKwon Youngwoo
  Solo showQuac Insik

  Solo showRhee Seung-Ja
  Solo showPark Seo-Bo
  Solo showMarc Chagall 81'
  Solo showLee Dai-Won

  Solo showYoo Youngkuk
  Solo showChun Kyungja

  Solo showChang Ucchin
  Group showUnique Methods of 4 Korean Contemporary Artists

  Solo showLee Ufan

  Solo showRhee Seung-Ja
  Solo showPark, No-Soo
  Solo showYim, Jik-Soon
  Solo showKim Whanki

  Solo showRhee Seung-Ja
  Solo showYim Jik-Soon
  Solo showByeon, Kwan-Sik
  Solo showSang Bong TO
  Solo showSuh Seok

  Solo showChun Kyungja

  Solo showSang Bong TO
  Solo showNam Kwan
  Solo showLee Jung-Seop

  Solo showSang Bong TO
  Solo showKim In-Soong
  Solo showChang U-Sung

  Solo showSang Bong TO
  Solo showKim Ki Chang
  Solo showPark Soo-Keun
Last update: 7 June 2017
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