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ShanghART Gallery

ShanghART Gallery

Private Gallery
Ou Yangchun, Exile
Ou Yangchun
"Exile", 2013

ShanghART Gallery
50 Moganshan Rd. Bldg 16&18
200060 Shanghai
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tel +86 21 - 6276 32 75
fax +86 21 - 6359 45 70
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Opening hours:
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  10:00-19:00
ShanghART Beijing
261 Cao Chang Di, Old Airport Rd., Chaoyang District
100015 Beijing
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ShanghART Singapore
9 Lock Road, #02-22, Gillman Barracks
108937 Singapore
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ShanghART West Bund
Bldg. 10, No.2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District
200232 Shanghai
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ShanghART S-Space
Seven Star East Street, 798 Art Zone, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District,
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ShanghART Gallery

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Yang Fudong  298
Xu Zhen  321
Zhang Enli  1549
Sun Xun  1636
Zeng Fanzhi  2067

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Xu Zhen  321 24
Zhou Tiehai  2427 23
Yang Zhenzhong  2629 21
PU Jie  36765 21
Zhang Enli  1549 20

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  BizArt, China 54 24
  ShanghART Beijing, China 16 29
  Long March Space, China 16 10
  MOCA Shanghai, China 15 23
  ShanghART Singapore, Singapore 14 23

ShanghART gallery was initiated in 1996 in Shanghai. It has since grown to become one of China’s most influential art institutions and a vital resource to the development of contemporary art in China with two spaces in 50 Moganshan Road (Main Space and H-Space), a public warehouse space in West of Shanghai (ShanghART Taopu), a gallery space in Beijing, and a new space in Singapore, and representing over 40 artists. [...]
Foundation year: 1996
Director(s): Lorenz Helbling
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Art Basel Art Basel (00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)
Art Basel Hong Kong Art Basel Hong Kong (13, 14, 15, 16)
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Shanghai Art Fair (07, 08, 09, 10, 14)
ShContemporary ShContemporary (07, 09, 10, 11, 12)
Art Taipei Art Taipei (12, 13, 14, 15)
Birdhead  CN
Chen Xiaoyun  1971, CN
Chen Yanyin  1958, CN
Ding Yi  1962, CN
Geng JianYi  1962, CN
Gu Zhenhua  
Hu Jieming  1957, CN
Hu Yang  1959, CN
Huang Kui  1977, CN
Ji Wenyu  1959, CN
Jin Weihong  1967, CN
Kan Xuan  1972, CN
Li Pinghu  1976, CN
Li Shan  1942, CN
Liang Yue  1979, CN
Liu Weijian  1981, CN
Lu Chunsheng  1968, CN
Mao Yan  1968, CN
PU Jie  1959, CN
Shao Yi  1967, CN
Liang Shaoji  1945, CN
Shen Fan  1952, CN
Shi Qing  1969, CN
Song Tao  1979, CN
Sun Xun  1980, CN
Tang Guo  1955, CN
Tang Maohong  1975, CN
Wang Guangyi  1957, CN
Wang Youshen  1964, CN
Wei Guangqing  1963, CN
Yiming Wu  1966, CN
Xiang LiQing  1973, CN
Xu Zhen  CN
Xue Song  1965, CN
Yang Fudong  1971, CN
Yang Zhenzhong  1968, CN
Yu Youhan  1943, CN
Yuan Yuan  1973, CN
Zeng Fanzhi  1964, CN
Zhang Ding  1980, CN
Zhang Enli  1965, CN
Zhang Qing  1977, CN
Zhao Bandi  1966, CN
Zhou Tiehai  1966, CN
Zhou Zixi  1970, CN
Zhu Jia  1963, CN
Zhu Weibing  1971, CN
 Previous Exhibitions   155
Description and image Solo showJiang Pengyi: Grace
Description, image and works of art Group showThe Uncertain, or the Shelved...
Description and image Solo showChen Xiaoyun - 106 Flashes of Lightning that I Collect
Description and image Solo showZhang Qing: Boundary
Description and image Solo showZao By Zhao Yang

Description Group showThings From the Gallery Warehouse 7 - A // 来自画廊仓库的东西 7 -
Description, image and works of art Solo showZhu Jia: Critical Pervasion
Description and image Solo showZhu Jia: Critical Pervasion
Description and image Solo showZhang Enli
Description and image Group showGuo Xi And Zhang Jianling - The Grand Voyage
Description Group showMinuscule in Scope - Gargantuan in Perspective
Description and image Solo showShen Fan - Punctuation-The First Time
Description and image Solo showWelcome to the World of Birdhead Again
Description, image and works of art Solo showOuyang Chun - My Story
Description and image Solo showRobert Zhao Renhui - The Nature Collector

Description and image Solo showXU Zhen - Blissful As Gods
Description and image Solo showLiang Shaoji - Back to Origin
Description, image and works of art Solo showJiang Pengyi - Dark Addiction / The Suspended Moment / Intimacy / H-Space
Description and image Group showMetal Matters: Reflection to Oxidation
Description, image and works of art Solo showYang Fudong: New Women / H-Space
Description, image and works of art Solo showChen Xiaoyun: Twenty-One Poems of Lenin
Description, image and works of art Solo showLiu Weijian: Under the Sun / H-Space
Works of art Solo showHan Feng
  Group showThings From the Gallery Warehouse 6
Description, image and works of art Group showStarlight

Description and image Solo showLiang Yue: The Quiet Rooms
  Group showGroup Exhibition
Description and image Group showClutch
  Group showShanghart Group Show
  Group showFoundational Work
  Solo showThe Artist Researcher

  Group showPlace of Residence
  Group showEdit - Image Fetish and Phobia
  Solo showBuddha Jumps over the Wall
  Group showLiu Weijian, Sun Xun, Zhou Zixi
  Solo showAll That Is Solid Melts into Air
  Solo showYang Fudong - Close to the Sea·The Revival of the Snake
  Solo showShen Fan - Landscape 9210
  Solo showWU Yiming - The Other Side of Time
  Solo showChen Xiaoyun - Zhuiku Tablet - Annotation
  Group showShanghart Group Exhibition
  Group showThings From the Gallery Warehouse 4

  Group showShanghart Winter Group Exhibition
  Group showGreat Internet Format — reality mix No.2
Description Solo showZhou Zixi - Late Spring and Early Summer
  Solo showAction of Consciousness - Space 1
  Group showShanghart Gallery Autumn Group Show
  Group showWaterworks
  Group showFollow! Follow! Follow!
  Solo showYu Youhan's Paintings
  Group showShanghart Gallery Summer Group Show
  Solo showNight Tales
  Group showShanghart Group Show
  Solo showZhang Ding - Opening
  Solo showYang Zhenzhong - Don´t Move
  Group showShanghart Group Show
  Solo showMy Projection is Focusing
  Group showA Pile of Passion
  Group showThings From the Gallery Warehouse 3

  Solo showMao Yan in Dufftown
  Solo show100 Years in 1 Minute
  Solo showWhy Life
  Group showUseful Life 2010
  Group showGroup Exhibition
  Group showPortrait
  Solo showNobuyoshi Araki
  Group showElementary Spectacle: exhibition with Shi Qing & Shao Yi
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showIsaac Julien
  Solo showLiu Weijian works on Paper
  Group showChina International Gallery Exposition 2010
  Group showAll About the Bed
  Solo showAntenna
  Solo showSpread
  Solo showZhou Tiehai's Works
  Group showWinter Group Show

  Solo showSpread
  Group showShanghART Group Show
  Solo showB.A.G Art Project
  Group showThings from the Gallery Warehouse 2

  Group showInvolved
  Group showShanghART Artist Group Show
  Solo showEast of Que Village
  Group showSummer group exhibition
  Solo showTai Ping You Xiang---Zeng Fanzhi solo exhibition
  Solo showGeng Jianyi: Excessive transition
  Solo showOld Scriptures--Wei Guoqiang Solo Exhibition
  Group showShanghART Artists Enhibition
  Solo showHuang Kui: A.D. 210 (part I)
  Solo showEmanation
  Group showSelected

  Group showAired
  Solo showWei Guangqing ´s Art exhibition
  Group showThe Pumpkin Project - Li Shan & Zhang Pingjie Bio-Art Exhibition
  Solo showMythos - Sun Xun Solo Exhibition
  Group showPeople Holding Flowers - JI Wenyu & ZHU Weibing
  Solo showTools
  Solo showWhen Zhuge Liang Meets Pandas – A New Project by Shi Qing
  Group showIndividual Position 2
  Solo showN Kilometers towards the West, 2006 - Sound installation, diameter 165 cm
  Group showIndividual Positions 1
  Solo showNo Snow on the Broken Bridge
  Solo showLi Shan

  Solo showThe Tales of Zhao Bandi and the Panda
  Solo showForeplay - Yang Zhenzhong
  Solo showWe are the newcomers, we are the future
  Solo showZeng Fanzhi Paintings
  Solo showDing Yi's Works from 1989 to 2006
  Solo showAn Other History
  Solo showFocus - Wu Yiming's works on paper and sculptures
  Solo showXu Zhen - 8848- 1.86
  Solo show"Orchide Figure" - Tang Maohong’s solo exhibition

  Group showBird Head - 2004-2005
  Group showZooming into Focus - Contemporary Chinese Photography and Video from the Haudens
  Solo showShanghai Living
  Solo showLi Shan - Reading - Photoworks 2003-2005
  Solo showStop Dazing-Liang Yue photos & videos in 2003-2005
Description Group showIn their 40's - works by 8 Shanghai artists
  Solo showSong Tao - Some Day
Description Solo show"Human Territory" - works by Tang Guo

  Solo showLandscape of Yi Mengshan - The Paintings of Yu Youhan
  Solo showThe Heaven - The World
  Group showGroup Show
  Solo showYang Mian's 2003 Beauty Standard
  Solo showGeng Jianyi - Works from the last 10 years
  Solo showWang Youshen - Solo Exhibition
  Solo showWei Guangqing - Chinese Classics: Three Word Rhymes
  Solo showLi Shan - Small New Works
  Solo showZhou Tiehai - Works 1989-2003

  Solo showChanging - 1989-2003
  Solo showJi Wenyu - Life is sweeter than honey
  Solo showWang Xingwei - Fostered Art
  Solo showXue Song - New Works
  Solo showThe FLOOR - life is wonderful
  Solo showPure
  Group showWorks Seldom Seen at ShanghART
  Group showWorks by some Woman Artists
Description and image Solo showWhat do you really know about yourself?- porcelain sculptures by Liu Jianhua
Description and image Solo showSeveral Dusks - Photos by Liang Yue
  Solo showFeng Mengbo - the two dimensional works
  Solo showZheng Guogu - Photographic works

Description and image Solo showWei Guangqing - The 26 Evil Spirit Passes - The Day of Peace
  Solo showWater
  Solo showToo Dark
Description and image Solo showPu Jie - Speed of Culture
Description and image Solo showVer de ga - Xue Song fashion series works solo exhibion
  Solo showLi Shan - Reading
Description and image Group showAre you going to enjoy calligraphy or measure blood pressure?
  Group showTwo Abstract Artists in Shanghai

  Solo showGeng Jianyi - Watermarks
  Solo showRaw beneath the mask
  Solo showNew Works by Pu Jie

  Solo showShen Fan - New Works
  Solo showXue Song - Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants
  Solo showJi Wenyu - Works 1999-2000
Last update: 18 October 2016
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