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XL Gallery

Private Gallery
XL Gallery
4th Siromiatnichesky per. 1 str 6
105120 Moscow
city map
hotel accommodation
tel +7 916 125 09 95
tel +7 495 77 583 73
Opening hours:
Tu, We, Th, Fr  13:00-19:00
Sa, Su  14:00-19:00
and by appointment
XL Gallery

to top Institutions highest ranked artists:
Artist Rank
Anna Jermolaewa  519
Oleg Kulik  863
Viktor Pivovarov  2662
Irina Korina  2996
Igor Makarevich  3048

to top Artists most exhibited:
Artist Rank
Konstantin Zvezdochotov  4027 13
Irina Korina  2996 11
Igor Makarevich  3048 10
Oleg Kulik  863 7

to top Institution's artists also shown at:
  Moscow museum of modern art - MMOMA, Russia 16 19
  National Center For Contemporary Art (NCCA) - Moscow Branch, Russia 16 12
  REGINAGALLERY, Russia 14 4
Werkstadt Graz Werkstadt Graz, Austria 12 1
Sandmann - Berlin Sandmann - Berlin, Germany 10 2

Foundation year: 1993
Director(s): Elena Selina
 Art Fairs
ARCOmadrid ARCOmadrid (11)
The Armory Show The Armory Show (03, 11)
Art Athina (07)
Art Basel Art Basel (05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10)
Art Basel Hong Kong Art Basel Hong Kong (13)
Art Basel Miami Beach Art Basel Miami Beach (05, 06, 07, 08, 09)
Art Brussels Art Brussels (08)
ART FORUM Berlin (98, 00, 01, 02)
Art Moscow (05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11)
Art Vilnius Art Vilnius (09)
FIAC FIAC (05, 06, 07, 08, 09)
Frieze London (04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11)
Hong Kong International Art Fair (12)
Viennafair (07)
ABC group  RU
Blue Soup  RU
Aleksey Buldakov  1980, RU
Aristarkh Chernyshev  1968, RU
Chernyshev & Shulgin  RU
Aristarkh Chernyshev & Vladislav Efimov  RU
Alexandra Dementieva  1960, RU
Ludmila Gorlova  1968, RU
Anna Jermolaewa  1970, RU
Irina Korina  1977, RU
Mikhail Kosolapov  1970, RU
Oleg Kulik  1961, RU
Tatyana Lieberman  1964, RU
Igor Makarevich  1943, RU
Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe  1969, RU
Kirill Markushin  , RU
Igor Mukhin  1961, RU
Irina Nakhova  1955, RU
Boris Orlov  1941, RU
Viktor Pivovarov  1937, RU
Aidan Salakhova  1964, RU
Sergey Shekhovtsov  1969, RU
Alexej Shulgin  1963, RU
Valery Ulymov  , RU
Konstantin Zvezdochotov  1958, RU
 Previous Exhibitions   168
  Solo showWhite Balance
  Solo showBrutto
  Solo showLullaby
  Solo showIndirect Political Statement
Description, image and works of art Solo showIgor Moukhin - Accomplices - photography

Description and works of art Group showBoris Orlov / Sergei Shekhovtsov - Remix
  Solo showPeter Belyi - Springboard - installation
  Group showAlex Buldakov / Anastasia Ryabova - Attentionwhores - Video
  Solo showABC group
  Solo showBUG with us!
  Solo showAnna Jermolaewa - Kinoglaz video
  Solo showAnna Jermolaewa - Kinoglaz
  Solo showCA "Slava Avenue" - Important Encounters
  Group showIgor Chirkin / Alexei Podkidishev - Whisper

  Solo showIrina Korina - Show process
Description and image Solo showIgor Makarevich - The Erastovs Home
  Solo showSergei Shekhovtsov - Big Battle
Description and image Group showCrash Test
  Solo showDmitry Teselkin - Next Level
  Solo showMaxim Svischev - Lounge
  Solo showIdeal Emission
  Solo showMikhail Kosolapov - MILF
  Solo showIgor Moukhin - Resistance

  Group showSketches of installations
  Solo showAlex Buldakov - Excess
  Solo showAnna Jermolaewa - Rats
  Solo showBluesoup group - Blizzard
  Solo showABC group - Contact
  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Normal civilization
Description Solo showSergei Shekhovtsov - Fahrenheit 392
Description Solo showAlexandra Dementieva - Dramhouse
  Solo showValery Ulymov - Abstract Reality

  Solo showIrina Korina - Night Charge
  Solo showAidan Salakhova - Persian miniatures
  Solo showAnna Jermolaewa - Playing along with Anna
  Solo showAlex Buldakov - Mute
  Solo showABC group - Layers. Desktop graphics
  Solo showBluesoup group - Defence
  Solo showValery Ulymov - Untitled
  Solo showSergei Shekhovtsov - Tron
  Solo showAlexandra Dementieva - Mirror memory
  Solo showIrina Nakhova - Zone of Non-distinction

  Solo showVlad Mamyshev-Monroe - Russia lost
  Solo showKirill Markushin - Salto-mortale
  Group showIgor Makarevich, Elena Elagin - Russian idea
  Solo showAlex Buldakov - Crash test
  Solo showOleg Kulik - From the dustbin
  Solo showBluesoup group - Lake
  Solo showIrina Korina - :-))
  Group showABC group - abc.etc

  Solo showViktor Pivovarov - If...
  Solo showVladimir Dubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov - Anthills
  Solo showVlad Mamyshev-Monroe - Every beast has a bit of Monroe
  Solo showIrina Korina - Positive Vibrations
  Solo showUrban Fiction
  Solo showLyudmila Gorlova - Snake in the Grass

  Solo showAidan Salakhova - I love myself
  Solo showAlexei Shulgin - Beauty Inside
  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Losses
  Solo showIrina Korina - Station keeper
  Solo showVladimir Dubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov - New Painting
  Solo showOleg Kulik - Gobi Test 2
  Solo showSergei Chilikov - Gamble
  Solo showAristarkh Chernyshov & Vladislav Efimov - CoMUTATION.

  Solo showIgor Moukhin - Heavy breath of winter
  Solo showBoris Orlov. Retrospection-Installation
  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Men at work
  Group showVladimir Dubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov - Underwater world
  Solo showAristarkh Chernyshov & Vladislav Efimov - Bubbles
  Solo showIrina Korina - Back to the Future
  Solo showOxana Dubrovskaya - Greenlight Street, furry instalation
  Solo showViktor Pivovarov - Dark Rooms
  Solo showDavid Ter-Oganyan - Shadows
  Solo showSergei Shutov - Instead of Minotaurus

  Group showIgor Makarevich, Elena Elagina - Pagan
  Group showVladimir Dubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov - Astrakhan Blues
  Solo showTanya Hengstler - Autograph
  Solo showTanya Lieberman - Perpetuum Mobile
  Group showVladimir Epifantsev, Oleg Shishkin - Gateway Knights
  Solo showTsapla & Glukla - Psychotherapy Study of the Whites
  Solo showIrina Korina - Urangst
  Solo showAnatoly Osmolovsky - 7 Deaths in Moscow

  Group showKirill Preobrazhensky; Anton Smirnsky - Plan 9 from Outer Space
  Solo showIgor Moukhin - Province. Nizny Novgorod Vacation
  Solo showAristarkh Chernyshev & Vladislav Efimov - I'll Be Back
  Solo showOleg Kulik - Museum
  Solo showAlexandra Dementieva - Final Cut
  Solo showLyudmila Gorlova - Love Is No Joke Here
  Solo showAidan Salakhova - Qa'bah
  Solo showVladimir Dubosarsky and Alexander Vinogradov - Total Painting

  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Opera Critique
  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Palinton-2
  Solo showIrina Korina - Camouflage
  Solo showIrina Nakhova - Annunciation
  Solo showOxana Dubrovskaya - Peepself
  Solo showLyudmila Gorlova - Happy End
  Solo showTanya Hengstler - N E X T

  Group showVladimir Dubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov - Inspiration
  Solo showOlga Chernysheva - Light Is Coming
  Solo showIgor Makarevich - Drawings of the old Soviet masters
  Solo showIrina Korina - 29 Transformations
  Solo showAndrei Logvin - No, Me!
  Solo showElena Loven - For Sale
  Solo showSergei Shutov - No Alien Trespassing
  Solo showSemyon Faibisovich - Roy G. Biv (Rainbow Colors)

  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Gestapo Kolkhoz
  Solo showDmitry Fain & Denis Salautin - Nocturnal
  Solo showIgor Moukhin - Girls
  Group showVinyl Bones
  Group showVladimir Dubosarsky & Alexander Vinogradov - Christ in Moscow
  Solo showIgor Makarevich - Borisov's Diary, or A Secret Life of the Trees
  Solo showOleg Kulik - Red Corner
  Solo showIrina Nakhova - Big Red
  Solo showOxana Dubrovskaya - 25th Frame
  Group showYuri Avvakumov; Maria Avvakumova - Pushkin and Money
  Solo showIgor Moukhin - Nonstop

  Solo showAndrei Velikanov - Some Like It Even Hotter
  Solo showAidan Salakhova - Suspense
  Solo showDmitry Fain & Denis Salautin - Salads
  Solo showAndrei Logvin - The End
  Solo showOleg Kulik - Clare Quilty Jr.
  Solo showEvgeny Nesterov - A Facile Glance
  Solo showLyudmila Gorlova - Quiet Don-2
  Solo showAlexei Belyaev - After 16
  Solo showSergei Shutov - I Don't Eat Anybody (And That's A Terrible Truth)
  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - One Potato, Two Potato
  Solo showIgor Makarevich - Les paradis artificiel

  Solo showAnatoly Osmolovsky - Order for the army of arts
  Solo showMaria Serebryakova - Drawings
  Solo showLyudmila Bredikhina - Kulik Daily
  Group showIrina Nakhova; John Tormey - What I Saw/Haul Ass Dude
  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Erotics Ruins Consciousness
  Solo showLyudmila Gorlova - How Do I Love
  Solo showAlexei Belyaev - 850
  Solo showIgor Makarevich - Homo Lignum
  Solo showVlad Mamyshev-Monroe - My Name Is Trinity
  Solo showVladislav Efimov - 12 Months
  Solo showVera Khlebnikova - House of Artist, or My Life In Art

  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Babzy Fakosy
  Solo showFENSO group - Mama myla ramu
  Solo showAnatoly Osmolovsky - Somethin' that drops outta garbage can sometimes
  Solo showAndrei Monastyrsky - The Limb
  Solo showAidan Salakhova - New Acquisitions
  Group showTanya Hengstler; Anatoly Osmolovsky - My Bloody Love
  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - Night Beuys, or Non-Russian Boyz
  Solo showTanya Lieberman - Xposition
  Solo showVladimir Fridkis - Moscow Art Community
  Solo showBoris Mikhailov - Art of the Indigent
  Solo showIgor Makarevich - Lignomania
  Group showVladimir Kuprianov; Dmitry Prigov - Resolution methods for the infinite small values
  Solo showNikita Alexeev - At 44 channells
  Solo showIvan Chuikov - Theory of Reflection-4
  Solo showIrina Nakhova - Feast for the Gods

  Solo showGeorgy Litichevsky - Neumestnost (impropriety)
  Solo showOleg Kulik - The End of History
  Solo showLyudmila Gorlova - My Camp
  Group showAES group - Family Portrait in the Interior
  Group showIgor Makarevich; Constantin Zvezdochotov; Elena Elagina; Maria Konstantinova; Nikita Alexeev - Esotericum (Tarot cards)

  Solo showConstantin Zvezdochotov - For Those Who Chose Pepsi
  Solo showTanya Lieberman - Projection
  Solo showDiane Neumaier - Twin Peeks, or Who Is Who '94
  Solo showSergei Volkov - Dusty Models
  Solo showVadim Fishkin - Orbit S
  Solo showAnatoly Osmolovsky - Chewing gum with hair
  Solo showAlexei Belyaev - Evokes The Spirit
  Solo showNikita Alexeev - Two Moons
  Solo showBoris Mikhailov - By the Ground

  Solo showMarina Chernikova - Untitled
Last update: 1 January 2014
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