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Missoula Art Museum MAM

Public Institution
Missoula Art Museum MAM
North Pattee
Missoula, MT 59802
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 (0)406 728-0447
fax +1 (0)406 543-8691
Opening hours:
Mo, Tu, We, Fr, Sa  10:00-15:00
Th  10:00-19:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Lorna Simpson  281
Yasumasa Morimura  483
Jacob Lawrence  854
Judy Chicago  1600
Wood & Harrison  1702

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Nancy Erickson  94114 16
Lela Autio  64299 15
Rudy Autio  46555 14
Sheila Miles  97380 13

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 66 18
  Whitney Museum of American Art, USA 36 10
  Gail Severn Gallery, USA 32 1
  MoMA PS1, USA 28 9
  Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH), USA 25 14

Foundation year: 1987
Director(s): Laura Millin (Executive Director)
Mark Abrahamson  1944, US
Neal Ambrose-Smith  
Wesley Anderegg  
Richard Anuszkiewicz  1930, US
Anne Appleby  1954, US
Louis Archambault  1915-2003, CA
Aden Arnold  
Lela Autio  1927-2016, US
Rudy Autio  1926-2007, US
James Bailey  
Tu Baixiong  
Susan Barnes  
Will Barnet  1911-2012, US
Dwight Billedeaux  
Maxine Blackmer  
Melissa Bob  
Power Boothe  1945, US
Dean & Sam Borchers  
Richard Buswell  1945
Freeman Butts  
Damian Charette  
Russell Chatham  1939, US
Judy Chicago  1939, US
Dale Chihuly  1941, US
Corwin Clairmont  
Jason Elliot Clark  
Michael Crummett  
James Del Grosso  1941, US
James Dew  
Gennie DeWeese  
Ruth Eckstein  -1997, DE
Nancy Erickson  , US
Joe Feddersen  1953, US
Stephanie J. Frostad  
Helen Gilbert  
Bev Glueckert  
George Gogas  
John Goodyear  1930, US
Kristi Hager  
Edgar Heap of Birds  1954, US
Jeneese Hilton  
Walter Hook  1919-1989, US
John Hooton  
Kate Hunt  1956
Ward Jackson  1928-2004, US
G. Peter Jemison  1945, US
James Juszczyk  1943, US
Marthe Keller  1948, US
Jane V. Kies  
Patrick Kikut  , US
Peter Koch  1958
Kathryn Kress  
Carolyn Krieg  1953, US
Peter M. Kurinsky  
Ibram Lassaw  1913-2003, US
Jacob Lawrence  1917-2000, US
Dirk Lee  
Ken Little  1948, US
Beth Lo  1949, US
Truman Lowe  1944, US
Jennifer Lowrey  
James Luna  1950, US
Katinka Mann  
Mario Martinez  
Clement Meadmore  1929-2005, AU
Marvin Messing  , US
Sheila Miles  
Wes Mills  1960, US
Richard Mock  1944-2006, US
Yasumasa Morimura  1951, JP
William Morris  1834-1896, UK
Ramon Murillo  
Molly Murphy  
Heidi Oberheide  
Gertrude O'Brady  1901-1983, US
Neil Parsons  1938, US
Ron Paulick  
Edgar Samual Paxson  1852-1919, US
Ernie Pepion  
Lillian Pitt  
Lucio Pozzi  1935, IT
Leo Rabkin  1919-2015, US
Jerome Rankin  
Jerry Rankin  
David Regan  
Lisa Reihana  1964, NZ
Beatrice Riese  1917-2004, US
Tom Rippon  1954, US
Jay Rummel  
Michael Sarich  1955
Italo Scanga  1932-2001, US
Miriam Schapiro  1923-2015, CA
Fritz Scholder  1937-2005, US
Frances Senska  
David Shaner  1934, US
Lorna Simpson  1960, US
Preston Singletary  1963, US
Paul Slaton  
Duane Slick  1961, US
John Smart  1740-1811, UK
Jaune Quick-To-See Smith  1940, US
Kay Smith  , US
Paul Soldner  1921-2011, US
Bentley Spang  
Louis Stettner  1922-2016, US
Branson Stevenson  
Bill Stockton  1921
Peter Stroud  1921, UK
James G. Todd  1937, US
Gail Tremblay  1945, US
Marc Vischer  
Don Voisine  1952, US
Peter Voulkos  1924-2002, US
Theodore Waddell  1941, US
Roger Walker  1950, US
Kay WalkingStick  1935, US
Cathy Weber  
Kurt Weiser  1950, US
Stephen Westfall  1953, US
Emmi Whitehorse  1957, US
Wood & Harrison  UK
Peter Wullimann  1941, CH
John Yau  
Melanie Yazzie  1966, US
Lulu Yee  
 Previous Exhibitions   421
  Solo showJeneese Hilton: Raven Reviewing Modern
  Solo showRenée Brown: Profusion
  Solo showTheo Ellsworth: Thought Clouds

  Solo showPat Zentz: Trio
  Solo showElizabeth Dove: Corpus of the Unknowable
  Solo showKate Hunt: Recent Works
  Solo showEdgar Paxson - Murals
  Solo showBill Ohrmann - Tainted Revelations
  Solo showMelanie Yazzie - Blessingway
  Solo showChris Autio - Hands On
  Group showAn Art Sampling
  Solo showAlison Reintjes - DoubleColumn
  Solo showKaren Goulet - Debwe
  Group showUnder Pressure
  Solo showPatricia Thornton - Misfits, Monsters, and Pretty Things - Daydreams and Dalliances

  Solo showLouise Lamontagne - My Closet Collection
  Solo showJared Shear - Cougar Peak-A-Boo
  Solo showDonna H. Gans - It's What You Don't See
  Solo showJay Schmidt - Warning Shots
  Solo showJane Waggoner Deschner - Often, All That Remains
  Group showWords In Mam's Contemporary American Indian Art Collection
  Solo showThe Gathering
  Group showRecent Acquisitions Exhibition
  Group showA Printing Primer
  Solo showHamish Fulton
  Solo showBlindsided
  Solo show41st Benefit Art Auction Exhibition

  Solo showRattlebone
  Solo showEvanescent
  Solo showCommons
  Group showSelected Works from the Susan and Roy O'Connor Collection
  Solo showLois Conner
  Solo showA Night Out with M. Scott Miller
  Solo showShalene Valenzuela
  Group showWhat is a Broadside?
  Solo showDwayne Wilcox: Above the Fruited Plains
  Group showMontana Triennial: 2012
  Group showPurple: Selections From Mam Collections
  Solo showDoug Russell: Confluences
  Solo showJames Lavadour: Horse Stories
  Group showMAM's 40th Benefit Art Auction Exhibition

  Solo showRick Bartow ~ Dogs Journey: A 20 Year Survey
  Solo showHaddon Hufford: Silversmith
  Solo showAnsel Adams: A Legacy
  Group showMAM Collections: The Parade Route
  Solo showWillem Volkersz: Childhood (Lost)
  Solo showAlva Gene Dexhimer: Missouri Maverick
  Solo showThe Lost Journals of Sacajawea: Debra Magpie Earling with Photo-Interventions by Peter Rutledge Koch
  Solo showCity in Shadows: Andy Smetanka
  Solo showWendy Red Star: My Home is Where My Tipi Sits (Crow Country) 5
  Solo showPat Hoffman: Polar Opposites
  Group showExpressing Montana
  Group showPersistence in Clay: Contemporary Ceramics in Montana
  Group showMAM Collections: Video Artists Holly Andres, Grace Carter, And Gerd Aurell
  Group showMAM Collections: Northwest Narratives
  Group showMAM Collections: Jill Brody And Lucy Capehart
  Group showRecent Acquisitions to the Contemporary American Indian Art Collection
  Solo showAndy Smetanka: City in Shadows
  Solo showCathryn Mallory: Levitate/Gravitate
  Solo showPhoebe Toland: High Impact
  Solo showMarvie Redmond: Skyscapes
  Group showMAM's 39th Benefit Art Auction Exhibition

  Solo showClarice Dreyer: Bird on a Limb
  Solo showBranson Stevenson: A Short Gleam
  Solo showJim Poor: New Works, Exploring a Visual Vocabulary
  Solo showSteve Muhs: I Have A Coffee Table
  Solo showMichael Sarich: Hush & Babel
  Solo showAngela Babby: Wolakota
  Solo showSnippets from the Bright and from the Shade: The Camera Work of David J. Spear
  Group showDrawings From The MAM Collections By Painters & Sculptors
  Solo showA Road Runs Through It
  Group showBehind the Vault Doors
  Solo showJoshua Meier: The Parables (and other impossible events)
  Solo showPeter Keefer: Images of the Great War
  Solo showKevin Red Star
  Solo showCrack & Warp Column: David Nash
  Solo showMarilyn Lysohir: Good Girls1968
  Solo showTom Foolery: The Vendorama Series
  Solo showGriff Williams: It Is Not Down in Any Map; True Places Never Are
  Group showVariations in Portraiture
  Solo showJames Todd: Portraits of Printmakers
  Group showBenefit Art Auction Exhibition

  Group showVariations in Portraiture
  Solo showWorks By Lulu Yee From The Mam Collections
  Solo showDonna Loos: Silhouette Series
  Solo showPaul Harris: The Shut-In Suite
  Solo showRoger Shimomura: Minidoka on My Mind
  Solo showScott Fife: Big Trouble - The Idaho Project
  Solo showTeresa Tamura - Made in Minidoka: The Incarceration of Japanese Americans in Idaho
  Solo showFamily Gifts: Works by Freeman Butts
  Solo showAnne Appleby: Here We Are
  Solo showAlexia Beckerling: Helmville
  Group showMissoula Art Museum's 2009 Montana Triennial
  Solo showkerri rosenstein
  Solo showMarie Watt: Heirloom
  Solo showA Snowman Cares for our Memory of Water: M.A. Papanek-Miller
  Solo showSign Language: The Pop Art of Sister Corita
  Solo showEngaged Abstraction: John Armstrong Recent Works
  Solo showPrints from the Armstrong-Prior Studio
  Group show37th Benefit Art Auction

  Group showTina Hoggatt and Jeffry Mitchell: Shiny, Happy, Pretty
  Group showElk Dogs
  Solo showSteven R. Holloway: Following the Sense of Water
  Group showThe Wide Open
  Group showPersian Visions: Contemporary Photography from Iran
  Solo showOur Familiar: Animal Myth And Reality In The Mam Collections
  Solo showGaylen Hansen: Three Decades of Painting
  Solo showJulia Becker: Root Orbit ~ Where the Spirit Meets the Bone
  Solo showJoe Feddersen: Vital Signs
  Group showEncaustic Invitational
  Solo showKaty Stone: A Season Swirling (Unfurling)
  Solo showChris McElroy: Archetypal Subversion
  Solo showMolly Murphy: Reservations Required
  Solo showFollowing the Rhythms of Life: The Ceramic Art of David Shaner
  Solo showA Week in the Life of a Hutterite Child
  Solo showThe Boy Who Would be Czar: The Art of Prince Andrew Romanoff
  Solo showHolly Andres: Short Street Series

  Solo showCorwin Clairmont: Yellowstone Pipeline Series Revisited and New Works
  Solo showGeorge Gogas: New Paintings
  Group showDeep Play: Joyful Revelry and Subversive Whimsy in the MAM Collections
  Solo showHolly Andres: Short Street Series
  Solo showElizabeth Dove
  Solo showCrime & Crisis: Stan Healy Photographs In The Mam Collection
  Group showCrash. Pause. Rewind.
  Group showMigrations
  Solo showLinda Stoudt, Grounded
  Solo showGlowing: Peter Wulliman Wood Engravings
  Solo showIn Memoriam: Rudy Autio, October 8, 1926 - June 20, 2007
  Group showGOATSILK - Portraits From An Ark
  Solo showFaith Ringgold
  Solo showBrad Allen - LooM
  Solo showBently Spang - New American Relics: The Sacred and the Mundane
  Solo showBlake Haygood
  Group showWomen Beyond Borders
  Group showUnwrapped II: New Gifts to the Permanent Collection
  Group showThe Figure: Selections From The Mam Collection
  Group showNative Identity in Flux
  Solo showSuzy Holt: Burnt Gulch Revelations
  Solo showStephanie Bacon - Languaje Streams and Eddies
  Group showContemporary Art 35: Full Circle, Mam's 35th Annual Benefit Art Auction
  Group showCelebrating Explorers

  Solo showTrimpin: Sheng High
  Solo showJames Castle, from Icehouse to Early Attic: Art and Books
Description Group showMAM Unwrapped
  Group showKindred Spirits - Tracing Connections
  Group showContemporary Art 34: The Missoula Art Museum's 34th Annual Benefit Art Auction

Description Solo showBeth Lo - Mahjong All Day Long
  Solo showLinda Ryan - Deconstructed Memories
  Solo showInez Storer
Description Group showSmall Clay
  Solo showBobbie McKibbin - Drawn West
  Group show60th Anniversary American Abstract Artists Portfolio
  Solo showRoger Walker - Drawings
  Solo showJeneese Hilton - Shadow Boxing
  Solo showPeter Koch - Nature Morte
  Group showNative Perspectives on the Trail - A Contemporary American Indian Art Portfolio
Description Solo showGail Tremblay: Baskets

Description Group showContemporary Glass
  Solo showKristi Hager - Birdbath
  Group showGifts Grants and Legacies - Recent Growth of the MAM
Description Solo showCentury of Change: Lewis & Clark Up Close at the Missoula Art Museum
  Solo showLibby - A Photographic Essay by Brian Plonka
  Solo showBreath Taken - An Exhibition by Bill Ravanesi
  Solo showPat De Caro - Telling Stories
  Solo showKen Little - Little Changes
  Group show32nd Annual Benefit Art Auction

  Solo showPaul Guillemette - Heroes and Holy Men
  Solo showSheila Miles - In the Neighborhood
  Solo showGerd Aurell - Montana is A Harsh Mistress
  Solo showNancy Erickson - Recent Works
  Group showCutBank 60 - A Celebration of Art in Literature
  Solo showCatharine Phillips Fels - Visions of A Lifetime
  Solo showStan Healy - Artist's Eye
  Group showOpportunity Resources - About Faces
  Solo showKenneth Holder - Sketchbook Watercolors from the Lewis & Clark Trail
  Group showPolemic Voices in the Art Museum of Missoula Collections
  Solo showDirk Lee - Sketchbooks
  Solo showKathleen Beausoleil - Recent Landscapes
  Solo showNeltje - Four Days, Selected Monotypes
  Solo showPeter M. Kurinsky - A Series of Self Portraits
  Solo showEllen Ornitz - Resurrections
Description Group showThe Influence of Family: Marguerite Ornitz Gordon and Don Ornitz
  Solo showR. B. Kitaj Serigraphs - Mahler Becomes Politics, Beisbol, 1964 - 67
  Solo showKelsey Fernkopf - Horse Pop
Description Group showAmerican Screen Printing from the Jundt Collection

  Solo showJerry Rankin: Recent Works
  Solo showKatie Knight: Eyewitness Columbia
  Solo showKatie Knight - Eyewitness Colombia
  Solo showRussell Chatham - Land, Light and Time
  Solo showEdgar Smith: Small Tales from the Big Sky
  Solo showWillem Volkersz: Domestic Neon
  Group showCollaboration: Sheila Miles & Shaun Gant
  Solo showCorwin Clairmont: New Work/New Book
  Solo showMark Abrahamson - Montana Legacy
  Solo showNancy McDonald: Apron Strings
  Solo showJames Bailey: Head Trips
  Group showRecollection: The Role of Memory in Making and Collecting Art
  Solo showLela Autio - A Survey
Description Solo showJames Todd - Retrospective 1941–2002
  Solo showDown to the Nitty Gritty - Drawings by Dennis Voss

  Solo showNoellynn Pepos - like waves they break
  Solo showJohn Hooton - Hyaku Me
  Solo showWorld Trade Center - A Personal Album, Photos by Tony Cesare
  Group showAnne Appleby & Wes Mills
  Solo showStephanie Frostad - Companion Pieces
  Solo showErnie Pepion - Red Man Series
  Group showThird Mind: Collaborations in Book Making from Brighton Press, Featuring Sandra Alcosser & Michele Burgess
  Group showWolftown: By Appointment Only
  Solo showRenee Gouaux - Fall
  Solo showRudy - Montana’s Native Son
  Group showMissoula Collects Ceramics
  Group showOrigins - Blackmer, Senska, Trinitas
  Solo showCorwin Clairmont - Halfway Between Here and There
  Solo showKathleen Stone: Wings and Other Things
  Solo showCarolyn Krieg: Original Sources
  Solo showRediscovering Helen McAuslan: Montana Modernist

  Group showJoyce Folsom Bequest
Description Group showTe Ao Tawhito / Te Ao Hou (Old Worlds / New Worlds)
  Solo showNew Works From Neil Parsons - Contemporary Blackfeet Painter
  Solo showMarvin Messing - A Curmudgeon's Collection of Canvases
  Solo showToni Matlock Taylor: Navigating Clutter
  Solo showCathy Weber's Grief Series
  Group showUnfettered Spirit - Contemporary Art from the Montana Plains
  Solo showA Gift to Montana: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith's Prints
  Solo showPreserving Context - E.S. Paxson at the Turn of the Century
  Group showNew Photography in the Collection
  Solo showDyna Kuehnle - They Just Left
  Solo showTrimpin - Conloninpurple

  Group showCorvidae
  Solo showMiriam Schapiro - Works on Paper
  Solo showChandler Dayton: The Pleasure of Pain
  Solo showElizabeth Dilbeck - The Orchid Garden
  Group showHarnessing The Divine
  Solo showBill Ohrmann - How We Live
  Solo showBrad Rude: Original Nature

  Solo showSubversions/ Affirmations: Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith, a Survey
  Group showSigns of Spring: Terry Karson & Sara Mast
  Solo showNew Acquisition: Dale Chihuly, Tabac Seaform
  Solo showIllness & Healing: The Art of Robert Pope
  Solo showFreeman Butts: Legacy of a Painter
  Solo showLulu Yee: Collecting Miracles Iii
  Solo showAlexandra Wiesenfeld: Clandestine Rites of Passage
  Solo showJay Rummel: A Montana Original

  Solo showA 20-Day Walk in Montana: Hamish Fulton
  Group showChris Autio / Josh DeWeese
  Solo showThe Art of Justin Anthony
  Solo showWatch Your Step: Recent Works by Joe Batt
  Solo showBeverly Buchanan: Shackworks
  Solo showBobby Tilton's Baggage Claim

  Solo showMeeting Places: Photographs by Barbara Bosworth
  Solo showThe Art of Henry Meloy
  Solo showGail Grinnell: Remainder
  Solo showAdrian Arleo: Recent Works
  Solo showGennie DeWeese Retrospective

  Solo showMary Ann Bonjorni
  Solo showRebecca Hutchinson
  Solo showLucy Capehart: Interiors
  Solo showBeth Lo: Great and Small
  Solo showDavid Regan: Westaf Fellowship Winner
  Solo showJacob Lawrence: 30 Years of Prints (1963-1993)
  Solo showJim Todd: Portraits of Printmakers

  Solo showThe Palace Hotel: Installation by Jerome Rankin
  Solo showKate Hunt: Outdoor Sculpture
  Solo showGary Horinek Installation
  Solo showGeorge Gogas: Judith Basin Encounter Series
  Solo showPhotographing Montana: The World of Evelyn Cameron
  Solo showGood Neighbors: Ranch Life Portraiture of Drummond, MT, Photography of Jill Brody

  Solo showMalcolm O'Leary: Last Star Series
  Solo showTom Rippon
  Solo showNeil Jussila: Painting on Paper
  Solo showMy Tibet: The Photographs of Galen Rowell
  Solo showAnselm Kiefer: Dien Golden Hair Margarite
  Solo showCathryn Mallory: Sculpture
  Solo showThrough the Looking Glass: Drawings by Elizabeth Layton
  Solo showRosebud Reflections: The Art of Winnie Lloyd
  Solo showDecline of the Empire: Mixed media sculptures by Stephen Glueckert
  Solo showRobert DeWeese, Recent Acquisitions

  Solo showKate Hunt: Yellowstone Weaving
  Solo showHeidi Oberheide: Paintings
  Solo showWhy Kildeers Cry: Andrew Hofmeister

  Solo showDavid Secrest: Sculpture
  Solo showJessie Wilber: Prints and Preliminaries
  Solo showErnie Pepion: Dreams on Wheels
  Solo showJay Rummel

  Solo showImages of an Idyllic Past: The Photographs of Edward S. Curtis
  Solo showItalo Scanga: Recent Drawings and Sculpture
  Solo showA Missoula Collection: John Steuart Curry
  Solo showA Montana Collection: Watercolors by Frederica Ellsworth Marshall
  Solo showJames Holmes: Architectural Allusions
  Solo showJohn Hooton: Minuteman Silos
  Solo showMonica Bauer: Figure and Structure
  Solo showLee Honeyman
  Group showPushpin Invitational: Collaborative Earth Images
  Solo showL.A. Huffman: Pioneer Photographer
  Solo showChihuly Baskets
  Solo showRobert E. Smith: Story Paintiner

  Solo showManuel Morales
  Group showFive Centuries of Master Prints
  Solo showStephanie Wilde: An Exhibition of Pen and Ink Art
  Solo showElizabeth Keith: The Orient Through Western Eyes
  Solo showOrah Moore: Montana Photographs
  Solo showRussell Chatham
  Solo showPaul Lerner
  Solo showWalter Piehl, Jr.

  Solo showTroy Dalton
  Group showViews From Wyoming
  Solo showJames Pozzi-Johnson
  Solo showRichard Mock
  Solo showCatherine Gill

  Group showTaller Grafica Libre de Oaxaca
  Group showConstructions
  Group showMontana Collects Montana
  Solo showR.V. Greeves: Western Bronzes and Drawings
  Group showMontana Draws
  Group showMetalsmithing / Western Usa

  Solo showMarc Vischer: Recent Works
  Solo showWatercolors, Blossoms and Stuff: Recent Work by Walter Hook
  Group showDrawings from the University of Minnesota Art Museum
  Solo showLifeblood: Focusing on ourt Vital Links
  Group show8: One at a Time

  Solo showEsta Casa de Cielo: Recent Sculpture by Hugh Warford
  Solo showRobert Hawkins
  Group showArtists by Artists: Portraits by American and European Artists
  Solo showRudy Autio: Artists by Artists
  Group showFabrications: Glass by William Morris & Contemporary Quilts by American Artists
  Solo showEaster Themes: The Art of Albrecht Durer
  Group showFantasy Visions: Ivan Janousek, Katherine Stigdon Milyko, Marvie Redmond
  Solo showThe Etchings of Anders Zorn

  Solo showKathy Shiroki: Look Through the Cry and Girl
  Group showNew American Paperworks
  Solo showMarilyn Bridges: Nazca Series and American Landscapes
  Solo showMalcolm O'Leary: Eastern Slope
  Group showInternational Exhibition of Botanical Art and Illustration
  Group showLost Wax / Foundry Friends

  Solo showTheodore Wores: American Impressionist and Realist Painter
  Solo showAbby Williams Hill: Portraits of the American West
  Solo showRecent Drawings by Larry Karasek
  Solo showSacred Mount Fuji: Woodblock Prints by Kiyoshi Saito
  Solo showWalking in Wishes... Still as the Grass: Works by Dana Boussard
  Solo showFlathead Wellspring: The Art of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
  Solo showMaribeth Dietrich
  Solo showBertold Loeffler: Viennese Secessionist
  Solo showWildlife Art of Ron Jenkins
  Solo showPhotographic Portraits of Artists by Marshall Noice

  Solo showSmall Celebrations: Silkscreen Prints by Marilyn Starr Colvert
  Group showPaintings from the National Watercolor Society
  Group showArtine Artinian Collection
  Solo showPrints by Wullimann
  Group showAbout Line
  Group showMexican Masters: Variations of Modern Mexican Art
  Group showLand, Cloud, City Scapes
  Group showThe Living Arts of Nigeria
  Solo showThe Painted Word: Karen Noice Calligraphy

  Group showMissoula Collects
  Group showUniversity of Montana Art Faculty Show
  Solo showCary Gubler: Eye Candy Paintings
  Solo showPhilippe Halsman: Portrait Photographer
  Solo showBob Strini: Recent Sculptural Work in Wood
  Group showMontana Fibers '81
  Group showMade with Wood: Fine Furniture Created by Local Craftsmen
  Solo showFrederick Remington: Illustrator of the Old West
  Solo showAffairs of the Heart
  Solo showLouis LaBrie: Etchings and Drawings
  Solo showNancy Erickson: Bed Covers, Wall Warmers and Dancing Rabbits
  Group showDrawings: Flathead Artists

  Group showDe La Gente del Monte Sol: The People of the Mountain Sun: Hispanic Folk Arts of New Mexico
  Group showFive Centuries of Master Prints
  Solo showSheila Miles: Recent Works
  Group showTen Western Printmakers
  Solo showLouis Archambault: Portraits and Figures
  Group showSelections from the University of Montana Permanent Collection
  Group show2nd Annual Juried Photography Exhibition
  Group showA History of American Art Through Printmaking
  Group showUniversity Of Montana Mfa Thesis Exhibitions
  Group showNative American Prints and Posters
  Solo showRoses and Bleeding Hearts
  Group showFashions in Review
  Group showMyths, Dreams, and Stories

  Group showMontana Game Bird Stamp Statewide Design Competition
  Group showFirst Annual Arts and Crafts Invitational Exhibition and Benefit
  Solo showLeslie Van Stavern Millar: Paintings and Prints
  Solo showHank Conley: Mountain Landscapes
  Solo showFritz Scholder: Paintings and Prints, 1966 - 1978
  Group showThe Wild West in Fact and Fancy: 1835 - 1890
  Solo showImogene Cunningham: After Ninety
  Group showSelections from the Montana Institute of the Arts Permanent Collection
  Group showContemporary Crafts
  Group showWorks in Wood

  Group showCollector's Corner
  Group showMontana Wilderness
  Solo showHerman Zapf: Hallmark Collection
  Group showMontana Juried Watercolor Exhibition
  Solo showRic Cliff
  Solo showJ.J. Audubon: Collectors Showcase
  Group showLife Drawing
  Group showTen Artists
  Solo showHenry Evans: Botanical Prints
  Group showMontana Hmong
  Solo showLinda Wachtmeister
  Solo showRussell Childers: Wood Carvings
  Group showBirthday Exhibition

  Solo showMax Peter
  Group showEyes and Impressions

  Group showThe New American Quilt
  Solo showAndrew Hofmeister
  Group showRecent works by Rudy and Lela Autio
  Group showArt In Landscape
  Solo showAmerican Revolution: Bicentennial Prints
  Group showJuried Craft Show
  Solo showE.S. Paxson
  Group showLarry Brown and George Green
  Solo showIndian Country: Love It or Leave It

  Group showThree Missoula Painters
  Group showBison-Tennial Show
  Group showContemporary Montana Fabrics
  Group showConcepts & Executions of 8 Sculptors
  Group showM.C. Escher and Jesse Allen
  Group showJerry Leisure and Joy Broom
  Solo showRobert Katz: Assorted Montana Components
  Solo showWalter Hook Retrospective
  Group showNative Funk and Flash: An Emerging American Folk Art Author's Statement
Last update: 24 August 2016
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