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Institute of Modern Art (IMA)

Non-profit organization
Institute of Modern Art (IMA)
Brunswick Street 420
Fortitude Brisbane, QLD
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +61 7-3252-5750
fax +61 7-3252-5072
Opening hours:
Tu, We  12:00-18:00
Th  12:00-20:00
Fr, Sa  12:00-18:00

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Robert MacPherson  8682 13
Scott Redford  11502 10
Luke Roberts  20068 9
Janet Burchill  16193 8
Peter Tyndall  13022 8

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Australia 397 81
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 372 103
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 207 17
  Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Australia 151 202
  Gertrude Contemporary, Australia 145 156

Foundation year: 1975
 Previous Exhibitions   409
  Solo showLimits to Growth
  Solo showMaryam Jafri
  Solo showLuke Willis Thompson
Description Group showFrontier Imaginaries - No Longer At Ease
  Solo showDaniel Boyd
  Solo showRana Hamadeh

  Solo showGordon Bennett: Be Polite
  Solo showSlavs and Tatars: Mirrors for Princes
  Solo showPatrick Staff: The Foundation
  Solo showDale Harding: White Collared
  Group showImaginary Accord

Description Solo showHito Steyerl: Too Much World
  Solo showMierle Laderman Ukeles, Maintenance Art Works 1969–1980
  Solo showSarah Browne, Hand to Mouth
  Solo showStuart Ringholt - Kraft
  Solo showGary Carlsey - Sciencefictive
  Group showThe Working Life
Description Solo showKerry Tribe: There Will Be ________
  Solo showEmbedded: Craig Walsh

  Group showAnita Holtsclaw And Ruth Mcconchie Fresh Cut 2013: Part 2
Description Group showPlaytime
  Solo showSimon Starling - In Speculum
  Solo showThomas Hirschhorn - Touching Reality
  Solo showChicks on Speed - Scream
  Group showJoseph Breikers and Caitlin Franzmann - Fresh Cut 2013 Part I
  Solo showOlaf Breuning: Home 3
  Solo showJudy Millar: Be Do Be Do Be Do
  Solo showGregory Crewdson - In a Lonely Place
  Solo showLuke Fowler - All Divided Selves

  Solo showShane Cotton - The Hanging Sky
  Solo showAngelica Mesiti - Rapture (Silent Anthem)
  Solo showPeter Cripps - Endless Space
  Solo showCarolee Schneemann - Meat Joy
  Solo showSteve Carr At Ima@ksubi
  Solo showMarco Fusinato - The Color of the Sky Has Melted
  Solo showStuart Ringholt At Ima@ksubi
  Group showFresh Cut 2012
  Solo showDouglas Gordon - Left Is Right and Right Is Wrong . . .
  Solo showGabrielle De Vietri At Ima@ksubi
  Solo showDaniel Mckewen At Ima@ksubi
  Group showDaydream Believers
  Solo showOlaf Breuning At Ima@ksubi
  Solo showMikala Dwyer: Drawing Down the Moon
  Solo showRichard Phillips: Lindsay Lohan
  Solo showRebecca Baumann

  Solo showRobin Hungerford
  Solo showDiana Thater - Chernobyl
  Solo showTobias Zielony - Le Vele di Scampia
  Solo showJustene Williams
Description Solo showPeter Madden
  Solo showPeter Alwast - Future Perfect
  Solo showGonkar Gyatso - Three Realms
  Solo showPeter Roehr - Montage Films
  Solo showRodney Glick
  Solo showDamiano Bertoli
  Solo showKohei Yoshiyuki - The Park
  Solo showYang Fudong
  Solo showGrant Stevens
  Solo showPeter Kennedy - Light Years 1970–1
  Solo showRoman Signer - Floating in a Box
Description and image Group showLet the Healing Begin

  Solo showAlphaStation/Alphaville
  Solo showChronicles of the New Human Organism
  Solo showNollywood
  Solo showThe Cell
  Solo showChristian Marclay: Looking for Love
  Group showBrisbane Airport Fresh Cut 2010
  Solo showUncured
  Solo showShaun Gladwell - MADDESTMAXIMVS: Planet and Stars Sequence
  Group showScott Redford versus Michael Zavros
  Solo showSemiconductor - Brilliant Noise
  Solo showPeter Madden - Come Together
  Solo showKen Jacobs - Ontic Antics 2006–9
Description Group showFeminism Never Happened
  Solo showMarina Abramovic: Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful

Description Group showMirror Mirror: Then and Now
  Solo showTaryn Simon - An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar
  Solo showThe Declaration of Resemblance and Fluid Insurgent
  Solo showTamar Guimaraes - A Man Called Love
  Solo showPeter Robinson - Polymer Monoliths
  Solo showMONO7 - Francisco López
  Group showBrisbane Airport Fresh Cut 2009: Aaron Burton, Sarah Byrne, Tim Kerr, and Hiromi Tango
  Solo showLincoln Austin: Field of Vision
Description and image Solo showCao Fei: Utopia
  Group showThe Same River Twice: Part 2
Description and image Group showDorothy Napangardi / John Reynolds

  Group showThe Same River Twice Part 1
  Solo showThe Humanity Of Abstract Painting
  Group showThe New Fresh Cut
  Solo showMikala Dwyer
  Solo showJemima Wyman
Description Solo showArtur Zmijewski
  Solo showAi Weiwei - Fairytale
  Solo showRose Nolan - Why Do We Do The Things We Do
Description and image Solo showJohan Grimonprez - Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y
  Group showDaniel Crooks and Jae Hoon Lee
  Solo showGrant Stevens - No Bad Days
  Solo showSimon Obarzanek: 80 Faces
  Solo showDane Mitchell
  Solo showJacky Redgate - Visions From Her Bed
  Solo showRobert Smithson: Spiral Jetty
  Group showThe brisbane sound

  Solo showRobert MacPherson
  Solo showVernon Ah Kee
  Solo showJeremy Hynes - Performances
  Solo showPhilip Brophy - Vox And Fluorescent
  Solo showPat Brassington - Cambridge Road
  Solo showFischli/Weiss - The Way Things Go
  Group showMono4: Fractions Of Frequencies
  Group showGrey Water
  Group showMono3: Yours From The Field
  Solo showJames Angus
  Solo showMike Parr - Early Performances On Video
  Solo showBill Henson
  Solo showChris Marker - Owls At Noon Prelude: The Hollow Men
  Solo showGavin Hipkins - The Field (Part 2)
  Group showFresh Cut 2007
  Solo showYvonne Todd - Blood, In Its Various Forms (incorporating Meat & Liquor)
  Group showRuti Sela and Maayan Amir - Beyond Guilt: The Trilogy
  Group showDouglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno - Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait

  Solo showScott Redford - Bricks Are Heavy
  Solo showHany Armanious - Morphic Resonance
  Solo showRichard Bell - Positivity
  Group showJulia Gorman and Emily Floyd - The New Silhouette
  Solo showArtur Zmijewski - Game Of Tag
Description Solo showOlaf Breuning - Home
  Solo showSandra Selig - Circuit
  Solo showShirin Neshat - Tooba
  Solo showet al. - the second of the ordinary practices
  Solo showEugene Carchesio - Everything Takes Time / Time Takes Everything
  Solo showJohn Gillies: Video Work
  Solo showJae Hoon Lee: A Leaf
  Solo showMatthew Barney: Drawing Restraint 9 and The Cremaster Cycle
  Solo showLuke Roberts: You Are Not Alone
  Group showMirror Worlds - New video art from Asia
  Solo showAES+F - King of the Forest
  Group showFresh Cut 2006

  Group showLonnie Hutchinson, Rueben Patterson, Sam Tupou
  Solo showVoices Behind Glass
  Solo showSharon Green
  Solo showSpeaking The World Into Existence
  Solo showGia Mitchell: The Rapture
  Solo showBen Morieson: Burnout
  Solo showFlashPlanet2005 & Cities Through Glass
  Solo showThe Shadowers
  Solo showCrop
  Group showJudy Watson and Liza Lim Glass House Mountains
  Group showShoosh!: A History of the Campfire Group
  Solo showTakin’ a Shot - Brendan Lee
  Group showThree Colours - Gordon Bennett and Peter Robinson
  Group showLonnie Hutchinson, Jenny Fraser and Djon Mundine screening
  Group showRelational Aesthetics Symposium
  Solo showTracey Moffatt: Adventure Series and Love
  Solo showZhang Peili: Actor’s Line and Last Words
  Solo showShaun Gladwell: Various Rolls
  Group showFresh Cut 2005

  Solo showWeapons on the Wall
Description Group showNew Qld Photomedia Works
  Group showAntirealismos: Spanish Photomedia Now
Description Group showIMA/Ssamzie Space residency/exchange project
Description Group showPost Contemporary Painting
Description and image Solo showJudy Watson 1989 – 2002: sacred ground beating heart:
Description and image Group showFresh Cut 2004

Description Solo show4.30 Weekdays / Roderick Bunter
Description and image Solo showcloaked / Judith Kentish
Description and image Solo showEverything I wanted / Michael Zavros
Description and image Solo showit’s a complex world / Sarah Ryan
Description and image Solo showdead finks don’t talk / Gina Tornatore
Description and image Solo showCollective Dwelling XI: Lucy Orta
Description and image Group showGulliver
  Group showThe Shangri-La Collective

  Group showWhat John Berger Saw

  Group showOdyssey

  Solo showGerold Miller

  Group show25 Years of Performance Art in Australia

  Group showPolimaterismo: Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine
  Group showYou Are Here: Gay Art in the U.K.: Past, Present and Future
  Solo showThe Wisdom of the Eye
  Solo showJustine & Juliette (The Reinventions of Love) and Other Silences
  Solo showPalace Perfume Proceeds by Analogy: Corner Strategy
  Solo showNine Frog Poems, Nine Skies, Nine Airs for B.A. 1990–92
  Solo showCanary Tops and Dog Roses
  Group showInterrupted Dialogue: Revisions: Contemporary Hungarian Art
  Solo showAboriginal Crisis Live
  Solo showNike Savvas - Communique
  Solo showWie So Primitiv, Wie So Sensibel
  Group showBut Never by Chance
  Solo showPainting is Constructed
  Group showCorner Strategy
  Group showWho Do You Take Me For?
  Solo showKakaoke
  Group showStatic—Design for Interiors
  Group showPortrait of Blue Funk Stranger Still

  Solo showThe Disaster Writes Itself—More
  Group showDust Knights in Shining Amour—Part II (Maiden's Revenge)
  Group showFuel
  Group showSecond Language
  Group showDis/Place
  Solo showAcquiesce
  Solo showFaraway
  Solo showFrom Tokyo
  Group showProduction
  Group showChoke—Hold
  Solo showSilence=Death
  Solo showGreen and Black
  Group showSecond Order Discourse
  Group showChiliasm
  Solo showPangaea: The Eye of the Wind
  Group showEntropy
  Solo showOnoffonoffonoff (Circuit)
  Solo showPriceless
  Group showAgainst Pure War
  Group showWho's Sorry Now?
  Solo showMachine-For-Contacting-the-Dead
  Solo showEdge of Reality

  Solo showPsycho (d)rama
  Solo showHow to Discipline a Tree
  Solo showMorbid Moral Sober
  Solo showTalking Cure
  Solo showGround Work
  Group showAbove the Apothecary
  Group showHome and Away: Continuum and Details
  Group showCommunicating Vessels
  Solo showTableaux: A.A.R. (Alain Vigieur)
  Solo showSpace One
  Solo showSomething More
  Group showBalance of Trade Figures
  Solo showTurning the Circle Within
  Solo showEvolution
  Solo showThe True Wheel
  Group showFluxus!
  Group showStrange Harmony of Contrasts
  Solo showStephen Bram
  Solo showPaintings 1989
  Group showReal Art
  Solo show187 Works for the Peoples of Spiritual Revolution

  Solo showPost-Historical Dimension: The Sky of the South Hemisphere
  Group showThe New Naturalism
  Group showInhibodress 1970–72
  Solo showChinoiserie Landscape
  Solo showTwenty Frog Poems: Distant Thunder (A Memorium) For D.M. 1987–1989
  Solo showPerspectives for Conscious Alterations in Everyday Life
  Group showSalle de Reconnaissance
  Group showRest de Kreatur
  Solo showPaintings and Objects
  Solo showBetween Delusions

  Solo showHonni soit qui mal y pense
  Solo showPrediction Piece 6: Pipe Dreaming Installation 2
  Solo showSource Materials, Doodles 1974-87
  Group showInside the White Cube
  Solo showMaria Kozic
  Group showFortune
  Group show(I)magical Poetics
  Solo showA Warring Peace, a Sweet Wound, a Mild Evil
  Group showHistory
  Group showQuartet: Four Melbourne Artists

  Solo showOverlooking Nice Harbour
  Solo showUntitled 1983–84
  Solo showPainting History
  Solo showPainting 1981–1987
  Solo showAnother Periphery: Seventeen Mail Paintings from Chile
  Group showLines of Force
  Solo showConducting Bodies (2)
  Solo showPhotographs from Rocklife Plus an Allegory
  Group showThe Shadow of Reason
  Solo showOvermind
  Solo showExpression
  Solo showRobert Hunter

  Group showThe Gothic: Perversity and its Pleasure
  Group showQ Space + Q Space Annex 1980–81
  Solo showPaintings 1985-1986
  Solo showThe Soft Pillow of Doubt
  Group showPast and Present
  Solo showTen Famous Feelings for Men and Tower Hill
  Solo showLanguish Tim Johnson; Catch it on the Wing
  Solo showLove + Pride
  Solo showGary Warner
  Solo showRobert Mapplethorpe
  Group showYoung Contemporaries

  Solo showMelbourne Vision
  Solo showPeripheral Focus (Established)
  Solo showRed Life Passage Piece
  Solo showA Person Looks At A Work Of Art/someone looks at something . . .
  Solo showTasmanian Wolf at the Eis-Cafe and Gleisdreieck
  Solo showRobert MacPherson Survey Exhibition
  Solo showDrawing from the Barricades
  Group showIMA/George Paton Exchange Exhibition
  Group showThe Politics of Picturing Peter Burgess
  Group showRecession Art and Other Strategies
  Group showBrisbane Hot

  Group showShow No Cowardice
  Solo showRuth Propsting
  Solo showDale Frank
  Solo showDick Watkins
  Solo showMagnetic Seizure
  Solo showMandy Martin
  Group showMediations
  Group showRites of Delay
  Solo showRasa Todosijevic
  Group showOne Flat Exhibit

  Solo showStills and Performance
  Solo showHomage to Degas
  Solo showImages of a Green Man
  Solo showMike Parr
  Group showMinimalism x Six
  Group showHenri Chopin, Barry McCallion
  Group showChris Downie, Dian Lloyd, Franco Marinelli, Murray Overheu
  Group showKevin Sheehan, John Lethbridge
  Group showThe Collage Show by 10 Artists

  Solo showMona Ryder
  Solo showRecent Prints
  Group showLisa Anderson, Julide Dellal, Craig Roger, Paul Saint
  Solo showGary Wills
  Solo showLuke Roberts
  Group showCarol Conde, Karl Beveridge
  Group showMaryrose Sinn, Rose McGreevy
  Solo showHilary Boscott
  Solo showElizabeth Gower
  Solo showJohn Nixon
  Solo showImants Tillers

  Solo showA Person on Film Signaling to Someone in Painting
  Solo showAdrian Hall
  Solo showKevin Mortensen
  Solo showWhyalla: Not a Document 1977–1981
  Solo showFragments from City Life
  Solo showNovember Eleven: An Australian History—Installation No. 2: A Work in Progress
  Solo showJohn Dunkley-Smith
  Solo showWall Painting (Muzak Mural)
  Solo showMike Parr
  Solo showBonita Ely
  Solo showTony Coleing
  Solo showRichard Dunn

  Solo showWilliam T. Wiley
  Solo showNovember Eleven and Selected Works 1964–78
  Solo showTen Constructive Paintings 1940–50
  Solo showRobert Jacks
  Solo showGunter Christmann
  Solo showTi Parks
  Solo showJohn Davis
  Solo showJohn Dunkley-Smith
  Solo showVirginia Coventry
  Solo showSix Paintings 1970–80
  Solo showImants Tillers
  Solo showPhotographic/Structural/Analysis
  Solo showScreaming Teens Mob Paintings
  Solo showRobert MacPherson

  Solo showTwo Rooms
  Solo showFour and a Half Months in the North
  Solo showA Recent Work
  Solo showUrban/Rural Warehouse
  Solo showRetrospective Exhibition
  Solo showPain Melts
  Solo showElectronic Pencils XVII
  Solo showPhotographs and Props 1971–78
  Solo showEight Works
  Solo showDunlop
  Solo showThe Wind My Home
  Solo showGiven the Room
  Solo showCycles and Directions 1935–1975
  Solo showTwo Works
  Solo showDocumentary Cartoons
  Solo showChoice
  Solo showHeuristic Models and Other Works 1976–79

  Solo showRecent Paintings
  Group showFundamental Minimalism / Four New York Artists
  Group showCarl Andre, Robert Hunter
  Solo showState Your Aim/Set Your Sights/Make Your Mark
  Solo showImages
  Solo showNational Art: A Simplistic View: Queensland Series
  Solo showSculptures 1971–77
  Solo showRecent Sculpture 1977–78
  Solo showPeanuts: Installations and Performances
  Solo showPhotographs
  Solo showRecent Drawings on Themes from Samuel Beckett
  Group showContemporary Canadian Painters
  Solo showTen Works 1970–77

  Solo showPaintings 1963–1977
  Group showEight Artists from British Columbia
  Solo showDon Celender
  Solo showTwenty Photographic Pictures
  Solo showThree Works / Three Weeks
  Solo showWorks on Paper
  Solo showLes Kossatz
  Solo showTwenty Recent Drawings
  Solo showPaintings and Drawings
  Solo showWorkings
  Group showIllusion and Reality
  Solo showPaintings on Slate 1941–42 and New Drawings 1977
  Solo showNine Large Drawings
  Solo showA New Work
  Group showTwo Melbourne Painters
  Solo showFormal Seduction
  Solo showA Subway Work

  Solo showPaintings, Drawings, Sculpture
  Solo showA Piece for Slides, Tape-Recorder, Silver Screen
  Solo showJohn Baldessari
  Solo showPaintings and Drawings
  Group showFive New Zealand Printmakers
  Solo showFour Art Objects
  Solo showPhotographs and Anti-Photographs
  Solo showCloudy at Times
  Solo showNotes for Oedipus
  Solo showA Work for Wool, Fluorotubes, and Open Door
  Solo showEverybody Should Get Stones
  Group showA Tribute to Two Naive Painters

  Solo showVivienne Pengilley
  Solo showBanners and Heraldry
  Solo showRobert MacPherson
  Solo showJohn Olsen
Last update: 27 October 2016
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