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Hakgojae Gallery

Private Gallery
Hakgojae Gallery
70 Sokyuk-Dong, Jongno-Gu
110-200 Seoul
South Korea
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hotel accommodation
tel +82 (0)2 720 1524
fax +82 (0)2 720 1527
Hakgojae Gallery
No. 101, Bldg 9, Moganshan Rd. #50 Art Zone, Putuo Dist
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hotel accommodation

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Nam June Paik  48
Günther Uecker  81
Giuseppe Penone  141
Zhang Huan  479
Lee Ufan  568

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Kang Yo-bae  32998 7
Song Hyun-Sook  13814 6
Kim Bo Hie  37422 5
SUH Yong-sun  23279 5
Chung Sang-Hwa  6659 5

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 46 7
  Gallery Hyundai, South Korea 38 6
  Kamakura Gallery, Japan 26 5
  ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Germany 25 8
  Espace de l’art concret, France 25 6

Foundation year: 1988
 Art Fairs
ACAF NY - Asian Contemporary Art Fair (07)
AHAF - Asia Hotel Art Fair (08)
Art - London’s global art fair (13, 14)
Art Asia Fair (08, 09)
Art Basel Hong Kong Art Basel Hong Kong (13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
Art Beijing (11, 15)
Art Chicago (08)
Art Dubai (09, 10)
Art Show Busan Art Show Busan (12, 13, 17)
CIGE (08)
Drawing Now Paris (10)
Frieze Masters (15)
G-SEOUL (12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Hong Kong International Art Fair (08, 09, 10, 11, 12)
KIAF - Korea International Art Fair KIAF - Korea International Art Fair (08, 09, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16)
Korea Galleries Art Fair (09, 11)
Red Dot Art Fair (11)
BolognaFiere SH Contemporary (08)
Art Taipei (13)
Chen Wenji  1954, CN
Cho Hwan  1958, KR
Chung Hyun  1956, KR
Chung Sang-Hwa  1932, KR
Ian Davenport  1966, UK
Tim Eitel  1971, DE
Bernard Frize  1954, FR
Ha Chong Hyun  1935, KR
HEO Suyoung  , KR
Hong Kyoung Tack  1968, KR
Jang Jongwan  1983, KR
Jia Youfu  1942, CN
Jin Yangping  1971, CN
Kang Yo-bae  1952, KR
Ho Deuk Kim  1950, KR
KIM Sun-doo  1958, KR
Kim Tai-Ho  1953, KR
Lee Dong Youb  1946, KR
Lee Jin-Yong  1961, KR
Lee Jong-Gu  1954, KR
Lee Ufan  1936, KR
Lee Yongbaek  1966, KR
Lim Choong Sup  1941, KR
Liuming Ma  1969, CN
Mangu Putra  1963, ID
Meekyoung Shin  1967, KR
Jin Meyerson  1972, US
Youyu Ni  1984, CN
NOH Suntag  1971, KR
Roman Opalka  1931-2011, FR, PL
Nam June Paik  1932-2006, US, KR
Giuseppe Penone  1947, IT
Qiu Anxiong  1972, CN
Jean-Pierre Raynaud  1939, FR
Shin Hak-chul  1943, KR
Song Hyun-Sook  1952, KR
SUH Yong-sun  1951, KR
Liming Tian  1955, CN
Günther Uecker  1930, DE
Qingji Wei  1971, CN
Yangachi  1970, KR
Yun Suk Nam  1939, KR
Yu Zhang  1959, CN
Zhang Huan  1965, CN
Nengzhi Zhao  1968, CN
 Previous Exhibitions   151
  Solo showSon Jang Sup: Painting As Tangible Vestige Of History
  Solo showKim Bo Hie - Becoming Nature
  Solo showOh Se-Yeol - Semiotic Metaphors

  Solo showHeo Suyoung
  Solo showHahm-Young-Jeo-Hwa - Chinese Traditional Arts and Craftworks
  Solo showHomage - In Memory of Ha Dong Chul
  Solo showKim Paik Sun
  Solo showLee Yongbaek - An Unfamiliar Path
  Group showShin Hak-Chul·fang Lijun - Monumental Body-Scapes
  Solo showGuo Wei - A Human towards Humanity
  Solo showPark Moo Seng - A Picturesque Glimpse of Minhwa
  Solo showJin Meyerson: No Direction Home
  Solo showJoo Jae Hwan - Metamorphosis in the Darkness
  Solo showMari Kim - Seti (Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)

  Solo showJung Hee Sohn - Pandora
  Group showContemporary Ink Painting
  Group showChusa Kim Jeong-hui, Woosung Kim Chong Yung
  Solo showLee Dong-youb
  Solo showSuh Yongsun. Utopia's Delay: The Painter And The Metropolis
  Solo showNam June Paik. W3

  Solo showSong Hyun-Sook - Breath And Brushstrokes
  Solo showChung Hyun
  Solo showMA Liuming
  Solo showYangachi - a Night of Burning Bone and Skin
  Solo showLightAirWater Chinese Ink Paintings by Tian Liming
  Solo showMindscape: Cho Yong Chul
  Solo showKang Yo-bae Drawings:1985 - 2014
  Solo showCho Hwan

  Solo showIn Ah Chun
  Solo showI'm not a pine tree
  Solo showEndless Frontier
  Group showThe Moment, We Awe
  Solo showToward
  Solo showKang Yo-bae
  Solo showKim Paik Sun
  Group showCollections

  Group showThe art of painting
  Solo showLee Seahyun - Plastic Garden
  Group showCynical Resistance
  Solo showKim Taiho - scape drawing
  Solo showNoh Suntag - Forgetting Machines
  Solo showYou Hyeonkyeong
  Group showThe virtue of design furniture
  Group showOrchid & Bamboo

  Group showMy Favorite Things
  Solo showTim Eitel - Place Holders
  Group showA Brushstroke
  Solo showLee Youngbin
  Solo showByoung Ok, Min - Conflating Spaces
  Solo showSuh Yongsun - Politics of Gaze
  Solo showBoomoon - Sansu&naksu

  Solo showYoon Hyanglan
  Solo showZhang Huan
  Group showSpring and Autumn
  Group showIntuition
  Solo showRan Hwnag
  Solo showHan Ki-chang
  Solo showChoong Sup, Lim
  Group showColorless Colors
  Solo showAhn Jongyuen - Groove of Time

  Group showSaca-soul Of Asian Contemporary Art
  Solo showLee Leenam
  Solo showFré Ilgen - Soaring Calm And Free
  Solo showKim Dong-yeon - Beautiful Fear
  Solo showSuk Chul-joo
  Solo showKim Chung Jung - within lights
  Group showAlogon Affair
  Solo showLee Jong-gu
  Solo showBernard Frize
  Solo showYun Suk-nam

  Solo showShim Moon-seup - The presentation
  Solo showSong Hyun-sook - Breath and Brushstrokes
  Solo showChung Hyun
  Solo showLee Bae
  Solo showYin Qi
  Solo showKim Ho-deuk
  Solo showKang Kyung-koo
  Solo showJean-Pierre Raynaud
  Solo showChoi In-sun
  Solo showLee Dong-youb
  Group showSensitive Systems
  Solo showIan Davenport
  Solo showKang Yo-bae
  Solo showLee Hyo-sung - PAYSAGE

  Solo showChung Sang-hwa - PROCESS
  Solo showChen Wenji - Mentality
  Group showBetween the Lines
  Solo showPark Hyang-sook - Landscape in the Diary
  Solo showPark Sung-sil - Dialogue with Nature
  Solo showHan Ki-chang - Compounded Landscape
  Solo showKwon Ki-Yoon - Snow Scene Arithmetic
  Solo showLee Bae
  Solo showMoon Bong-sun
  Group showHuman Ability

  Solo showSong Hyun-sook - Breath and Brushstroke
  Solo showKim Young-taek - Journey of Pen and Ink Drawings
  Solo showJia Youfu
  Solo showKim Bo-hie - In Between
  Solo showKang Yo-bae - Time when it soaks into the ground
  Solo showLee Ho-shin - Did I see a India

  Solo showShim Hyun-Hee - Flowers And Butterflies
  Solo showKim He-ryun
  Solo showGosan Kim Jeong-ho
  Solo showSuk Chul-joo - Draw dreams
  Solo showChung Kyung-ja - The sound of Spring
  Solo showKim Ji-ha's Dalma show

  Solo showKang Kyung-koo - Waterway
  Group showResonance: an Aesthetics of Korea
  Solo showKim Sun-doo
  Solo showHong Sung-dam - Flower of Avatar
  Solo showSong Phil-yong
  Solo showKim Young-taek
  Solo showKim Joo-ho - Looking into the World
  Solo showKim Kyong-in

  Solo showKang Mi-sun - Landscape of Everydaylife
  Solo showLee Jong-gu - National Land
  Solo showKang Yo-bae
  Solo showSong Hyun-sook

  Solo showShim Hyun-hee
  Solo showJung Jong-mee
  Group showVitality
  Solo showKoh Myung-keun - Dreaming of Building
  Solo showHong Sung-do

  Solo showKang Seung-hee
  Solo showKang Kyung-koo
  Solo showSuk Chul-joo
  Solo showLee Young-ja - Mapping with Edibles
  Solo showLee Ho-shin - True Landscape of Buddhist Temples

  Solo showLee Chul-su - What a nice Day
  Solo showKim Sun-doo
  Solo showKim Seuk's Sculpture exhibition
  Solo showKim Bo-hie - Landscape of Meetiong and Parting
  Solo showKang Mi-sun - A Landscape of Heart
  Solo showSong Phil-yong - Kuemkang Mountain
  Solo showKim He-ryun - Pathway Leading to a Beach

  Solo showKwon Ki-yoon - Sunlight and Wind, Mountain and Water of Andong
  Solo showKang Yo-bae - Kuemkang Mountain
  Solo showKang Ik-joong - 100,000 Dreams
  Solo showLee Soo-hong - INSIDE OUTSIDE INTERSIDE
  Solo showMin Joung-ki
  Solo showMoon Bong-sun - Seomjingang, a Thousand Miles’ Journey along the
  Solo showKim Whei-ja

  Solo showLee Ho-shin - Yearning for the Forest

  Group showMinimal paintings as a landscape
  Solo showYun Suk-nam - The Sowing seed of a Light
  Solo showKim Won-sook - The happiness which empties

  Solo showKang Ik-joong
  Solo showMoon Bong-sun - Seolaksan
  Solo showOH Ryun - Neighborhood person world person
  Solo showAhn Kyu-chul

  Group showHong Sung-il / Oum Jeong-soon / Lee Jun-young
Last update: 31 May 2017
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