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Public Institution
22-25 Jackson Ave.
New York City, NY 11101
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 718 784 2084
fax +1 718 482 9454
MoMA - Museum of Modern Art
West 53 Street
New York City, NY 10019-5497
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to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Lawrence Weiner  6 15
Dennis Oppenheim  145 12
Lucio Pozzi  7286 11
Andy Warhol  1 11

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Leo Castelli Gallery, USA 547 117
  MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, USA 519 647
  Paula Cooper Gallery, USA 387 226
  Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, USA 266 542
  ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts London, United Kingdom 239 421

 Public exhibitions   2
09.03. - 25.05. (still more than 1 month)
  Solo showMaria Lassnig

09.03. - 30.06. (still more than 2 months)
  Solo showChristoph Schlingensief
Foundation year: 1971
 Art Fairs
E/AB Fair (Editions/Artists Book Fair) (09)
 Previous Exhibitions   516
Description Solo showMike Kelley
Description Group showImage Employment
  Solo showMichelangelo Frammartino: Alberi
  Solo showCyprien Gaillard: The Crystal World
  Solo showEd Atkins
  Solo showMetahaven: Islands in the Cloud
  Solo showJeff Elrod: Nobody Sees Like Us
  Solo showConfettisystem: 100 Arrangements

  Solo showPier Paolo Pasolini: Teorema, Medea, and Saló, or The 120 Days of Sodom
  Solo showHuma Bhabha: Unnatural Histories
  Solo showThomas Lanigan-Schmidt: Tender Love Among the Junk
  Solo showFerhat Özgür: I Can Sing
  Solo showMatt Connors: Impressionism
  Group showNew Pictures of Common Objects
  Group showNow Dig This! Art and Black Los Angeles 1960–1980
  Solo showJack Smith: Normal Love
  Solo showZackary Drucker: At Least You Know You Exist
  Solo showRey Akdogan
  Solo showEdgardo Aragón
  Solo showIlja Karilampi
  Solo showCaitlin Keogh
  Solo showEsther Kläs – Better Energy
  Solo showLara Favaretto: Just Knocked Out
  Solo showMax Brand: no solid footing – (trained) duck fighting a crow
  Solo showDarren Bader: Images
  Solo showHenry Taylor

  Solo showSurasi Kusolwong
  Solo showChim↑Pom
  Solo showGeorge Kuchar: Pagan Rhapsodies
  Solo showClifford Owens: Anthology
  Solo showRania Stephan
  Solo showFrances Stark: My Best Thing
  Group showSeptember 11
  Solo showJeremy Shaw: Best Minds
  Solo showRyan Trecartin: Any Ever
  Solo showAlejandro Jodorowsky: The Holy Mountain
  Solo showNancy Grossman: Heads
  Solo showRyan Trecartin: Any Ever
  Solo showFrancis Alÿs
  Solo showSergej Jensen
  Solo showLaurel Nakadate: Only the Lonely
  Group showModern Women: Single Channel

  Group showThe Talent Show
  Solo showGarry Winogrand: Some Animals
  Group showThe Logic of Association
  Solo showFeng Mengbo
  Group showGreater New York
  Group showGNY: Rotating Gallery 1
  Solo showMarina Abramović: Chair for Man and His Spirit
  Solo showOn-site 3: Mickalene Thomas

  Group showBetween Spaces
  Solo showRobert Bergman: Selected Portraits
Description Group show1969
  Group showLearn to Read Art: A History of Printed Matter
  Solo showOn-site 2: Chitra Ganesh
Description Solo showChristian Marclay: 2822 Records (PS1), 1987-2009
  Solo showKenneth Anger
Description Solo showInternational and National Projects Winter 2009: Florian Slotawa
Description Solo showLutz Bacher MY SECRET LIFE
  Solo showJonathan Horowitz: And/Or

  Group showMinus Space
Description Solo showYael Bartana
  Solo showGino De Dominicis
Description Group showNeoHooDoo: Art for a Forgotten Faith
  Solo showLeandro Erlich: Swimming Pool
Description Group showInternational and National Projects Fall 2008
  Solo showBørre Sæthre
  Solo showOlafur Eliasson
  Group showThat Was Then...This Is Now
  Group showArctic Hysteria: New Art from Finland
  Solo showTake your time: Olafur Eliasson
  Solo showHave You Seen Him? Ryan McGinness
Description and image Group showWACK!: Art and the Feminist Revolution

  Group showSenso Unico
  Solo showFassbinder: Berlin Alexanderplatz
  Solo showKris Martin
  Solo showMin Tanaka
  Solo showAdel Abdessemed
  Solo showLovett/Codagnone
  Group showOrpheus Selection - Nicola Lopéz & Lisa Sigal
  Group showInternational and National Projects 2007
  Solo showKathe Burkhart
  Solo showJohn Bock: Stapelung
  Group showIrrational Profusion
  Group showPip Chodorov, Harriet Korman, and Joanna Pousette-Dart
  Group showOrpheus Selection: In Search of Darkness
  Solo showLee Quinones
  Group showCinema Cavern
  Group showInternational and National Projects
  Solo showTunga
  Solo showLinder
  Solo showJim Shaw - The Donner Party
  Group showOrganizing Chaos
  Solo showPeter Young
  Solo showJack Whitten
  Group showDorota Jurczak and Abel Auer - The Slimy Trail of Slug and Snail
  Solo showAbbas Kiarostami - Image Maker
  Solo showJeff Wall
  Solo showTom Sandberg
  Solo showVik Muniz - Reflex
  Group showNot For Sale
  Group showInternational and National Projects
Description Group showEmergency Room
  Group showSilicone Valley

  Group showAltered, Stitched & Gathered
  Group showInternational and National Projects
  Group showDefamation of Character
  Group showThe Gold Standard
  Group showMusic is a Better Noise
  Solo showSam Samore - The Suicidist
  Solo showKatrín Sigurdardóttir - High Plane V
  Solo showPlane Image - A Brice Marden Retrospective, Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showLoris Cecchini - Cloudless
  Group showThe Painted World
  Solo showBurt Barr - Recent Work
  Group showInto me / Out of me
  Solo showRon Gorchov - Double Trouble
  Solo showSu-Mei Tse
  Group showBearable Lightness…Likenes
  Group showTime Frame
  Solo showTwilight Switch
  Solo showArtist's Choice: Herzog & de Meuron
  Solo showDouglas Gordon - Timeline
  Solo showJohn Lurie - Works on Paper
  Group showReprocessing Reality
  Group showInternational and National Projects
  Solo showWolfgang Tillmans - Freedom From The Known
  Group showThe Thirteen - Chinese Video Now
  Solo showClemens von Wedemeyer
  Solo showTorbjørn Rødland
  Solo showEdvard Munch. The Modern Life of the Soul
  Solo showJessica Rankin - The Measure of Every Pause
  Solo showJessica Stockholder - Of Standing Float Roots in Thin Air
  Solo showRicky Swallow
  Solo showJohn Latham - Time Base and the Universe

  Group showWoman of Many Faces - Isabelle Huppert
  Solo showJon Kessler - The Palace at 4a.m.
  Solo showAdrian Paci
  Solo showAri Marcopoulos
  Group showDay Labor
  Solo showPeter Hujar
  Solo showStephen Shore - American Surfaces
Description and image Group showGreater New York 2005

Description Solo showKatharina Sieverding: Close Up
Description and image Group showAleksandra Mir: The Big Umbrella The New York Series, with Chris Verene
Description Solo showJoan Wallace: Methods of Attachment
  Group showSpecial Project
Description Group showRomantic Detachment
Description Solo showHans-Peter Feldmann: 100 Years
Description Group showWide Open Spaces
  Group showPicnic on the Ocean - Documentation of a Korean-Japanese Project
Description and image Solo showManny Farber: About Face
  Solo showLeo Villareal - Supercluster
  Group showSpecial Project
Description and image Group showHard Light
  Group showWilliam Gedney – Christopher Wool - Into the Night
  Group showCurious Crystal of Unusual Purity
  Solo showMaja Bajevic
  Solo showPhoebe Washburn
  Solo showRyan McGinley
  Solo showJeppe Hein - Flying Cube
Description and image Solo showRoth Time: A Dieter Roth Retrospective
Description Solo showMichael Lin: Grind
  Solo showHedi Slimane - Berlin
  Solo showErnesto Caivano - After the Woods - A Selection
  Solo showBarry X Ball - Matthew Barney
Description and image Group showCollection (or How I Spent a Year)
Description and image Solo showLee Lozano, Drawn from Life: 1961 - 1971
  Solo showRichard Sigmund - Pacific Coast Highway

  Solo showTim Noble and Sue Webster
  Group showSpecial Projects
  Group showEl real viaje Real / The Real Royal Trip
Description and image Solo showPhillip Allen. Recent Paintings
  Group showSignatures of the Invisible
  Group showSignatures of the Invisible
Description and image Solo showTaryn Simon. The Innocents
Description and image Solo showZilvinas Kempinas
Description Solo showYoko Ono. Freight Train
  Solo showChen Zhen - A Tribute
  Group showFirst Steps - Emerging Artists from Japan

Description Solo showArnold Mesches. The FBI Files
  Group showBuilding Structures
Description Solo showChris Cunningham
Description Solo showAn-my Lê. Small Wars
  Group showMexico City: An Exhibition about the Exchange Rates of Bodies and Values
Description Solo showMagnus von Plessen. Recent Paintings
Description Solo showGeorge Hadjimichalis. Seven Works
  Group showHeart of Gold
  Group showSpecial Projects Summer 2002
Description Group showListening to New Voices: 2001-2002
  Group showModern Masters
  Group showThe Short Century: Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa, 1945-1994

  Group showDriven
  Group showLoop
  Group showB Hotel
Description Solo showKenny Sharf
Description Solo showDavid Remfry
Description Solo showJessica Craig Martin
  Solo showJanet Cardiff
  Solo showRichard Deacon - Recent Work
  Group showAnimations
Description Solo showJoe Brainard. A Retrospective
Description Solo showAshkan Sahihi. The Drug Series
Description Solo showKim Sooja. A Needle Woman
Description Solo showNavin Rawanchaikul. I Love Taxi Cafe
Description Solo showMiri Segal. Circular Acts
Description Solo showCarla Accardi. Triplice Tenda
  Group showSpecial Projects Summer 2001
  Solo showLos Carpinteros - Ciudad Transportable (Transportable City)
  Group showStrangers/étrangers
  Group show2000 – 2001 National and International Studio Program Exhibition
Description Solo showMassimo Bartolini. Untitled (Wave)
Description Solo showBernhard Martin. Kings Corner
Description Solo showLuigi Ontani: 1965-2001. GaneshamUSA
  Group showSpecial Projects Program, Spring 2001
Description Solo showErik Steinbrecher: Couch Park
  Group showAlmost Warm and Fuzzy

  Group showSome New Minds
Description Solo showGeorges Adéagbo. Abraham - L'ami de Dieu
Description Group showDisasters of War
Description Solo showMick O'Shea. Toy Box
  Group showSpecial Projects Program, Winter 2000
Description Solo showJohn Wesley: Paintings 1961-2000
Description Solo showTakashi Murakami. Second Mission Project ko2
Description Solo showSantiago Sierra: Person Remunerated for a Period of 360 Consecutive Hours
Description Solo showMax Neuhaus: Drawings
  Group showAround 1984 - A Look at Art in the Eighties
  Group showClockwork 2000
  Group showGreater New York: New Art in New York Now

Description and image Solo showJUAN SANCHEZ: RICANSTRUCTIONS. Paintings of the 1990s
  Group showChildren of Berlin - Cultural Developments 1989-1999
Description Solo showSol Lewitt - Concrete Block
  Group showOn your Own Time
  Group showMINIMALIA - An Italian Vision in 20th Century Art
Description Solo showRUDY BURCKHARDT. A View From Astoria
Description and image Solo showWHEN I PAINT MY NAME IS KONRAD LUEG
  Solo showThe Artist Out of Work: Art & Language 1972-1981
  Group showThe Promise of Photography: Selected Works from the DG Bank Collection
Description Solo showDavid Reed paintings : motion pictures
  Group show0044 Explores Themes of Transnationality in Contemporary Irish Art
  Group showGENERATION Z
  Group showBody Works
  Solo showTribute to Gino de Dominicis

Description Solo showLate blooming features large-scale works by Yoshie Ueki
Description Solo showMario Merz
  Group showDeep Storage, Arsenale der Erinnerung

  Group showHeaven

  Group showIn Their Own Images

  Group showSlow Art/ Painting in New York Now

  Solo showDove Bradshaw - Plain Air

  Group showHere and There: Travels, Part IV: Competition Diomede
  Solo showPossibilities

  Solo showAllen Ruppersberg

  Group showDreamwork
  Solo showJames Rosenquist
  Solo showNeil Williams
  Group showPreview: Eight French Painters
  Solo showSue Coe: The Malcolm X Series
  Solo showJohn McCracken: Heroic Stance, A Survey of Sculpture 1965–1986
  Solo showPatrick Ireland: Drawings 1965–1985;
  Solo showIsamu Noguchi: What is Sculpture?
  Group showEngaging Objects: The Participatory Art of Mirrors, Mechanisms, and Shelters
  Group showImages of the Unknown
  Group showColor as Color and Field
  Group showProgressions: A Cultural Legacy
  Group showAbout Place: Contemporary American Landscape
  Solo showDonald Lipski
  Solo showKiki Smith
  Solo showMatt Mullican

  Group showThe Knot: Arte Povera at P.S. 1
  Solo showStephen Buckley: Paintings 1969–1985
  Solo showTadashi Kawamata
  Group showContemporary Costa Rica
  Group showEl Arte Narrativo Y Pintura Mexicana
  Group showFresh Paint: The Houston School
  Group showJust Images: Swedish Photography Now
  Group showFri.Art: Made in Switzerland
  Solo showAlan Kleiman: Facing Inward
  Group showRod Rhodes and Ted Victoria: Immaculate Constructions
  Solo showTroyan Tecau: Icons and Spikes
  Group showNational and International Studio Program Exhibition 1984–1985
  Group show3 A.M.
  Group showFigures: Sculpture in the Auditorium
  Group showRipe Fruit
  Group showSynesthetics: Writers and Artists

  Group showLabor Intensive Abstraction: An Exhibition of Highly Detailed Abstract Paintings and Drawings
  Solo showGilles Peress: Telex Iran
  Group showID: An Exhibition of Third World Woman Photographers
  Solo showJoyce Kosloff: Mural for Harvard Square Subway Station: New England Decorative Arts
  Group showNew Art Machines
  Group showUnderknown
  Group showSan Francisco/Science Fiction
  Group showAn Australian Accent
  Group showThe New Portrait
  Solo showSarah Charlesworth: Selected Works 1981–1984
  Solo showMichael Hurson: Drawings 1969–1983
  Group showSofia Nicoletti & Annie Ratti
  Group showLimbo
  Solo showRobert Grosvenor
  Group showSalvaged: Altered Everyday Objects
  Group showTimeline: The Chronicle of US Intervention in Central and Latin America
  Group showNational and International Studio Program 1983–1984 Exhibition

  Solo showCarl Andre
  Solo showMary Heilmann
  Group showExpressions: New Art from Germany
  Group showSeven Women/Image Impact
  Solo showFrank Young: Paintings
  Solo showTerry Rosenberg: Setters
  Solo showStan Smokler: Steel Sculpture in the Courtyard
  Solo showFrank Moore: Paintings
  Group showFilm as Installation II
  Group showArt Couples III: Leon Golub And Nancy Spero
  Solo showKeith Sonnier: Act and Habit
  Group showHabitats
  Group showAbstract Painting: 1960–69
  Group showArt Couples II: Mary Beth Edelson and Robert Stackhouse
  Solo showWhat Are You Working on Now? A Pictorial Memoir of the 60's

  Group showIcebreakers: Contemporary Swedish Expressionists
  Group showArt Couples l: Rudolf Baranik and May Stevens
  Group showBeast: Animal Imagery in Recent Painting
  Solo showGerry Morehead: Paintings
  Solo showMarcus Leatherdale: Photographs
  Group showBlue Blood
  Group showThe Ronald Reagan Show
  Group showSpace Invaders
  Solo showAlexis Smith: Chinese Junk
  Solo showLarry Fuente: Transmutation at Ground Zero
  Group showCritical Perspectives: Curators and Artists
  Group showThe Wild Art Show
  Group showOld World/New Works: International Studio Artists at the Clocktower

  Solo showClyde Connell: Sculptures
  Solo showWin Knowlton: Sculptures and Drawings
  Group showFiguratively Sculpting
  Group showCriminal Proceedings
  Solo showDenise Green
  Solo showBarry LeDoux: Four Songs for Dowland
  Group showJames Biederman, Don Gummer, Nigel Hall, Mel Kendrick, Avital Oz
  Solo showBill Hoppe: Recent Paintings
  Group showEight Funny Artists: Wit and Irony in Art
  Group showHeads
  Group showNational Studio Artists 1980–1981
  Solo showMary Corse
  Solo showWm. Schwedler: Recent Paintings on Plywood and Paper with Roseville
  Solo showDoug Sanderson: Recent Work
  Group showLighting
  Group showNew York/New Wave
  Group showThe Shaped Field: Eccentric Formats
  Solo showDeborah Turbeville with Geoffrey Leather: L'Heure Entre Chien et Loup
  Solo showTed Stamm: Paintings, 1972–1980
  Solo showDavid Seidner
  Solo showLeandro Katz: Lunar Alphabet Series
  Solo showMonika Baumgartl

  Solo showRoger Welch: Drive-In
  Group showWatercolors
  Solo showBarbara Kruger
  Solo showDan Graham
  Group showPostpuritanism: A Sculpture Show
  Group showUne Idee en l'Air
  Solo showRuth Ann Fredenthal
  Solo showLars Lerup
  Solo showUndercover Blues
  Group showAssembled Images
  Group showWest/East: First Generation Environmental Sculptures
  Solo showDavid Reed
  Solo showRoni Horn
  Solo showBrian O'Neill: Fallen Fluhe
  Group showMaterial Matters
  Group showImage into Pattern
  Solo showJoel-Peter Witkin: Photography
  Group showOutdoor Sculpture Show
  Group showRobert Mangurian and Craig Hodgetts: Studio Works
  Group showCanadian Video
  Group showFilm as Installation
  Solo showJohn Gillen
  Solo showJack Roth: Ramapo Paintings
  Solo showMichelangelo Pistoletto: Mirror Painting
  Solo showMarilyn Belford - Genetic Messages
  Group showAfro-American Abstraction
  Solo showRick Dingus
  Solo showGlenda Hydler: In Reverence: Books and Other Work
  Solo showRoyden Rabinowitch
  Solo showDimitry Merinoff: Paintings 1950-1970
  Solo showEllen Phelan

  Group showImage and Object in Contemporary Sculpture
  Solo showDara Birnbaum: Kiss The Girls: Make Them Cry
  Solo showBill Arnold
  Solo showJulie Wachtel: Follow the Leader
  Solo showMerrill Wagner
  Solo showSean Scully: Paintings,1975-1979
  Solo showFrederick Spratt: Ganko
  Solo showMax Neuhaus: Sound Installation
  Solo showAlan Scarritt: Made in Time
  Group showConnie Beckley and Bill Beirne
  Solo showJudy Linn
  Solo showJennifer Bartlett: Swimmers Atlanta
  Solo showJoan Thorne: Paintings
  Solo showSteve Seaberg: Here Come de Judge-ment
  Solo showPeter Kolb: Videotapes
  Solo showMelvin Charney
  Solo showLaurie Simmons
  Solo showSam Schoenbaum
  Group showThe Altered Photograph
  Solo showSuzanne Harris: The Tower of Power/The Pillar of Mercy, a Monument to Latter Day Ambiguity
  Solo showJan Yoors: Tapestries
  Group showNew Wave Painting
  Group showA Great Big Drawing Show
  Solo showRon Gorchov: Entrance, 1971–1979, Second Installation
  Solo showChris Yuin: Nightlife
  Group showJo Baer and Bruce Robbins
  Solo showCharlemagne Palestine: Paper Versus Cloth
  Solo showMarcia Hafif: Breaking Color

  Group showCouples
  Group showAlternative Gestures: Another Look at Dance Photography
  Solo showArnold Kramer
  Solo showKeith Sonnier: Porte-Voix Audio Installations
  Solo showTina Girouard: Revival
  Solo showJudith Murray: Paintings
  Group showObstacles: Manhattan Miniature Golf
  Group showAnother Aspect of Pop Art
  Solo showBarbara Mensch: Twelve Views of a Pregnancy
  Solo showGianfranco Gorgoni: Tight Shots
  Solo showJoanne Fridley: You Are There
  Group showThe Detective Show
  Solo showItalo Scanga
  Group showIndoor/Outdoor Sculpture Show
  Group show
  Group showSpecial Projects (Spring 1978)
  Solo showRichard Artschwager
  Group showOverview: An Exhibition in Two Parts by the A.I.R. Gallery
  Solo showAnn Norton: Sculpture and Drawings
  Solo showJean Dupuy: A Tower in the Auditorium of P.S. 1
  Group showThe Proscenium: The Staged works of Ida Applebroog, Manny Farber, and Patricia Patterson
  Group showSpecial Projects (Winter 1978)
  Group showHermetic Aspects of Contemporary Art
  Solo showJames Carpenter: Homecoming

  Solo showClaudia Schwalb: Paintings
  Group showSpecial Projects (Winter 1977–1978)
  Solo showVito Acconci: Cry Baby
  Group showPattern Painting
  Group showNew Dance and Music
  Solo showRobert Moskowitz
  Group showGround
  Group showNew York Avant-Garde/Works and Projects of the Seventies
  Solo showBob Stanley and Bart Wasserman: Exhibition of New Work
  Solo showTom Rose: Certain Ambiguities
  Group show10 Downtown: 10 Years
  Group showSpecial Projects (Fall 1977)
  Group showA Painting Show
  Solo showConnie Beckley: Triad Triangle
  Solo showSusan Smith: Special Project
  Solo showElyn Zimmerman: Installation
  Solo showRichard Nonas: Montezuma's Breakfast
  Solo showGerard Hovagimyan: Special Project
  Group showSusan Weil and Sylvia Whitman: Exhibition of Works from Two Notebooks
  Group Change
  Solo showRobert Ryman
  Group showSimone Forti and Peter van Riper: Paper Piece, Two Inches, Big Room
  Solo showLucio Pozzi: 4 Windows
  Group showSpecial Projects (Winter 1977)

  Group showLiturgy for Lives of a Cell
  Solo showRobert Barry: Portrait: A Sound Piece in Two Parts
  Solo showBob Yasuda: Installation/Wall Paintings
  Solo showSimone Forti
  Solo showLynn Hershman: Selected Past Projects
  Solo showDavid Rabinowitch
  Group showRooms
  Solo showAlain Kirili: Open Studio Project
  Solo showCarl Andre: Sculpture
  Solo showSaul Ostrow: Work for the Unemployed
  Solo showMichael Asher
  Solo showRobert Janz: Line on a Walk
  Group showDada Soirée
  Solo showMarjorie Strider: Tower Project
  Solo showRobert Grosvenor
  Solo showEleanor Antin

  Group showCharlemagne Palestine and Carol Parker: Dual Installation
  Solo showColette: Room Environment Installation
  Solo showJared Bark: Lights: On/Off and The Neutron Readings
  Group showNew Urban Landscapes
  Solo showDale Henry: Workspace
  Solo showMichael McClard: There's Meat on These Bones
  Group showIdeas at the Idea Warehouse
  Solo showJerry Hovagimyan: Thought Models
  Solo showVeiled Unveiled: An Object (Unveiled) Douglas Davis
  Solo showSlingshot by Sylvia Whitman
  Group showCollectors of the Seventies, Part I: Dorothy and Herbert Vogel
  Solo showCharlemagne Palestine: Strumming Music for Bosendorfer Piano
  Solo showRobert Janz: Six Sticks
  Solo showScott Burton: Solitary-Behavior Tableaux
  Solo showPhilip Glass Ensemble: Music in Twelve Parts
  Group showArtists Make Toys

  Solo showSteve Gianakos: Recent Works
  Solo showC. Bryan Hunt: Recent Works
  Solo showGeoffrey Hendricks: Performance
  Solo showBilly Apple: 5 Subtractive Connections
  Group showDiscussions: Works/Words
  Solo showKlaus Rinke
  Solo showAlan Saret: Drawings and Sculpture

  Solo showLynda Benglis: Sparkle Knots
  Solo showRichard Nonas
  Solo showJene Highstein
  Solo showCharles Ross: Two Sunlight Dispersion Works
  Solo showJames Bishop
  Solo showRichard Tuttle: Paper Octagonals 1969–1970
  Solo showJoel Shapiro: Sculpture
  Group showJanuary Concerts

  Group showRecent Work: Power Boothe, Peter Downsborough, Nancy Holt, Clark Murray, Jim Reineking
  Group show5 Sculptors-7,000 Sq. Feet
  Solo showEnclosures Richard Nonas

  Group showThe Brooklyn Bridge Event

  Solo showRobert Peterson
Last update: 2 April 2014
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