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Moscow museum of modern art - MMOMA

Public Institution
Moscow museum of modern art - MMOMA
25 Petrovka street
107031 Moscow
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +7 (495) 694-6660
tel +74956942890
fax +7 (495) 231-4410
Opening hours:
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  12:00-20:00

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Pablo Picasso  2
Joan Miró  63
Wassily Kandinsky  86
Salvador Dalí  113
Ilya Kabakov  171

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Elena Kovylina  1896 8
Aidan Salakhova  4826 8
Viktor Alimpiev  1384 7
AES+F  433 7

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 147 20
  Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spain 65 19
  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, USA 59 31
  Centre Pompidou, France 50 32
  Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland 48 17

Foundation year: 1999
Yuri Albert  1959, RU
Viktor Alimpiev  1973, RU
Boris Anisfeld  1879-1973, US
Alexander Archipenko  1887-1964, US, UA
Arman  1928-2005, FR, US
Vladimir Baranov-Rossine  1888-1944, RU, UA
Andrey Bartenev  1969, RU
Alexander Brodsky  1955, RU
David Burliuk  1882-1967, US
Marc Chagall  1887-1985, FR, RU
Giorgio de Chirico  1888-1978, IT
Salvador Dalí  1904-1989, ES
Alexandra Dementieva  1960, RU
Dubosarsky & Vinogradov  RU
Alexandra Exter  1882-1949, RU
Pavel Filonov  1883-1941, RU
Robert Fry  1980, UK
Françoise Gilot  1921, FR
Natalia Goncharova  1881-1962, RU
Eduard Gorokhovsky  1929-2004, RU
Boris Grigoriev  1886-1939, RU
Michelle Handelman  1966, US
Keith Haring  1958-1990, US
Marcus Antonius Jansen  1968, US
Ilya Kabakov  RU
Wassily Kandinsky  1866-1944, RU
Olga Kisseleva  1965, FR, RU
Komar & Melamid  RU
Petr Konchalovsky  1876-1956, RU
Irina Korina  1977, RU
Valery Koshlyakov  1962, RU
Dmitry Krasnopevtsev  1925-1995, RU
Oleg Kulik  1961, RU
Boris Kustodiev  1878-1927, RU
Mikhail Larionov  1881-1964, RU
Fernand Léger  1881-1955, FR
Aristarkh Lentulov  1882-1943, RU
Lazar Lisitsky  1890-1941, RU
Kazimir Malevich  1878-1935, RU
Oksana Mas  1969, UA
Joan Miró  1893-1983, ES
Vladimir Nemukhin  1925-2016, RU
Boris Orlov  1941, RU
Alexandra Paperno  1978, RU
Cecilia Paredes  1950, PE
Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin  1878-1939, RU
Pablo Picasso  1881-1973, ES
Niko Pirosmani  1862-1918, GE
Viktor Pivovarov  1937, RU
Arnaldo Pomodoro  1926, IT
Dmitry Prigov  1940-2007, RU
Oskar Rabin  1928, RU
Henri Rousseau  1844-1910, FR
Aidan Salakhova  1964, RU
Alexander Sokov  
Vladimir & Georgi Stenberg  RU
Boris Sveshnikov  1927-1998, RU
Vladimir Tatlin  1885-1953, RU
Oleg Tselkov  1934, RU
Boris Turezki  1928-1997, RU
Vladimir Yakovlev  1934-1998, RU
Yukinori Yanagi  1959, JP
Vladimir Yankilevsky  1938, RU
Ossip Zadkine  1890-1967, FR, BY
Anatoly Zverev  1931-1986, RU
Konstantin Zvezdochotov  1958, RU
 Previous Exhibitions   206
  Solo showAlexey Vasilyev. Chronicles of December
Description Group showOne Within The Other - Art Of New And Old Media In The Age Of High-Speed Internet
  Solo showLife and Theatre of Alexander Tikhomirov
  Solo showbIRds and figIRes
  Solo showDimitri Semakov. The Structures of Time
  Solo showJiří David. Prequel
  Solo showThe Astronaut’s Wife, or Come Tomorrow
  Solo showAndrey Bartenev. Say: I love you!
Description Group showAnother Part of the New World - Collection CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo of the Regional Government of Madrid and the
  Solo showMaria Ionova-Gribina. Guys
  Solo showImmortality Forever - Special project of VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
  Solo showpeter_weibel: technē_revolution
  Solo showVladimir Potapov. From Memory
  Solo showAntonina Baever. Golden Words
  Solo showVladislav Mamyshev-Monroe. Archive M
  Solo showAlexander Pogorzhelsky. Power Point
  Solo showGardens of eremites. Willful art of Sveta Vikkers

Description Group showFortune museum
  Solo showSalvador Dalí and Media
  Solo showDaniil Galkin. Double solid Line
Description and image Group showDetective
  Group showThe Paths of German Art from 1949 to the present

  Solo showAndrei Roiter. Open House
  Solo showIgor Vulokh
  Group showPusenkoff & Pusenkoff. After Reality
  Solo showAnton Kuznetsov. Bad Print
  Solo showKsenia Peretrukhina. Rehearsal of Freedom
Description Group showExpanded Cinema 3 — Mocumentary: Reality Is Not Enough
  Group showNo Water Tomorrow
  Solo showBart Dorsa. Katya
  Solo showDmitry Gutov - No Surprises
  Solo showElena Demidova. Matreshkaland
  Solo showLa Realtà. Zusammen. Eva Harut
  Solo showLiza Rabochikh - Memory of the Dress
  Solo showJoan Miró. Imagery.
  Group showArt of Russian Avant-Garde. From collections of Samara Regional Art Museum
  Solo showAron Buch. On the 90th anniversary of the master
  Group showDreams For Those Who Are Awake
  Group showExpansion Of The Object

  Group showThe New Directions: Young Chinese Contemporary Artists
  Solo showVera Mukhina’s Theatre: Unknown Chapter In the Career of Sculptor
  Group showThings, Words and Consequences
  Solo showJoseph Beuys: Appeal for an Alternative
  Group showPortrait/landscape: Genre Boundaries
  Group showUnity Of The Entires - Media Performance Festival
  Solo showJay Janér - My Global Self
  Solo showLeonid Sokov - Point of View
  Group showNow&After’12
  Solo showVitaly Pushnitsky - Mechanisms of Time
  Solo showMaggie Cardelus - Total Environment
  Solo showRoman Mokrov - Notmoscow
  Solo showAnna Skladmann - Little Adults
  Solo showMaryam Alakbarli - Novruz — A New Day
  Solo showChris Marker - Films and Photos
  Group showDouble Vision: Contemporary Art from Japan
  Solo showJoan Hernandez Pijuan - Retrospective
  Solo showTotart
  Solo showSvetlana Lanshakova - Trick. Off the Light

  Solo showGiada Ripa - Displacement
  Group showOstengruppe - Рoster. Design. Art
  Group showArtisartisart
  Solo showDmitry Tsvetkov - The State
  Solo showMaima Pushkareva - Only Red
  Solo showIgnacio Burgos. Retrospectiva 1993-2011.
  Solo showAsya Mukhina - Collection
  Solo show在俄羅斯 Made in Russia
  Group showAchromatism
  Solo showVadim Voinov. The plot of an object
  Solo showAlexander Sokolov - I Am
  Group showImpossible Community
  Group showMaglehem — a place on Earth
  Solo showOlga Kroitor - Dissociative identity disorder
  Group showWorkshop 20’09. Today/Tomorrow
  Group showNew York, Then and Now
  Solo showMagical Brush of Oleg Krotkov
  Group showExpanded Cinema
  Group showMasterpieces Of The 20th Century From The Collection Of The Valencia Institute Of Modern Art (ivam)
  Solo showAnastasia Khoroshilova. Starie Novosti (Old News).
  Solo showAgostino Bonalumi - Razionalita e apparenza
  Solo showDima Rakitin - Dima. My Hand
  Solo showDarya Surovtseva - Trial of Strength
  Solo showIrina Nakhova. Rooms
  Solo showAlexander Kuzkin. It’s White. It’s Black
  Solo showCosmos of Yuri Zlotnikov
  Solo showMichael Kenna. Retrospective
  Solo showRoxanne Lowit - Iconic
  Solo showValentin Samarine - Sanki Magic
Description Group showFiction and Reality
  Solo showTHEM
  Group showMaximum of Exceptions
  Solo showDmitry Ikonnikov - Fabric of Time
  Solo showWilliam Brui

  Solo showPrivate Garden
  Solo showViktor Dynnikov
Description Group showVoTH
  Group showHistory of Russian Video Art. Volume 3
  Group showIf I Only Knew...
  Solo showAndrei Monastyrski
  Solo showThree Rooms
  Solo showRalf Kaspers. Photography
  Solo showNumbers
  Solo showLabyrinths
  Solo showPost Factum Diary
  Solo showHigh-Resolution Art
  Group showŽEN d’АРТ - The Gender History of Art in the Post-Soviet Space: 1989–2009
  Solo showAlexander Labas - Fantasies of Labas
  Solo showRichard Hambleton - New York
  Solo showAlexandra Exter. Selected Works
  Group showRes Publica
  Solo showSphere of the Intimate
  Solo showWith love... Yours truly, Valentina Kuznetsova
  Solo showAnatomy of Painting. Bible for «Illiterates». Fragments of Life
Description Group showKamasutra Spoon
  Group showIs There Any Hope for an Optimistic Art?
  Group showWonders of idleness
  Group show__Transition__Transit__
  Group showTwo Part Project: «Liberty» / «Freedom»
  Solo showPhilippe Pasqua - Painting and Drawing
  Solo showSuspense
  Group showTransitland
  Solo showAlexandra Exter - A Retrospective
  Solo showAnya Zholud - ...Exhibition Continues... Exhibition
  Solo showJames Hill - Victory Day
  Solo showEvgeniya Kovalenko - 20•30•10
  Solo showMarina Fomenko - Observation Station
  Solo showSemyon Faibisovich - Evidence
  Solo showLeonid Tishkov - In Search of the Miraculous
  Solo showAlexander Aizenshtat - Spectrum of life

  Solo showKonstantin Zvezdochetov - Given Up
  Group showFamiliar and Unfamiliar: Alexei Sokolov and Irina Vitman
  Solo showSergei Kalinin - Gladiatoria
  Group showGarbage dump
  Solo showLev Muravin - Classical Series. Portraits. Drawings
  Solo showAnatoly Brusilovsky. Pantheon of the Russian underground
  Solo showNico Koster. 40 Years in Room 902
  Solo showOleg Tistol - Khudfond
  Solo showMarika Maiorova. Water and People, or Neonarcissism
  Solo showDeep Inside My DollHouse
  Group showLoners in search of the meaning of life
  Group showUltra-New Materiality
  Solo showPopular Astronomy
  Group showTradition of Non-Conformist Art
  Solo showOleg Lang - Direct painting
  Solo showGod Only Knows Why My Trip Never Ended
  Solo showSvetlana Kalistratova - Invariants. Horizon
  Solo showFrancesca Leone. Beyond Their Gaze
  Group showFuture depends on you. New Rules
  Solo showClaudia Rogge: A Retrospective
  Solo showKonstantin Batynkov «The other life»
  Group showChristian Dior: 60 Years of Photography
Description and image Group showHistory of Russian Video Art. Volume 2
Description and image Solo showIgor Snegur - From Expressionism to Abstractionism
  Group showSUPREMUS - Ecstasy techniques
  Solo showPetr Dick - Dialogue with Pastel
  Group showÉtude to Art Object
  Solo showIrina Korina - Installations
  Solo showMona Breede
  Solo showSvetlana Romanova - Interpretations: Paintings, Graphics, Texts
  Solo showAngel Orensanz - Weightlessness

  Solo showIlana Raviv - Reflections
  Solo showRena Tsuzmer - Improvisations
  Solo showAndy Warhol: Motion Pictures
  Solo showServey Shutov - Unavoidable and Unnecessary
  Solo showAnastasia Khoroshilova. Russkie
  Solo showFranco Viola - Rethinking Nature
  Solo showRoman Sakin - FOREST
  Solo showKlara Golitsyna - Plastic Scores
  Solo showOksana Mas - MAS
  Solo showMario Sasso and the Electronic Image
  Solo showIma Montoya - I cant do it any other way
  Solo showMaria Ionova - Gribina. START”
  Solo showFlowers of the Night
  Solo showCRITI-POP
  Solo showPetr Bronfin. City
  Group showTranslation. Video Works from the Public Collections of France.
  Solo showCarla Accardi. SUPERFICIE IN CERAMICA
  Solo showYakov Kazhdan. 233ºC
  Solo showMoskva Raw
  Group showSouvenirs N.L.O. Oslokino U.F.O.
  Solo showLuiz Munoz (Munot). Station 5
  Solo showElena Potyeva - Code of the Form
  Group showAn exhibition by artists from Iran
  Solo showNatasha and Aleksey Parkhomenko - An Artist and Society
  Solo showCade Buchanan - Survivor Toyland
  Solo showBoris Orlov - Earthly and Heavenly Warriors
  Solo showAmir Timergaleyev - Art Forte
  Solo showVera Undritsova - Winter Illusions

  Solo showAES+F
  Solo showMaya Chijavadze - Passion for life
  Solo showGeorge Pusenkoff: WHO IS AFRAID
  Group showStanislav Nazarov and Alexey Shilov
  Solo showGalina and Vasiliy Vasilievs
  Solo showRadiy Matyushin
  Solo showAnya Zhelud
  Solo showMONGOL. Two Realities
  Solo showLearn to See!
  Solo showTea Time
  Solo showWalks among Moscow Columbaria
  Group showAustrian History
  Group showPetroliana - Moscow Biennial Special Project
  Solo showUrban Surfing - Video installation

  Group showSpeaking with Hands
  Group showsupreMADIsm - Homage To The Masters Of Russian Constructivism

  Group showSelections from FotoFest, 1990-2002
Last update: 16 August 2016
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