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Gana Art Gallery

Private Gallery
Gana Art Gallery
97 Pyungchang-Dong Jongno-gu
110-012 Seoul
South Korea
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +82 (0)2 7201020
fax +82 (0)2 3952780
Gana Art Busan
4F Novotel Ambassadors Busan, 1405-16 Jung-dong, Haeundae-gu
South Korea
city map
hotel accommodation
Gana Art New York
568 West 25th St.
New York City, NY 10001
city map
hotel accommodation
Gana Art Gang Nam
99-16 3F Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu
South Korea
city map
hotel accommodation

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Marc Quinn  545
JoŽl Shapiro  564
Vanessa Beecroft  845
Ron Arad  2454
Keith Tyson  2793

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Sufan Oh  46907 12
Seung Woo Back  4798 12
Choi Jong-tae  30994 10
Kwun Sun-Cheol  32980 8

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Pace Gallery - NY, USA 49 2
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 29 4
  Paula Cooper Gallery, USA 29 1
  John Berggruen Gallery, USA 17 1
  L.A. Louver Gallery, USA 13 1

Foundation year: 1983
 Art Fairs
ACAF NY - Asian Contemporary Art Fair (07)
AHAF - Asia Hotel Art Fair (08, 09, 11)
ARCO ARCO (06, 07, 09, 10)
The Armory Show The Armory Show (09, 10, 16)
Art Basel Art Basel (96, 97, 98)
Art Brussels Art Brussels (06)
Art Chicago (09)
Art Daegu (07)
Art Dubai (07)
Art Fair Tokyo Art Fair Tokyo (08)
Art Frankfurt (92)
Art Gwangju (10, 13)
Art Miami Art Miami (10)
Art Paris Art Fair Art Paris Art Fair (16)
Art Show Busan Art Show Busan (12, 13)
Art Stage Singapore Art Stage Singapore (12, 14, 15)
CIGE (06)
Daegu Art Fair (13)
G-SEOUL (12, 13, 14, 15)
Hong Kong Contemporary (12)
Hong Kong International Art Fair (08, 09, 10, 11, 12)
KIAF - Korea International Art Fair KIAF - Korea International Art Fair (02, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16)
Korea Galleries Art Fair (09, 11)
Korean Art Show (10, 11)
Los Angeles Art Show Los Angeles Art Show (10, 14)
PULSE Miami Beach PULSE Miami Beach (08)
Red Dot Art Fair (11)
Scope Miami Beach Scope Miami Beach (07, 08, 14)
BolognaFiere SH Contemporary (08)
Art Taipei (10, 13, 14)
TEFAF (11, 13, 15, 17)
Unseen Photo Fair (14, 15)
Ahn Sung Ha  1977
Ron Arad  1951, IL
Bae Bien-U  1950, KR
Vanessa Beecroft  1969, IT
Chon Byung Hyun  1957
Do Sung-Wook  1971
Jason Hackenwerth  
Hwang Jai-Hyoung  1952
Yong Ho Ji  1978, KR
In Sook Kim  1969, KR
Ko Young Hoon  1952, KR
Kwun Sun-Cheol  1944, KR
Lee Dong Jae  1974
Lee Jung-Woong  1963
Park Dae-Sung  1945, KR
Park Hang-Ryul  1949
Park Min-Jun  1960
Park Young-Nam  
Marc Quinn  1964, UK
Sa Suk-Won  1960
Seung Woo Back  1973, KR
JoŽl Shapiro  1941, US
Son Seock  1955, KR
Sufan Oh  1946
Taewon Jang  1976, KR
Keith Tyson  1969, UK
Yoo Young-Wun  1977
 Previous Exhibitions   309
  Solo showYoon Beom-Mo - O Yoon 30Th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition
  Solo showJung Hai-Yun - Plan B
  Solo showKim Byung-Ki - Refreshing Breeze for 100 years: Wind is Rising

  Solo showKwon Ok Yon
  Solo showShin Shin Yesun Qualifying
  Solo showKim Ju-Il - Metal And Wood
  Group showBeyond Materiality, Pursuing The Realm Of Vacancy
  Solo showKim Sou - Harmonism
  Solo showSang-Jun Roh - Blackout Scape
  Solo showWang Goeun - Play Ground
  Solo showSa Sukwon - A Moonlight Stroll In The Ancient Palaces
  Group showSung-Ha An & Seung-Woo Back
  Group showUntitled Exhibition

  Solo showLee Lee-nam
  Solo showChoi Jong-Tae - Pastel Painting: Light. Love. Delight
  Solo showLionel …stŤve - Bathing In Light
  Solo showBuncheong - Nature's Breath, The Life of Results
  Group showPhantasmagoria
  Solo showEddie Kang - In The Woods
  Solo showLing Jian - Brain And Heart
  Group showReconstruction And Recollection
  Solo showKo Young Hoon - Homage To The Being
  Solo showLee Won-Hee - The Classic
  Solo showO Syng Yoon
  Solo showJi Yong Ho
  Solo showAn Sung Ha

  Solo showChoi Wook Kyung
  Solo showKim Jipyeong - Splendid ‘Gyeol’
  Group showA Master Work

  Solo showJung Hai-Yun - Time Track
  Solo showKim Kyung-Shin
  Solo showKwon Seon Young - ONE OBJECT, VARIOUS WAYS
  Group showRichard Pettibonexroy Lichtenstein
  Solo showEmpty To Be Filled
  Solo showSeung Woo Singles
  Solo showFrolics of Dots and Colors
  Solo showMarie Kim Solo - Famous Show
  Solo showSeoul, Space I, Ii, Iii
  Solo showInfinite Joy
  Solo showColorful Journey
  Solo showLight Of The Spirit
  Solo showLim Young-sun: On The Earth: Cambodia_tibet
  Group showSpace I / Ii

  Group showPicture Is Played
  Solo showGana Contemporary4
  Group showGana Contemporary 3
  Group showPathos and Small Narratives
  Solo showDo Min: Fortune Holic
  Solo showLee Dong Jae: Text, Textured Scene
  Solo showSon Seock: L'Attente
  Solo showKim In Kyum
  Solo showDo Sung Wook: Condition-Light
  Solo showSeo Yu Ra: Soul Trip
  Solo showBae Zoo: Toy
  Solo showYoo Sun Tai
  Solo showHiroto Kitagawa: Post New Type-foresight
  Group showSeekers Of The Future Of Memories
  Solo showLee Sang Guk
  Solo showAhn Chang Hong
  Group showTriangle

  Solo showDirt To Grasp And Land To Lie On
  Solo showPark Yuna: Ecce Homo
  Group showYoo Youngkukís 1950s And The First Modernist Generation
  Solo showKatrina Chamberlin: Into The Uncanny Valley
  Solo showKwun Sun-cheol
  Solo showChon Byung Hyun: Blossom
  Solo showYi Hwan-kwon: From The Movies
  Solo showYi Yi Jeong Eun: Somebody Else's Monument
  Group showMy Art Is My World - Encounter Of The Two Worlds
  Group showThe 10th Photo Festival-after 2010
  Group showThe 10th Photo Festival - Phos+graphos
  Group showMy Room Our Atelier
  Group showMy Room Our Atelier_2
  Solo showOh Sufan: Variation
  Solo showArcadia In Mind Cultivated With Earth
  Solo showThe Paradox Of Beauty
  Group showBack To The Passion 2002
  Solo showLee Won Hee
  Solo showMayblossom
  Solo showWon Seoung Won: My Age Of Seven In 1978
  Solo showSun-tai Yoo
  Solo showSungmi Lee Behind My Door
  Group showModernism On & Off
  Solo showKim In Sook: Inside Out
  Group showHi! Mr. Lonely
  Solo showSa Suk Won: Hakuna Matata
  Group showGrand Weaver
  Solo showPark Jihyun: Incense Series: Weightlessness
  Group showSpace Perfume
  Solo showHwang Jai Hyoung
  Group showMind Drawing
  Group showUrbanization And Globalization: Korean Artists

  Solo showJung Hai Yun
  Solo showKwon Kyung Yup: Space Memory
  Solo showOh Sufan's Drawings: Time Of Lines
  Solo showInstant Landscapes
  Solo showAndy Warhol: Small Paintings
  Solo showImage Et Memoire (image And Memory)
  Solo showTomoaki Ichikawa
  Solo showVague Hazy Transparent Wavering
  Solo showThe Warm Water
  Solo showPark Hang-ryul: Reflection Of The Mind Mirror
  Group showSummer Group Exhibition
  Group showChristmas In August
  Solo showIn Between
  Solo showTransparent Reflections
  Group showWhat Is Real?
  Solo showFortune Janus
  Solo showCarnevale
  Group showChild's Hope
  Solo showEmotional Memories
  Group showFree Hug
  Group showLayered Expressions:korean Contemporary Photography And Active Anesthesia-the Black Echo
  Group showTwo-person Show
  Solo showJang Taewon: Collusion
  Group showJangja And Butterfly
  Group showTaking A Lesson From The Past, Understanding The New By Exploring The Old.
  Group showThe Garden At 4 Am
  Solo showMy Private Collection
  Solo showLee Jung-woong: Brush

  Group showWinter Collection
  Group showCollector's Eye
  Solo showLeo Wellmar: Silent Space
  Solo showOh Su Fan
  Solo showSa Suk-won: Black Rainbow
  Solo showReality+Image
  Group show3rd Bridge
  Group showThe Chart
  Group show4th Artist Mapping
  Solo showVik Muniz
  Group show3rd Artist Mapping
  Solo showLovebug
  Solo showMarc Quinn
  Solo show2nd Artist Mapping
  Solo showYoo Young-Kyo
  Group show1st Artist Mapping
  Group showReal Illusion
  Solo showRobert Combas
  Group showNatura
  Solo showMutant Mythos
  Solo showITE MISSA EST
  Solo showRon Arad
  Solo showSonamu (pine Trees)
  Solo showHa Chong Hyun
  Solo showJoel Shapiro
  Solo showPark, Suk-Won

  Solo showDirt to Grasp and Land to Lie on
  Solo showIllusion of Reality

  Group showKhaos
  Group showBae, Bien-U/Elger Esser - 6th Photo Festival

  Group showPOP pop POP

  Group showArt in Photography

  Solo showAhn Sung-keum
  Solo showChoi Jong-tae: Time Of Seventy
  Solo showQuac In-sik
  Group showYoun Yong-ja, Cha Ou-hi And Other Winners
  Solo showYoo Hyung-taek
  Solo showJheon Soo-cheon

  Solo showLee Man-ik
  Solo showAn Jong-de
  Solo showHan Ae-kyu
  Solo showKim Ku-lim
  Solo showYoun Myeung-ro
  Solo showPark Noe-soo
  Solo showKwon Young-woo
  Solo showChun Kook-kwang
  Solo showPark Dae-sung
  Solo showKim Byung-ki
  Solo showJheon Soo-cheon
  Solo showLee Wal-chong

  Solo showShin Myung-bum
  Solo showYoon Kwang-cho
  Solo showHA IN-DU
  Solo showArnaldo Pomodoro
  Solo showYoo Young-kyo
  Solo showJean Michel Wilmotte Architecture
  Solo showHong Sung-dam
  Solo showPark Young-nam
  Solo showOh Su-fan
  Solo showKim Heung-su
  Solo showLee Jong-sang
  Solo showLee Ung-no
  Solo showKim In-kyum
  Solo showKim Byung-jong: Song Of Life

  Solo showKim Chong-young Sculpture
  Solo showKo Young-Hoon
  Solo showChoi Jong-Tae
  Solo showJung Mi-Yeon
  Solo showMoon Sin
  Solo showOh Chi-Gyun
  Solo showKwon Sun-Cheol
  Solo showChoi Jong-Tae

  Solo showMarco Del Re
  Solo showKim Won-Sook
  Solo showMoon Sun-Ho
  Solo showKim Byung-Ki
  Solo showMarco del Re
  Solo showLim Ok-Sang
  Solo showLee Ung-No
  Solo showLee Wal-Chong
  Solo showOh Chi-Gyun

  Solo showLouis Cane
  Solo showPark Hee-Sun
  Solo showPark dae-Sung
  Solo showHong Soon-Mo
  Solo showLee Jong-Gu
  Solo showPark In-Kyung
  Solo showHyun Hye-Sung
  Solo showSa Suk-Won
  Solo showKwun Sun-Cheol
  Solo showGeorges Braque
  Solo showAlberto Giacometti Print Exhibition

  Solo showJeon Sang-Ho
  Solo showKenneth Noland
  Solo showOh Su-Fan
  Solo showYoo Hyung-Taek
  Solo showJean Dubuffet
  Solo showLee Il-Ho
  Solo showChilida
  Solo showSim Jung-Soo
  Group showModern and Contemporary Sculptures
  Solo showKim Nam-Young
  Solo showOh Chi-Gyun
  Solo showLim Ok-Sang
  Solo showPark Young-Nam
  Solo showMimmo Paladino

  Solo showYoon Young-Seok
  Solo showKim Byung-Jong
  Solo showLee Sang-Guk
  Solo showTom Wesselmann
  Solo showChon Byung-Hyun
  Solo showKim Foon
  Solo showJheon Soo-Cheon
  Solo showChung Sung-Woo
  Solo showHan Jin-Sub
  Solo showHan Ae-Kyu
  Solo showJoan Miro
  Solo showOh Su-Fan
  Solo showPark Dae-Sung

  Solo showGeorg Baselitz

  Solo showJung Hyun-Do
  Solo showSong Burn-Soo
  Solo showChoi Jong-Tae
  Solo showKarel Appel
  Solo showWifredo Lam
  Solo showJheon Soo-Cheon
  Solo showMiquel Barcelo
  Solo showLee Sang-Guk
  Solo showOh Su-Fan
  Solo showOh Chi-Gyun

  Solo showPark Young-Nam
  Solo showYoon Dong-Chun
  Solo showRoy Lichtenstein
  Solo showLee Jong-Sang
  Solo showHong Soon-Mo
  Solo showKim Ho-Seok
  Solo showHyun Hye-Sung
  Solo showJasper Johns
  Solo showKim Bong-Joon
  Solo showLee Sang-Guk
  Solo showHwang Jae-Hyung
  Solo showSam Francis
  Solo showChon Byung-Hyun
  Solo showLee Young-Soo
  Solo showKwun Sun-Cheol
  Solo showPark Young-Ha
  Solo showJim Dine
  Solo showKim In-Kyum
  Solo showOh Kyung-Hwan

  Solo showSim Jung-Soo
  Group showWestern Contemporary Art
  Solo showKim Byung-Ki
  Solo showHoward Kanovitz
  Solo showPark Dae-Sung
  Solo showChoi Jong-Tae
  Solo showChon Byung-Hyun
  Solo showAntoni Tapies

  Solo showPark Young-Nam
  Solo showJheon Soo-Cheon
  Solo showAn Jong-Yeon
  Solo showArman Sculpture

  Solo showHyun Hye-Sung
  Solo showKim In-Kyum
  Solo showKwun Sun-Cheol
  Solo showCesar Sculpture
  Solo showPaul Jenkins
  Solo showHan Jin-Sub
  Group showThe 5th Anniversary Exhibition Part 1
  Group showThe 5th Anniversary Exhibition Part 2
  Group show20Th Century Modern Art and Tapestry

  Solo showKang Dae-Chul
  Group showOpening Commemoration
  Group showThe 4th Anniversary Exhibition
  Group showKorean Artists in New York

  Solo showHan Chang-Jo
  Solo showLee Ja-Kyung
  Solo showChoi Jong-Tae
  Group showThe 3rd Anniversary Exhibition

  Group showWestern Modern Arts
  Solo showSchlosser
  Solo showLee Bong-Sang
  Solo showAlechinsky
  Solo showKim Whan-Ki - New York in the 60's
  Group showImpressionists and Modenr Masterpieces

  Solo showLim Dong-Lak
  Group showOpening Commemoration
  Group showModern Western Painting of 7 Artists
Last update: 26 May 2017
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