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The Power Plant

Public Institution
The Power Plant
231 Queens Quay West
M5J 2G8 Toronto, ON
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +1 (416) 973-4949
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su  12:00-18:00
We  12:00-20:00

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Glenn Ligon  136 4
Stan Douglas  311 4

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), USA 389 161
  Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Canada 171 164
  MoMA PS1, USA 168 191
  Metro Pictures Gallery, USA 147 34
  Mercer Union, Canada 143 143

 Public exhibitions   5
27.01. - 13.05. (in 246 days)
  Solo showKader Attia

29.09. - 31.12. (in 126 days)
  Solo showAmalia Pica

29.09. - 31.12. (in 126 days)
  Group showUrban-Now--City-Life-in-Congo

29.09. - 13.05. (in 126 days)
  Solo showMichael Landy

24.06. - 04.09. (in 29 days)
  Solo showYdessa Hendeles: The Milliner’s Daughter
Foundation year: 1987
 Previous Exhibitions   253
  Solo showMaria Hupfield
  Solo showKapwani Kiwanga
  Solo showJonathas de Andrade

  Solo showYto Barrada
  Solo showMaria Loboda. - Some weep, some blow flutes
  Solo showFleck Clerestory Commission Program: Latifa Echakhch
  Solo showLatifa Echakhch: Cross Fade
  Solo showFranz Erhard Walther - Call to Action
  Solo showUlla von Brandenburg - It Has a Golden Red Sun and an Elderly Green Moon
  Solo showAude Moreau - The Political Nightfall
  Solo showPatrick Bernatchez - Les Temps inachevés
  Solo showLeslie Hewitt - Collective Stance

  Solo showMark Lewis - Invention
  Solo showI See Words, I Hear Voices
  Solo showCarlos Amorales - Black Cloud
  Group showThe Mouth Holds the Tongue
  Solo showMine
  Solo showBik Van der Pol - Eminent Domains
  Group showThe Unfinished Conversation: Encoding/Decoding

  Solo showJulia Dault - Color Me Badd
  Solo showPedro Cabrita Reis - fourteen paintings the preacher and a broken line
  Solo showShelagh Keeley: Notes on Obsolescence
  Solo showVasco Araújo - Under the Influence of Psyche
  Solo showAkram Zaatari - The End of Time
  Solo showPedro Reyes - Sanatorium
  Solo showMike Nelson - Amnesiac Hide

Description Solo showMicah Lexier - One, and Two, and More Than Two
  Solo showJimmy Robert - Draw the Line
  Group showPostscript: Writing After Conceptual Art

  Group showBeat Nation
  Solo showAlthea Thauberger - MaratSadeBohnice
  Solo showThe Clock
  Solo showContinuous Coverage
  Group showTools for Conviviality
  Solo showDissenting Histories Artist Project: Dave Dyment
  Solo showDissenting Histories Artist Project: Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber
  Solo showKerry Tribe: Speak, Memory
  Solo showDissenting Histories: 25 Years of The Power Plant

  Group showComing After
  Solo showStan Douglas - Entertainment: Selections from Midcentury Studio
  Group show13th Annual RBC Canadian Painting Competition
  Solo showDerek Sullivan - Albatross Omnibus
  Group showThe Plot
  Solo showWelcome to the Hotel Munber
  Solo showThe Otolith Group: Otolith III
  Group showRearview Mirror
  Solo showA Sign in the Northwest Passage
  Solo showDas Auge (The Eye)
  Solo showPhantom Truck + Always After (The Glass House)
  Group showTo What Earth Does This Sweet Cold Belong?

  Solo showIan Wallace: The Economy of the Image
  Solo showPae White: Material Mutters
  Group showAdaptation: Between Species
  Solo showRyan Trecartin : Any Ever
  Solo showSharon Lockhart : Podwórka
  Solo showPeter Campus : Reflections and Inflections
  Solo showJoachim Koester : Hypnagogia

  Group showNothing to Declare: Current Sculpture from Canada
  Solo showRecent Snow: Projected Works by Michael Snow
Description Solo showCandice Breitz: Same Same
Description Group showUniversal Code: Art and Cosmology in the Information Age
  Solo showLawrence Weiner - CUL-DE-SAC
  Solo showCarey Young: Counter Offer

Description Group showIf we can’t get it together
Description Solo showGoldin+Senneby: Headless
  Solo showEmily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby: Beauty Plus Pity
  Solo showScott Lyall: The Power/Color Ball
  Solo showHarrell Fletcher - Collective Learning
Description Solo showManon de Boer
  Group showNot Quite How I Remember It
  Solo showSimon Starling - Cuttings (Supplement)
  Solo showSadie Benning - Play Pause

  Solo showSteven Shearer
  Solo showAndrea Bowers - The Weight of Relevance
  Solo showStephen Andrews - Cartoon
  Solo showFrancesco Vezzoli: A True Hollywood Story!
  Solo showPaul P. - Dusks, Lamplights
  Solo showRafael Lozano-Hemmer: Pulse Front: Relational Architecture 12
  Group showAuto Emotion - Autobiography, emotion and self-fashioning
  Solo showFiona Banner: The Bastard Word
  Solo showYael Bartana: Ritual

  Solo showCarlos Amorales: Useless Wonder
  Solo showAleksandra Mir: Organized Movement – A Video Diary
  Group showWe can do this now
  Group showMake Your Own Life - Artists In & Out of Cologne
  Solo showEve Sussman - 89 Seconds at Alcázar
  Solo showAnnie Pootoogook
  Solo showAngela Bulloch
  Solo showMichael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset - The Welfare Show
  Solo showShary Boyle. Lace figures
  Solo showSimon Martin. Wednesday afternoon

Description Solo showOn Kawara: Consciousness. Meditation. Watcher on the hills.
  Group showThe Cold City Years
  Solo showJavier Téllez
  Solo showGeoffrey Farmer: Pale Fire Freedom Machine
  Solo showIgnacio Iturria
  Solo showJoëlle Tuerlinckx: NO'W'
  Solo showMy Barbarian: Gods of Canada
Description Solo showGlenn Ligon: Some Changes
  Solo showKelly Mark: Glow House #3
Description Group showDedicated to You, But You Weren't Listening

Description and image Solo showKen Lum - Works With Photography
Description and image Solo showEmma Kay
  Solo showChristian Jankowski – This I Played Tomorrow
  Solo showKelly Wood: The Continuous Garbage Project 1998–2003
  Solo showJohn Kormeling
  Solo showLaura Kikauka: Exactly the Same, but Completely Different
  Solo showJanet Cardiff: Forty-Part Motet
  Group showRepublic of Love: Shary Boyle, Jay Isaac, Paul P, Tony Romano
  Solo showWim Delvoye: Cloaca – New & Improved
  Solo showDaniel Richter: Pink Flag – White Horse

  Solo showA.A. Bronson: The Quick and the Dead
  Solo showJudy Radul
  Solo showJoao Penlava
  Solo showRodney Graham: Phonokinetoscope
  Solo showLiam Gillick: Communes, Bars and Greenrooms
  Group showStretch Americas Beneath the Surface.
  Solo showGuy Maddin: Cowards Bend the Knee
  Solo showLIZ MAGOR
  Solo showThe Royal Art Lodge: Ask the Dust

  Solo showLee Bul: Live Forever
  Solo showJanet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: The Paradise Institute
  Group showBounce
  Group showIn Through the Out Door
  Solo showEvan Penny
  Solo showBruce Mau Design: Three Moving Projects, 1991–2002

  Group showMagnetic North: Canadian Experimental Video
  Solo showPeter Doig: Paintings
  Solo showKim Adams
  Solo showZhang Huan
  Solo showMarla Hlady
  Solo showAernout Mik: Reversal Room
  Group showSubstitute City: Artists Infiltrate Toronto

  Solo showCandida Höfer
  Solo showChristine Davis: Pluck
  Solo showShirley Wiitasalo
  Solo showDouble Cross: The Hollywood Films of Douglas Gordon
  Solo showTim Hawkinson
  Group showMike Kelley and Paul McCarthy: Collaborative Works

  Solo showJonathan Lasker Selective Identities: Paintings from the 90s
  Group showBeck and Al Hansen: Playing with Matches
  Solo showAngela Grauerholz: SENTENTIA I-LXII
  Solo showStan Douglas
  Group showThe Hand
  Solo showJessica Stockholder
  Solo showHagop Sandaldjian - The Eye of The Needle
  Solo showChrysanne Stathacos: The Wish Machines
  Solo showArnaud Maggs: Works 1976 - 1999
  Solo showEugene Leroy
  Solo showSophie Ristelhueber

  Group showAmerican Playhouse: The Theatre of Self-Presentation
  Group showPicturing The Toronto Art Community: The Queen Street Years
  Group showChanging Spaces: Artists' Projects from The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadel
  Solo showGeorganne Deen
  Group showThreshold
  Solo showCatherine Richards: Charged Hearts/Coeurs électrisés

  Group showFast Forward: The Vibrant Art Scene of the Republic of Korea
  Group showRococo Tattoo: The Ornamental Impulse in Toronto Art
  Group showDialogue with Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen
  Group showHypermnesiac Fabulations: The New British Art Scene
  Solo showSteve Reinke: The Hundred Videos

  Group showDigital Gardens: A World in Mutation
  Solo showStacey Lancaster: The Happening
  Solo showJohn Marriott: The Happening
  Group showLiaisons
  Group showThe American Trip

  Group showHeavy Mental
  Solo showMelvin Charney
  Group showThe Age of Anxiety
  Group showBeauty #2
  Solo showJohn McEwen
  Group showPress Enter: Between Seduction and Disbelief
  Solo showSpring Hurlbut: La Somnolence
  Solo showPeter Bowyer: Further Arrangement

  Solo showVera Frenkel : ...from the Transit Bar
  Solo showKiki Smith
  Solo showStephen Schofield
  Group showNaked State: A Selected View of Toronto Art
  Solo showJanet Cardiff: To Touch
  Solo showYasumasa Morimura: Psychoborg
  Solo showRoland Brenner: Capital Z
  Solo showFaye HeavyShield: Into the Garden of Angels
  Solo showThe Michael Snow Project: Embodied Vision
  Solo showSusan Schelle: A Question of Behaviour
  Solo showWill Gorlitz: Real Time

  Solo showAnish Kapoor
  Solo showGeoffrey James: Asbestos
  Group showWhiteness and Wounds
  Group showRx: Let's Play Doctor
  Solo showAnn Hamilton: a round
  Solo showDavid Buchan: Inside the Image
  Solo showEldon Garnet: When?
  Solo showGeneral Idea's Fin de siècle
  Solo showJan Vercruysse: Toronto 1993
  Solo showJanice Gurney: Sum Over Histories

  Solo showYves Gaucher 1978-1992: Abstract Practices
  Solo showVia Lewandowsky
  Group showRegeneration
  Solo showMark Luyten: Stepping Stones
  Solo showRonald Jones
  Solo showJack Goldstein
  Solo showCarl Beam: The Columbus Boat
  Group showThe Creation...of the African Canadian Odyssey
  Solo showGünther Forg
  Solo showTania Mouraud
  Solo showPer Barclay
  Group showAndy Fabo and Shelagh Keeley: From the Intimacy of the Page
  Solo showJerry Pethick: Still Veils
  Solo showKim Adams: Earth Wagons
  Solo showRaymond Gervais: Roto-Univers
  Solo showRosemarie Trockel
  Solo showColette Whiten: New Needleworks

  Solo showIntersections: Claude Philippe Benoit - Interieur, jour
  Solo showColin Campbell: Media Works 1972-1990
  Group showIlya Kabakov and John Scott
  Solo showIntersections: Clegg and Guttmann -Proposal for an open tool shelter
  Solo showTony Cragg: Sculpture 1975-1990
  Solo showJoanne Tod
  Solo showIntersections: Mark Lewis – What is to be done?
  Solo showIntersections: Afrika – Sergei Bugaev
  Group showComedies of Objecthood: Gordon Lebredt / Stephen Prina
  Solo showMary Kelly: Interim
  Solo showJoey Morgan: Everything You Always Wanted, Anywhere But Here
  Solo showArlene Stamp: Red Works

  Solo showIntersections: Alan Storey – Climatic Drawing Machine
  Solo showIntersections: Tunga
  Solo showTanya Mars: Pure Hell
  Solo showSandra Meigs: Pas de deux
  Solo showIda Applebroog: Happy Families
  Solo showMichael Fernandes: Walls
  Solo showAdrian Piper: Reflections
  Solo showTim Jocelyn: Fictions & Realities
  Solo showA Spanner in the Works: The Furniture of Russell Spanner 1950–1953

  Solo showChristian Boltanski: Lessons of Darkness
  Solo showAttila Richard Lukacs: A Selected Survey
  Solo showEd Poitras: Indian Territory
  Solo showRobin Collyer: In Site - On Place
  Solo showJohn Greyson: Fictional Documents – Gay Culture & the Media
  Solo showRobert Fones: Selected Work 1979–89
  Solo showAlain Paiement: Amphitheatres
  Solo showAlan Belcher: Photos, Sculpture, Objects
  Solo showLouise Noguchi: Selected Work 1982-85
  Group showSamuel Beckett and Stan Douglas: Teleplays
  Solo showNancy Spero: Works Since 1950

  Group showEnchantment / Disturbance
  Solo showIan Wallace: Selected Works 1970–1987
  Solo showMuseum Stories: Works by Andrew Forster
  Solo showDavid Griggs: Blind Portage
  Solo showGeneviève Cadieux
  Solo showJana Sterbak
  Solo showAntonio Muntadas

  Solo showBrian Groombridge
  Solo showThe Architecture of Frank Gehry
Last update: 27 April 2017
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